Fashionable trousers for women, spring 2016

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  • Ageless pants
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  • Pants with high waist
  • Trendy trends
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  • With what are fashionable trousers 2017

Women's pants are the subject of a basic wardrobe, they make the imagestylish and sexy, help out in any situation, whether it's a walk around the city, work in the office, a trip out of town or a romantic date. And in the spring and summer of 2017 one pair of women's trousers is clearly indispensable.

The latest shows showed such a variety of models, colors and fabrics, which becomes clear: fashionable women's pants in the spring again in a trend. They obviously pressed the hits of past seasons - a skirt and a dress.

Trends of pants fashion in 2017:

  • classic style;
  • pants-culottes;
  • the narrowed style;
  • wide models;
  • high waist;
  • flared models;
  • decor in the style of sport-chic;
  • leather models.

Ageless classic

Every year the designers of

update the classic bow, adding fresh ideas and new details. And that's right, classical style does not mean a 100% conservative approach to clothing.

What has changed this season? Stylists focused on the quality of fabrics and colors, added light negligence to classic models.

  • Classic fashion trousers are made in the usual colors for men: black, gray, brown and blue. There are also warm, calm shades: pistachio, lavender, peach.
  • Fabrics for classic models should be only natural, and the main trend - a strict arrow, which gives a special chic trousers and classic costume as a whole.

Pants pants

Pantries - is the most extravagant model of the season-2016.Some women of fashion tend to compare this model with a trouser skirt, but this is completely unacceptable.

Kylots were invented early in the last century for tennis, and it was a breakthrough in the fashion world of those times. A wide cut had to hide the female figure, and the shortened length would help women to lead an active lifestyle. Later English aristocrats adapted this model for horse walks and polo games. Kühlots combined with tight-fitting boots, and in the evening - with classic shoes.

For a long time, the culottes were forgotten, since it was believed that the length to the middle of the shank in combination with the wide legs makes the figure of a woman squat, and the legs - visually short. But modern models have proved the opposite. Stylists have come up with a number of tricks to correct these shortcomings:

  • the short length of the culottes is compensated by the overstated waist;
  • width of the pants is played with all sorts of folds, asymmetrical cut, odor, basque, pleated inserts and original decor.

Slim and wide trousers

Fashionable women's trousers of narrowed cut remain at the height of fashion. No matter what you choose - a model of skinnie or pipe, the fitting silhouette is still in vogue. The landing of narrow trousers can be high, but it should be noted that the understated waistline again returns to fashion. For these models in the spring of 2017, designers chose white color and natural fabrics.

The spring-summer season of 2017 is remarkable in that real women of fashion can not stop at the choice of one trouser style. On the podiums of high fashion, you could see completely opposite in style models.

In contrast to the tight-fitting cut, women's wide trousers were presented - an undoubted favorite of this season.

Wide trousers - a universal variant. With classic heels, they can be worn in the office, and with shoes at low speed - for rest, walk or shopping. Moreover, it is easier to carry the first spring heat in wide models, and they perfectly hide the shortcomings.

For ladies with lush shapes and large sizes, a free style will be a real godsend. For these models, stylists chose soft flowing materials and calm colors with and without print.

Pants with an overstated waist

The retro style of the 80-90s is coming back into vogue. Distinctive features of this style:

  • free cut;
  • is an interesting fabric texture;
  • high waist.

Not every woman can afford high waist trousers, you need to have perfect shapes for this. Nevertheless, the designers presented many variations on this topic. Overstated waist can be observed not only in models of free cuts, in the spring young skins and high-waisted breeches will become popular.

Trendy trends

Trousers pincers again in fashion! The shattered models have firmly won their positions at the spring shows.

  • The light flare from the knee makes the female silhouette airy and refined.
  • And models, flared from the hip, amaze with their extravagance.
Combined flared trousers with blouses made of lightweight fabrics, tops, fitted jackets and shortened waistcoats.

Leather pants are relevant. Until recently they were considered clothes only for informal events. In the spring of 2017 stylists offer leather pants as business style clothes. And the choice of color is not limited to black and brown.

At the shows were models of colored and shiny lacquered leather.

The length of the fashion trousers can be different. As you can see, fashionable women's pants for the spring 2017
can be any length. The shortest models are tight breeches and pants-culottes, and the longest ones are wide and flared trousers in the style of the early retro.

Although in this issue there are no restrictions, and the fashionable length of trousers depends only on imagination.

Trousers sport-chic

Fashionable sports trousers do not at all resemble training models for sports. Speaking of the sports style, it is only a matter of decor and individual details. In this season, stylists used the following elements:

  • wide shiny stripes;
  • mesh inserts in sports style;
  • decoration in the form of a zipper on the side seam;
  • cuffs on the elastic at the bottom of the pants.

In other respects, the sport-chic style remained the same as in previous seasons, the stylists offer trousers to breeches, trousers and afgani.

Fashionable fabrics 2017

Fashion designers have bet on natural fabrics. For warm spring and summer, they chose flax, silk, cotton, satin and frankly transparent materials: chiffon, net cloth, lace, organza. For the first days of spring, leather and woolen materials - thin cashmere and tweed - will be suitable.

Combined models are very popular, in which the skin is combined with a thin lace, and dense knitwear is diluted with almost invisible mesh inserts.

Decor and coloring

At the height of popularity are black and white models. Designers claim that this is a must-have spring woman's wardrobe.

Besides this, the emerald color, indigo, coral, peach shades, aquamarine and sea water color are in fashion.

Fashionable trousers of 2017 were presented not only with one-color models.

  • The last trend is a bright geometric or graphic print.
  • A special place is occupied by a black-and-white strip and print by zigzags.
  • Flowers on clothes are still relevant, do not rush to give up stylish breeches with floral motifs. Ethnic colors and a complex pattern are also in vogue, designers have borrowed their ideas from the Arab culture, the traditions of Egypt and India.

For parties and informal events, you can choose non-ordinary models in a futuristic style. Fabrics with a metallic effect of gold and silver color will not go unnoticed.

The choice of color and print is not limited to the models presented on shows, because spring is the time of experiments, you can easily dream and choose the coloring to taste.

With what are wearing fashion trousers 2017

Classic models in this season combined with fitted jackets, this female image has elegance and underscores the flawless taste. In addition, classic pants are usually combined with mini-skirts. Such a combination may seem at first somewhat strange and impractical. But consider how much charm and tenderness gains an image with such a combination of the bottom.

Another tip from stylists: for classic models choose the top of the same color as the trousers, but from the opposite in density of the fabric.

For example, a translucent chiffon blouse or lace top is suitable for tweed trousers, and a translucent trousers are a dense knitted blazer or tunic.

Wide models are accepted to be combined with the top of white color. Particularly successful is the combination of wide feminine trousers and a white man's shirt, a straight tunic, a spring knitted straight coat and comfortable cardigans will also suit.

On top of the shirt you can wear a shortened shortened vest in a man's style and complement the image with a stylish hat. Do not wear wide trousers with voluminous tops, decorated drapes, ruffles, flounces, bows, volumetric colors. From this, the image can lose its flavor and look ridiculous.

Narrowed down and fitting models can be combined with the top of any style, suitable as loose jackets and fitted jackets. Under trousers with an overstated waist it is recommended to pick up short tops or wear man's shirts tucked inside. If the narrow trousers of bright colors, the top should be calm, without excess decor and ornaments. And, conversely, for white and black pants, you can choose a bright blouse or a translucent top.

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