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If in the old days a short haircut on the fair sex was considered something shameful, then for today it's different. It's stylish, fashionable and popular. It's also practical. Take, for example, a cascade of short hair. It is beautiful and simple in styling!

Short hair does not require complex care, and a variety of haircuts for a length of maximum to the neck allows a girl or woman of any age to find their own version, starting with minimalism "under the boy" and ending with model haircuts.

Trying to please ladies and satisfy the most daring and unexpected requests of clients, stylists and hairdressers offer solutions for short hair, some of which were originally designed for longer strands. Cascade is a vivid example of this.

Advantages of cascade for short hair

The cascade, which came from the late 70s - early 80s of the last century, was originally invented for medium length, but nowadays it has been modified for long and short hair, standing on one step with cutsand bob. The reasons for this popularity are many. Here are some of them:

  1. Universality. Cascading haircut will suit any girl or woman regardless of age, style and type of face.
  2. No restrictions on the type of hair. Unlike long and medium, short cascading haircuts are not only suitable for wavy and curly hair, but also advantageously underlined by their texture. If nature has awarded you with romantic waves or playful ringlets, boldly go to the salon and do a cascading haircut, provided that you trust the professionalism of the hairdresser.
  3. The ability to visually adjust facial features. Cascade for short hair can shift accents, smooth angularity, visually increase or, conversely, reduce the volume of the face and even change the shape of the nose. An experienced master will choose the version of the stepped silhouette just for you!
  4. A wide selection of hairstyles and styling. It would seem that you can think of short hair? Cascading haircut creates a whole field for creativity and experimentation. Strict hairstyles, youthful styling, the ability to increase the length with artificial strands - all this is available to the owners of cascading haircuts with a maximum length along the neck.
  5. Easy to care for the haircut. Short hair is the least demanding in terms of care, and the cascade does not create additional difficulties. The only need is a frequent adjustment of the silhouette.

Who will suit and who does not fit the cascade

The stepped haircut on short hair knows no restrictions either by age, or by the type or color of the head of hear. The shortest cascade among young people has gained the most popularity, the minimum time and effort required for laying and ease of care are very attractive to modern women of fashion.

Nevertheless, haircuts based on this technique, suitable for older women. If for young people there are variants with asymmetry, contrast graduation, figured transitions from one length to another, then for the older generation there are solutions with smooth silhouette lines and minimum volume.

Simply put, if you're thinking about how to cut short hair, the cascade will be the most win-win option.

The only contraindication to this haircut is the shape of the face to which the hair length does not go below the average.

Cascade and fringe

The cascade with a bang for a short length continues to be in a trend. Due to bangs you can disguise the flaws of the facial features, shift the accents, emphasize the subtlety and grace.

  • The most popular youth variant is a short hairstyle with a long oblique bangs, carelessly put on one side and falling to the eyes.
  • Melted strands or bright coloring of bangs will add extravagant notes to the youth image.
  • But for a more rigorous conservative style, there are options for haircuts with an even bang or absolutely without it.

Do you want a bang, what shape and length should it be? All this can be specified by the master directly before the haircut.

Cascade pack

The feature of the cascade is the uneven length of the strands and the stepped shape of the silhouette. And if you want a three-dimensional haircut of the right form? Specifically for such requirements, stylists and hairdressers invented a cascade, or graduated, carousel, combining even forms and a stepped silhouette.

Graduated strands create an additional volume, while the cutting structure remains perfectly flat. This option - the most universal of the whole abundance of cascading haircuts. Graduated quads will suit both schoolgirls, young women of fashion, and mature women.

Depending on which of the two techniques the master chose as the main, the haircut can be:

  • cascade with a silhouette of the square,
  • square with cascade elements.

But whatever technique prevails, the cascade-car is virtually a win-win option, as it will fit absolutely any type of face and age. If there is a desire to bring a zest to the image, then it is possible to make a highlight on a graded square. This color scheme looks very good on this haircut.

Cascade for short curly hair

On long curly hair, cascading haircuts look untidy without proper styling. Approximately the same picture and on the average length. But the cascade of short curly hair is, as they say, what the doctor prescribed. This option emphasizes the structure of the hair as a whole, and every single curl.

Haircut curly hair in cascade technique is considered a thin, almost jewelry work. If you are the lucky owner of curls and decided to make a stepped haircut for a short length, then you should carefully choose the master, so that later there was no need, temporarily, but to part with the curls to eliminate the consequences of the inept work of the hairdresser.

Short cascade: do not be afraid of experiments!

There are no options for hair styling if their length is from a few millimeters to a couple of centimeters, in other words, in the case of ultrashort haircuts. Cascade for short hair is an opportunity to choose, to try, to experiment, to create!

  • The easiest and fastest option for laying a stepped haircut is to dry the damp hair with a hair dryer and add volume with a comb or fingers, fixing with a spray. This laying does not require special skills, does not take much time and is suitable for everyday wear.
  • You can give the hairdress a "disheveledness in the wind" effect. Careless tousiness is not the first year in the trend and is not out of fashion. To create a romantic image, it is enough to wrap the hair ends with a curling end. The "tousled" nape and perfectly straightened slanting bangs are a perfect game of contrasts. If the hair is straight, and the length allows, you can make playful locks. However, given the features of haircuts, you will have to turn to the master for this.
  • For evening hairstyles and styling, it is appropriate to opt for minimalism. It can be a casual version with a small volume, complemented by a suitable accessory, and perfectly straight hair, laid without the slightest hint of volume.
  • There are a lot of youth variants of cascade styling for short hair - from modest from a series "simply and with taste" to the most shocking and daring decisions. However, in whatever direction the choice has fallen, do not forget about the features of the features. What is good for one type, then can emphasize the shortcomings of the other.

How to care for the short cascade

Short hair - the most unpretentious and practical in terms of care. Cascading haircut for this length of hair does not require any special effort or rules.

  • Important point: for the stepped silhouette not to lose its beauty, it is necessary to regularly adjust its shape as the hair grows.
  • Daily care consists in the timely washing of the head and the processing of strands by an air conditioner, suitable for hair type.
  • If you regularly experiment with styling, use a hairdryer, ironing and various chemicals, you need to carry out recreational procedures from time to time. And not only for the hair itself, but also for the scalp. It can be nourishing masks, lotions, cosmetics for hair and scalp care, made on the basis of natural ingredients.

Evening hairstyle from a short cascade - video tutorial

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