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The fact that our thoughts, intentions and dreams are material are an indisputable and already uncontested truth. Our thoughts are used sooner or later to be realized, therefore, people engaged in spiritual practices, recommend to treat them very carefully.

Specialists in Feng Shui suggest using this feature of the universe for their own benefit, creating a so-called wish card( or a treasure map).

Let's talk about the wish card. What it is?

The desire visualization map for feng shui is another effective tool that helps people significantly improve their quality of life. The great virtue of this tool is that it offers a comprehensive approach to the problem of materializing one's desires.

The fact is that when we are asked about any desires or dreams, we begin to list the first thing that comes to mind and that can not make us really happy, because it is about some transitory things. Dreaming of a more successful life, we simply do not think about what really can lead us to harmony and success.

To become happy and successful, a person must receive a whole range of material and spiritual benefits: not enough to be healthy, you must also be wealthy. It is not enough to be rich - you need to feel yourself in demand and loved. A person needs everything at once, only then he can say that he has achieved harmony.

What is the purpose of creating a wish-list?

  • A wish card is a way to get a complete picture of all those things without which human life can not be considered harmonious and successful. With its help, we have the opportunity to systematize our dreams by expanding them on special shelves( or sectors) using the Bagua grid:

  • Records, accompanied by accurate pictures, form in the human brain a certain thought form with invisible energy channels that at some pointdrawn and the necessary situations, and people needed to implement a particular dream( we also know that our thoughts are material).
With the help of a wish card, a person's dreams acquire a completely concrete visual image-picture and verbal formulation.
  • The desire card aims the person to realize the dream, encourages him to seek options to achieve the desired goal. Without this, dreams will remain dreams.

Making a wish card

How to make a wish card for Feng Shui? The case is creative, very exciting and completely uncomplicated. So, we decided to make a wish card with our own hands. What do we need for this?

  1. Large sheet of paper or thick paper.
  2. Any source of bright expressive pictures( a thick illustrated magazine, a stack of posters, newspapers, leaflets or banners).
  3. Markers, markers or gel pens.
  4. Glue pencil.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Sequins, ribbons, rhinestones.
  7. Own photo( and, probably, not one).

When to make a wish card?

It's best to do this on the growing moon: on days that are favorable for making all kinds of acquisitions. You can pre-dedicate one evening to the selection of expressive pictures. For this purpose we find in the calendar feng shui( there are such special calendars) one of the favorable days and begin to cut out images of everything that corresponds to our ideas about a harmonious and happy life.

How to make a wish card yourself? Having included pleasant music and having adjusted on a positive harmony, we start to work:

  • The first step is to divide a piece of paper into nine identical pieces, in full accordance with the Bagua grid. The shape of the map can be any: both square and round, it is absolutely not essential.
  • The sequence of filling each square is of great importance, so it should start from the central sector.
  • In the center of the sheet, which accounts for the health and personality zone of the person , you need to put your own photo. This image should be such that the author of the future map would like it.
You on a photo should be with a smile and happy, because only such a photo will emit positive vibrations.
  • It is allowed to make a collage of your own photos or montage( when the author's face sticks to the beautiful figure of the model).

A wish card will be more effective if in each sector you write short affirmations that represent your dreams as an accomplished fact. Repeating them, you will give an installation to your subconscious. For example, a girl who dreams of losing weight can write: "I am beautiful, slender and attractive."

Your own photo can be surrounded by bright sun rays, emoticons, hearts, circles of confetti or paillettes. The more aesthetics and imagination will be in the design of your card, the better it will work.

  • The next to fill the square, symbolizing the fame zone and located above the health zone. This is the visualization sector of ambitious intentions, so here you can make your own photo montage, pasting your face in the photo of the person receiving the award or placing it among a group of successful people.

A short slogan, voicing dreams of self-fulfillment, can look like this: "I'm using authority among my colleagues", "I became the leader of my team".

  • Get down and fill career zone. To visualize the dream of career growth or the development of your own business, you can make a collage of photographs of people who have achieved great success in a certain industry.

Entrepreneurs can place graphics showing sales growth here. Looking for work, it will be useful to use several logos of reputable companies whose employees they would like to become.

  • What should I do when the middle of the wish card is full? Go to the left side of it. Here lies the wealth zone , which is responsible for prosperity and well-being.

