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In anticipation of summer heat, all women of fashion are already interested in what styles and colors of clothes will be relevant in the new season.

Fashionable trouser styles for the summer were presented by leading designers of clothes on the catwalks of the world fashion centers. The current trends of the spring and summer season of 2017 are considered in the article. You will find out which women's pants to choose for the office, what to go for work, and what new models are comfortable for free time, for rest and evenings.

Trends of the summer fashion

Modern fashion designers constantly return to previous eras for inspiration.

For the creation of new styles of fashion trousers for the summer of 2017, the designers set off on a journey in time, starting from the 70s and following up to the 90's. Right now, the fashion of the past decades is experiencing its revival.

Women's clothing shown on the catwalks in the new season is so diverse that it's easier to list the styles that are not in the trend now than to make a list of topical models.

The choice of styles is amazing:

  • classic straight and slightly narrowed;
  • wide with pleats at the waist;
  • flared trousers;
  • kyholoty;
  • Bermuda;
  • skinnie;
  • bananas.

Pants-bananas in summer can be worn with sandals on a thin heel and t-shirts with original prints. Bananas of a noble gray hue with a silvery tint were presented on the catwalks by designers Badgley Mischka and Giorgio Armani.

A beautiful trouser fit in the figure provides knitted jersey material. At the top fashionable jersey pants beautifully fit the body, and the bottom slightly widened. Such a feminine and very sexy model of jersey of delicate coral color was created by designer Bally. This style should be given special attention in the summer season.

White trousers of a free silhouette made of cotton fabric are a must in women's wardrobes this summer. Many fashion designers have included them in their summer collections: Dennis Basso, Calvin Klein Collection and Brunello Cucinelli. Free trousers made of natural cotton of white color do not restrict movement. Perfect companions for white trousers will be T-shirts, tops and shortened jackets of bright shades: coral, turquoise, blue, fuchsia.

Trousers sitting on the hips are no longer relevant. Now the most fashionable overstated waist.
Such models were presented by the famous designer Marc Jacobs, combining them with strict collar blouses and knitted navy-style pullovers. In the trend, trousers with arrows and with lapels underneath, with folds at the waist and with wide trousers.

Current models of pants for office

Fashionable women's pants for work do not differ in variety. Wardrobe for the office should be selected, firstly, in accordance with the rules adopted in the organization, i.e. dress code. And only then to correlate your choice with fashion trends.

  1. As in the previous summer, direct models with a belt at the waist or a little lower will be relevant.
  2. Strongly low waist is no longer popular. Excellent fit for socks this year style with small folds at the waist and narrowed down pants.
  3. The new office fashion extends the boundaries of the strict dress code. In accordance with the latest trends, the office wardrobe was replenished with fashionable colognes and Bermudas, whose length is several centimeters above the knee. But the trousers and flip-flops in the office will be inappropriate.
Summer materials for office trousers are cotton with elastane, rayon or viscose with the addition of polyester. Flax is not suitable, because this material is strongly wrinkled, so things from this fabric will look careless.

If you are allowed to wear jeans at work, then choose a one-tonne denim model with no scuffs, embroidery and rhinestones. A soft strip and a small cage fit perfectly to anyone, even the most stringent dress code. And materials with flowers, catchy stripes and animalistic prints leave for the day off.

This spring and summer the most popular colors and shades of office pants will be:

  • white;
  • various shades of gray;
  • silver;
  • coral;
  • blue and gray-blue;
  • all beige tone;
  • different shades of blue;
  • burgundy;
  • light brown.

Summer trousers for rest

For a country walk or a camping trip, trousers in the safari style, which is very popular now, are perfect. Signs of this trend in fashion - natural materials and all natural colors.

Pants for the summer of cotton and linen must necessarily appear in the wardrobe of every girl who follows modern fashion trends. Such shades as beige, mustard, olive and khaki, are recognizable marks of trousers in the style of safari.

For those who feel nostalgia for the seventies, there is a pleasant news: the legendary trousers pincers again in vogue. And here is where to choose the suitable option:

  • flared from the knee or from the hip,
  • plain materials or in flower,
  • as well as stunning jeans, made in patchwork patchwork technique. All these models are created for fans of such styles as hippies and boho-chic.

The novelty of the season is the fashion trousers of culottes. In the summer of 2017, they are relevant in two versions: ankle length and shortened, above the knee. Stitched from flowing and soft materials: natural silk, chiffon and polyester, these pants will be an ornament of the summer wardrobe.

Skinny trousers do not lose popularity, but all because this model is extraordinarily convenient, because they fit the body like a second skin. This is achieved due to the fact that the skins are made of modern elastic materials that have natural fibers in their composition.

  • Young fashionistas can afford any colors: bright neon shades and flashy prints.
  • To older women, stylists recommend to purchase skinny noble white and its shades: milk and ivory. These pants will be the basis for a variety of summer images. They can be worn with blouses, t-shirts and tops of different colors. The most fashionable skinny, sewn from materials of achromatic scale: white, gray and black.

Evening fashion and women's pants

This is surprising, but there were times when women were forbidden to wear trousers and appear in them at a gala event or in a restaurant. Lately, much has changed in society, including the rules of the evening fashion.

Elegant trousers made of rich materials - velvet, silk, satin, chiffon and lace fabric - are capable of overshadowing the beauty and elegance of the cocktail dress.

Many fashion designers presented in their new collections silk and lacy evening overalls. The luxury of this outfit for the evening is emphasized by the iridescent shine of natural materials with rich shades: red, purple, blue and aqua. Silk skirt-pants in combination with a satin or lace corset will make an elegant evening outfit.

A wide range of styles, materials and colors allows modern women of fashion to choose comfortable and fashionable trousers for the summer. Do not also get rid of things from past collections, this year they will remain relevant.

The democratic fashion of this season has given girls and women the richest choice of beautiful and comfortable clothes for work, walks around the city, shopping and night out. Related Videos:

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