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Comfortable, practical and, last but not least, remaining at the peak of the popularity of jeans products - the focus. This fashionable jeans, shorts, jeans skirts, vests, hats, which are already firmly on the shelves of our cabinets.

The theme of jeans style has become so urgent that today even theme jeans weddings are arranged where guests are offered a traditional cake decorated in the style of a-jeans and so similar to the blue denim.

Today we will talk about women of fashion who do not change jeans and prefer to wear stylish jeans skirts in 2017.A variety of additives in denim fabric allows designers to come up with models and styles that were previously created from other materials. With such opportunities, women prefer new, and, more precisely, their old favorites. The advantages of jeans skirts are obvious:

  1. This skirt will always be relevant due to the practicality and quality of the fabric from which it is made.
  2. Jeans skirt has a sexual appeal for men.
  3. Versatility and combinatoriality - these two aspects of modern couturier characterize, in technical terms, the essence of the denim skirt.

Fashion trends 2017 year

Today, the classic of everyday style finds its new reading due to the fact that a dynamic world requires quick and practical solutions. Therefore, the indisputable authority of practicality called "jeans skirt" is experiencing a new burst of popularity, associated with the experiments of the most venerable stylists. In general terms, they propose to make a denim skirt the central element of the created image.

In the new season, the most relevant are skirts of pale blue, gray and classic dark blue.
Designers offer a variety of styles and styles. Practically in vogue, the retro models of the 80-90s of the last century come back. The same tendencies are characteristic when determining the fashionable length. Look fashionable and stylish in the midi skirt, mini and long denim in the floor.

As for the models, the novelties will be the use of a denim pencil skirt in an office style. At the same couturier tried to add a bit of romanticism and offered such an unusual solution, like inserts from translucent fabric. A similar purpose is the use in the design of the skirt of various lace, flounces and fringe.

On the fashion catwalks, the models were defiled in style skirts, tulip. Fashion designers offer denim skirts with a basque or high-waisted corset. Their distinctive features are the absence of patch pockets and belt loops. This style perfectly emphasizes the dignity and harmony of the figure.

Pretty popular in the upcoming season will be the skirts of a trapezoid shape and a skirt in a pleat. Their length can vary from mini to maxi. Also a fashion trend is the combination of such a skirt and almost classical style in the upper part. For example, a feminine blouse or a shirt in a masculine style is perfect. Both variants can add to the created image a note of sexuality and natural femininity. Classic jacket fitted silhouette will also become a stylish alternative to tops or T-shirt.

Regarding decoration, fashionable jeans skirts 2017 unite various types of jewelry. More traditionally, it can be decorated with rivets, rhinestones, buttons, belts with decorative badges. Depending on what style the skirt offers, it can be decorated with lace, beads, embroidery.

In the latest shows, designers suggest using the visual effect of attrition. Various cuts, bleached spots will create a unique and unique pattern on your pet.

Skirts for girls

Denim skirts are beginning to be worn by fashion girls from childhood. For young ladies short skirts of various styles will suit. They can be classic straight cut. In this case, the main accent can be a bright color of the product. In the coming season in the fashion will be turquoise, dark green and orange.

  • In case the skirt is flared, for example, a model of the sun type, it is better to use a traditional indigo tint. In combination with light tops or T-shirts, such skirts will look very beautiful for a girl 10-12 years old. Supplement can be the original sandals and a fun applique on the T-shirt.
  • Girls when creating an image, in which the main emphasis is a jeans skirt, can experiment with both length and shape. A cute and shy image of a schoolgirl can be created using a flared jeans skirt, ballet flats and a romantic blouse or lace top. Stylists propose to complement such an ensemble with bright golfs that can mimic stockings or be lowered to a low heel.
  • If you want to give your image some kind of popular brutality today, then an indispensable short short skirt combined with a tight-fitting turtleneck, leather jacket and heavy boots.

New technologies - new features of

Today, modern technologies allow creating jeans with different characteristics. So, traditional denim can complement jeans-silk, which gives the products a matte or satin shine.

Popularity is gaining use of such material as jeans-bonding, which is a junction with knitwear.
This is very important in the autumn-winter season, because the products from the cottage pass cold, and knitwear allows them to be insulated.

This jeans fabric, like shamroi, on the contrary, is the thinnest and lightest denim type. This allows today to use it for sewing items such as a jeans swimsuit or underwear.

The combination of several textures of different denim in itself will serve as an original decoration for the skirt. They can differ in color and decor elements. This combination of designers used when creating the latest collections. They presented examples of combining in such models:

  • skirts with basque, coquette and high waist;
  • skirts with pleats;
  • skirt A-shaped silhouette;
  • skirts are tulips.

Once upon a time cotton was called white gold, because the cut of cotton fabric cost as much as gold bullion was placed on the opposite side of the scale. The fabric was valued for natural origin, and the products from it - for practicality and durability.

A straight long denim skirt first appeared in the everyday life of girls belonging to the popular youth movement of the hippies, in the 60s of the XX century. Their views demonstrated to the world freedom and protest against the stereotypes of American society. They tried to live in harmony with nature, so jeans products became their favorite clothes.

Girls decided to give a second life to their worn jeans and easily turned them into skirts. On the fashion podiums in the 70s designers emphasized the practicality of skirts, and in the 80's the youth considered mini skirts to be the most fashionable trend for a trip to a disco.

Today, in the age of high technology, in the era of synthetics, environmental natural materials are again in vogue. They are valued for the same qualities as before. Models of denim skirts have become more refined due to the qualities of the new fabrics described above. Moreover, fashion experts advise women of fashion not to have one, but several denim skirts in their wardrobe, in order to really be in the trend of the new fashion season.

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