To visualize your ideas about the luxurious life, you can use pictures depicting the traditional talismans of feng shui: a figurine of the pot-bellied goddess Hotei, bundles of Chinese coins, as well as images of banknotes, photographs of tightly stuffed purses and gold coins.

It is with this sector of desire card that you should link your dreams about your own home, purchase of a car or a large salary. You can make a montage by pasting your photo into the window of a luxury limousine.

In formulating the wishes, you should make them as specific as possible. Do not write: "I want a big salary".Write how much( and how often) you want to receive.

Dreaming of the car, do not write: "I want a car."It is better to make a wish affirmative, writing: "I have a car( specify its brand and specify the color).

  • We pass to the sector of wisdom and knowledge , which, according to the rules of feng shui, should be done in the lower left corner of the map. To visualize the desires associated with obtaining an education, you can put pictures with pictures of books, notes, a master's cap or diploma.
  • Moving one square above, we draw up the family sector , which means your immediate surroundings, which can include not only household members, but also all kinds of relatives, as well as friends.

For registration of this sector it is possible to specially make a group family photo. Formulate affirmations for this sector follows, guided by the nature of the relationship within your family.

  • It remains for us to make out the right side of the wish card. In the upper right corner, as the practice of feng shui teaches us, is located the zone of love and marriage of .
People dreaming of marriage can make their own photo montage in which they present themselves and their chosen ones as brides and grooms.

You can limit yourself to painting with your own hand drawing, as its energy will allow you to achieve better results. What else should people do to find their soul mate? Feng Shui advises them to place in this sector of the card a family photo of their parents who are in a happy marriage.

Photomontage, using pictures of happy star pairs, is also quite acceptable. Many people use these photos, simply sticking them on a map and wanting the same relationship to themselves and their chosen one. To people who have already made up a married couple, it's enough to put a joint photo in it, accompanied by an affirmation like: "We are happy in marriage".

  • Going down one cell, we find ourselves in the sector of children and creativity of , responsible for the perspective of creative growth and maternal self-realization.

What should a woman dream of having a baby? You can paste pictures on the map showing happy babies, pregnant women or mothers with children. What should people do to achieve success in their work? You can put here a photo of any famous creative personality that serves as a source of inspiration, as well as write an affirmation that can program a person to succeed in terms of creative self-realization.

  • The helper and travel sector is the last to be filled in the lower left corner.

To make your dream of distant wanderings real, here are pasted colorful pictures depicting those places where I would like to visit, incidentally putting on the map affirmations that facilitate the realization of this desire.

Learn 10 golden rules for affirmations of for wish-card:

You can make your assistants as completely specific people( teachers, your comrades) and heavenly patrons: God, saints, guardian angel.

Where should I place a wish card?

The wish card for feng shui will work when it is always in front of the person who created it, being hidden from the curiosity of strangers. There are several options for storing it:

  1. You can hang a card in the bedroom: as experts in Feng Shui say, this will strengthen its energy, since it will begin with it and the card-maker's day will end with it too.
  2. It is possible to remove it in the expanded form on the top shelf or on a case. What can not be done in any case?
    It is inadmissible to collapse, fold and put the card in pictures down!
    As the practice of feng shui teaches, nothing should prevent the flow of beneficial Qi energy to it.
    Most often, a wish card hangs on the inside of the door of the wardrobe: this is how the information is kept secret for prying eyes.
  3. You can create an electronic version of the wish card by placing it on your desktop.

How to activate a wish card?

People who are just beginning to get acquainted with the practice of feng shui often ask the question: "What should I do to make the desire card work actively?"

There is a very simple and effective method: in the central sector of the map you can put an image of your favorite treat or favoritecolors. Since it is easy to carry out this desire for you, you will succeed in solving two problems at once: you will indulge yourself, and bring your personal card of fulfillment of the most fantastic desires into working order.

How should I work with a wish card?

  • You need to work with a wish card every day.
  • At the stage of visualizing your desire, choosing a convenient time and a secluded place( where no one can disturb you), you should present it in the smallest detail. For example, dreaming of a new car, you can imagine yourself inside its interior, feel the touch to the leather trim of the seats and the cold surface of the steering wheel. What color is the car of your dreams, what smells are in it, what emotions are attending you at this moment?
Looking at the map, you need to evoke a feeling that the desire has already become a reality, that you already have what you would like to attract into your life.
  • To be engaged in visualization it is necessary constantly, in free time, periodically releasing imagined images: let the universe itself will find a way of realizing your dream.

Ideal wish-card for Feng Shui:

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