With what you can wear a woman's jacket? Actual combinations

  • Features of a choice of a jacket
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Initially, the jacket was considered part of the men's wardrobe. However, after a certain time he migrated to the female and became an integral part of the stylish images. Today, many girls prefer to wear jackets, as they perfectly fit into a variety of compositions - business, everyday and even romantic. With what to wear a woman's jacket? There are a lot of options, so every girl will be able to choose the most acceptable for herself.

Features of a choice of a jacket

To correctly pick up these garments, it is necessary to consider features of the figure:

  • To owners of a high waist it is recommended to choose the extended models having the underestimated landing.
  • Girls with lush shapes and voluminous bust should choose fitting jackets with a sufficiently deep cut. In this case, these products should not have a lot of additional parts, otherwise there is a risk to overload the composition.
  • The holders of a small chest are well suited for lightweight jackets. In this case, they may well have sufficiently large patterns in the region of the breast, this will help to give it the missing volume.
  • In 2017, brittle and miniature girls can wear fairly wide jackets, which is very fashionable. This garment is ideally combined with bright dresses, decorated with floral print.

It is desirable that the edge of the jacket ends at the same level as the hem of the dress - in the middle of the thigh. It is recommended to tie these models with a belt to make the composition more elegant and refined. The length of the sleeve is of no small importance, it should end in the region of the wrist.

With what to wear jackets from different fabrics?

Today, fashion designers offer girls a lot of interesting and original options, each of which requires compliance with certain rules.

  1. Tweed jacket. This is a classic piece of clothing that can only be worn by a pair. In this case, the jacket should ideally blend in with the stylistics of the lower part. Today, in designer collections, you can find several original versions - youth jackets from tweed. As a complement to this jacket is to use a straight pencil skirt or original shorts.
  2. Velvet jacket. This is quite an original and rare subject of the wardrobe. He did not get much distribution, but he has fans all over the world. To balance this aristocratic garment, it should be combined with the most restrained and laconic bottom. In this case, ideally suited jeans or a skirt in the floor, and it must certainly be monophonic.
  3. Leather jacket. Not every girl is ready to buy this garment. To look attractive, it should be worn with classic trousers. An excellent addition will be a narrowed skirt or jeans-skinny. Very original looks combination of leather jacket and chiffon dress, in this case it turns out a kind of game of contrasts. To look harmonious, a leather jacket must be supplemented with a bag and shoes made of the same material.
  4. Under the jeans. This option is considered the most popular at the moment. Stylish models of a jacket are perfectly combined with the most different models of jeans. As additional elements are actively used all kinds of shirts, T-shirts, blouses. That the image looked more harmoniously, it is recommended to use accessories - a belt, bright shoes, costume jewelry.

Color solutions

When choosing extras for a stylish and fashionable jacket, you must take into account its color scheme. The most actual and universal option is, of course, a black jacket. This item is ideally looked complete with trousers or jeans, made in light colors. An excellent option will be a jacket that ends above the hips. In this case, the jeans should be straight. Skinny models are also good.

There are combinations that stylists advise to avoid: they are wide jeans and a voluminous jacket. In this case, there is a risk to demonstrate all the shortcomings of the figure.

Obligate gorgeous forms are contoured tight and shortened jackets in combination with jeans that have a low waist.

To ensure that the ensemble does not look too strict and laconic, it is worth adding massive ornaments. A great option will be large earrings, volumetric bracelets, large beads.

If you want to introduce a little piquancy into the image, you should choose a jacket with a triangular neckline, which should be put directly on the naked body. Preliminarily, the breasts are raised with the help of a bra. This choice will not look vulgar, but it will give you a lot of attention from others.

If you want the to look more fresh and romantic, it's worth picking a white jacket. A great choice will be a combination of this garment with white trousers. No less successful look additions in the form of beige jeans. This combination is great for a date or a trip to the club.

Black trousers will also be an excellent choice. No less successful will look skirts or jeans of the same color. They can be made from a variety of fabrics: leather, cotton, denim. At the same time, the choice of shoes is of no small importance. Shoes must be combined in tone with trousers. The ideal choice will be a model with a stud or heel.

If you want to look more original, you should choose a color jacket. An excellent choice will be blue, gray, brown, beige. Many girls prefer to wear a blue jacket. This model is ideal for meeting friends. With its help, you can easily create a stylish image in the marine style. For the summer season, a sleeveless model will do.

The blue jacket looks great with a fitted dress of beige or white. You can also wear a skirt or sundress of the same shade. A perfect solution will be a combination of a jacket and shorts. They can be classic. Also suitable jeans and sports products. If you decide to choose this option, you can put a white T-shirt or jersey under your jacket. An excellent solution will be a model of beige or peach shade.

For fans of bright colors the red jacket is perfect. This model is suitable for creating images in everyday or street style.

To choose the appropriate color add-ons, you should pay attention to red, black, blue. An excellent choice will be a white color. When it is very important to remember the sense of proportion. It is important that the top clothes, shoes, bag were made in one palette of colors, and the skirt or pants may be of a different shade.

There are quite a few variations of compositions with the participation of a red jacket. Nevertheless, there are certain limitations in this matter. This thing is strictly forbidden to combine with a large number of red additions. Therefore, do not use a red bag, beads or earrings in the image. It will be enough to pick up shoes and a belt of the same shade as the jacket.

Pretty original piece of wardrobe is considered a checkered jacket. This is a versatile piece of clothing that perfectly matches with a variety of things.

It is important to consider that they should be monophonic, otherwise the image will be vulgar and overloaded.

What is forbidden to wear a jacket?

The jacket is easily combined with almost any things and accessories. However, stylists claim that certain exceptions do exist. They include things made in a sporting style. Of course, some women of fashion manage to create successful compositions with participation of swiss shots. However, this is extremely rare.

And although shirts and sweatshirts can still be combined with jackets, sports shorts and pants in this case are under strict prohibition. Such things can be combined only with a blazer that has a bright sporty accent, for example, elastic bands on cuffs or zippers. At the same time sports shoes look great with jackets. Therefore, this garment can be safely worn with snickers, sneakers and slips.

The female jacket with confidence can be called the basic subject of the wardrobe. With its help you can create a huge number of stylish and fashionable compositions. It is very important to take into account the peculiarities of your figure when choosing this garment and in no case neglect the stylists' recommendations regarding the rules for using jackets in the image. Related Videos:

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