Ragged jeans: fashion models of 2016

  • Ragged jeans: options for every taste
  • What time to wear?
  • What is better to combine a denim must-have
  • Type of figure and "designer rag"
  • Where to not wear fashionable things
  • How to make stylish jeans yourself?
  • How to make holes on jeans - video

Jeans are an integral part of any girl's wardrobe. For several years, there has been a strong demand for fashionable ragged jeans. In 2017, they should also take a worthy place in the cabinet of each seductress.

Many people are afraid of this wardrobe, but completely in vain. You just need to be able to combine it. Designers of leading brands of clothing offer models that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. In addition to stylish holes, they added graphic elements and small ornaments to the jeans trousers that everyone loved.

Ragged jeans: options for every taste

The first "spoiled" jeans appeared in the eighties of last century. They were not perceived right away, because they reflected more the person's adherence to rebellious movements. But this idea was quickly grasped by stylists and designers. In 2015, a new wave of popularity of this stylish wardrobe product was rolled onto the world community.

Prefer the similar kind of clothes to those who adore the feeling of freedom, and also likes to add mystery and sexuality to their image. Age does not matter, because you can always find your look. It is believed that this type of clothing can even reduce a few years to the owner of the denim treasure.

Depending on the degree of courage and emancipation, and also considering the type of silhouette, you can choose one of the variants of jeans trousers:

  • very narrow skinnels;
  • boyfriends;
  • classic models;
  • flared from the knee or from the hip;
  • wide "pipes";
  • breeches.
The degree of "rags" can be different. In 2017, the models are relevant, where almost half of the cut of jeans is tattered or there are holes in the area of ​​the knees.

If this option is not suitable, you can choose models where the holes are small. It is best if it is located near the knees or below. In this case, take into account that the exposed parts of the legs should not protrude from the holes. The color of the "design tear" can be different: from blue to dark blue. Less common are black and gray models.

What time to wear?

In winter fashionable jeans with holes will look inappropriate. Exceptions are parties in clubs. In the rest of the year they must appear on women. The hottest time for walks in such fashionable options is summer.

It is better not to use jeans with holes from dark scales during a hot period. As an option - wear them after sunset or in cloudy weather.

It is inappropriate, when during a spring or autumn rain on a girl, jeans with a lot of "ragged wounds".In addition, their toe in this weather - this is an unpleasant pleasure.

With what is better to combine a denim must-have

Such a wardrobe item can perfectly match with different types of clothes and fabrics. Best suited:

  • sweatshirts, pullovers;
  • elongated t-shirts and tops;
  • leather jackets;
  • coats, including summer.

Even blouses, which many consider to be part of the classic style, are able to make the look with ragged denim more harmonious by softening the image.

If the kit is chosen top, it is better to prefer white color, as well as the style of the vest - "alcoholics".In this case, an ideal complement will be a set of ballet shoes, sandals, sneakers or sneakers.

When choosing a sweatshirt or pullover, it is better to choose "skinny".It will be appropriate to wear massive colored shoes. To increase women's attractiveness elegant shoes will do.

shoes - raincoats, ripped jeans and leather jacket - one of the most stylish images of the upcoming season. But at the same time, a zone near the knees should be severed. Avoid standing torn areas on the buttocks or hips.

Very unusual is the combination of a coat and a ragged denim. The length of the outer clothing should be just below or above the knee.

If you complete such an image with a long scarf, you can visually stretch the figure, which is suitable for women of low growth.

Type of figure and "designer rag"

Contrary to popular belief that this type of clothing is suitable only for young people, it is permissible for older women to wear it. It is much more important when choosing your own thing to consider how the final image will look.

Traditionally, several main types of female figures are distinguished:

  • apple;
  • pear;
  • hourglass;
  • rectangle.

An hourglass shape is considered an ideal figure. But that does not mean that any torn jeans suit them. In the summer of 2017, they should get light specimens of this wardrobe, in which the main holes fall on the front of the thigh. Contaminated baggy models, because they can get lost.

For the owners of a pear-shaped figure, models that have torn sections along the entire length are very suitable. Improves the silhouette while the dark color of this clothing.

You can pick up specimens from the flare from the thigh to slightly veil the heavy hips. Naturally, holes on the hips should not be.

Narrow jeans with a small number of ragged places will decorate a woman with a figure of the type "apple. The main thing in this case is not to overload the top with powerful pullovers, scarves or ornaments.

Asymmetric cuts are very suitable for those who have a figure in the "rectangle".If you choose a model where the color of abrasions is very different from the base, this will be a 100% success.

It should be remembered that fashionable boyfriend jeans, which deliberately strongly bends down, do not fit girls of short stature. Visually, they will clip their shape.

Where not to wear fashionable things

Despite the fact that in modern fashion different blending styles are allowed, the image with torn jeans is appropriate not everywhere and not always.

Among the places where they do not exactly appear, you can distinguish:

  1. State institutions.
  2. Financial and credit organizations that are the place of work or negotiation.
  3. Religious sites and centers.
  4. Museums, theaters and exhibitions, if they are not dedicated to contemporary art.
  5. Abstain from such a bow and should be in case of a hike for an interview.
Of course, few people perceive ragged jeans as a result of slovenliness of a person. However, the image is non-business and does not have a serious dialogue.

If you are scheduled to meet in a restaurant or there is some kind of social event, then from the use of the image of jeans with holes, too, should be abandoned. It is better to prefer a cocktail dress or trouser suit.

How to make stylish jeans by yourself?

To make ready-made ordinary denim trousers a stylish and fashionable wardrobe item, it does not take much effort and time. For work you need:

  • stationery knife;
  • scissors and tweezers;
  • solid surface;
  • pencil.

Hardest to make a fashionable copy in the style of "grunge", so it is better not to bear this idea. Otherwise, the process will look something like this:

  1. On a solid surface with a pencil outline future cuts.
  2. By placing a thick corrugated cardboard or other unnecessary material, perform the necessary cuts with a knife.
  3. Remove several threads to create a "shaggy" effect.

The clerical knife initially makes the incision careless, which is necessary for this version of jeans.

Scissors are used when the effect of flat threads inside the pants is necessary. To do this, make two parallel incisions of 5-7 cm in length. Then, carefully remove the transverse threads with tweezers.

How to make holes on jeans - video

If desired, you can trim the edge of the pants to strengthen the fashion effect.

Avoid the zone that is directly on the knee, because there is a risk that the created threads will quickly tear when worn. For modeling it is better to choose tight but tight jeans. This reduces the risk that "rags" will not look good.

Of course, expect that the created version will look like a couturier, not necessary, but for walking around the city is quite suitable.

Thus, the long history of the existence of ragged denim continues its development. Fashionable jeans with holes and cuts remain relevant to this day. In the case of the correct selection of them for the type of figure, as well as a skilful combination with other elements of outerwear and shoes, the image of any woman will be unusual and attractive.

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