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The kare, like no other haircut, boasts a variety of stylish and fashionable ways of laying. It is this variety that makes hairstyles for quads actual. With the help of a successful haircut or styling, you can even lose five to ten years. But before you go in search of a suitable hairstyle, you need to find out which haircut is right for you.

Kare, beans and varieties of

A special space for imagination is given by the cutting of the carat and its variety - bean. An even greater variety in the modification of these haircuts is made by:

  • the choice of hair length;
  • variants with bangs;
  • application of different ways to decorate the nape, side strands and temples.

Maybe, on the way to your cherished haircut, you will not have to cut your hair once. But is it bad for a woman to experiment one more time? In any case, ladies of elegant age should remember that they need to use uneven strands in their hair, because they give youthful youthfulness. It is also important that this haircut is ideal for women with thinned dry hair.

Stylish ladies with a good figure should choose short cuts. They are associated with youth and frivolity, help to visually dump several years. This choice will allow to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and highlight the cheekbones, visually increase the splendor of the hair.

There are different types of cutting hair:

  • graded or asymmetric;
  • on the foot or classic;
  • repeating face oval or volumetric;
  • with oblique or straight thick bangs.

In addition, this haircut allows a variety of styling options: the hair can lie smoothly or softly in a retro style, and also stay in the artistic mess.

One of the most common options is a graded haircut that gives the volume to the hair. Knowing certain subtleties of correct styling, you can achieve even greater splendor. It is based on the classical square supplemented with graduation. Graduation can begin with the tips of the hair or from the crown. Such a square can be with a graduated bang - long and oblique, straight and bulky, asymmetrical.

Shape and features of the cutting

The most harmonious length for the hairstyle of the square: from the back to the base of the neck, and in front - 2 cm below the chin.

How to cut a square? Thin hair is better to cut exactly, as in the ruler, then they will look thicker.

Scheme of cutting the square:

  1. The planned length is planned.
  2. Hair is moisturized.
  3. The occipital strand is separated and trimmed by the length of the future hairstyle.
  4. The hair above is alternately cut through the control strand. Direction - from the center of the occiput first to the left, and then to the right.
  5. Strands on temples are separated horizontally and are sheared along the length of the occipital hair.
  6. When cutting, it must be borne in mind that the classic square should be symmetrical and have a strict contour.
  7. The ends of thick hair are recommended to be profiled in order to make the haircut more airy, easy.

Haircut graded kare-bob - video

Who goes to the quads? This hairstyle should be chosen for women with straight or slightly wavy hair. On the hair, which strongly shake, too stiff or curly, do not do this haircut.

The kare and classic bean are plastic and versatile. They allow you to radically change the image with the help of small forces and can be:

  • business-like smooth, with a combed back bangs and a neat oblique parting;
  • boyish tousled.

When cutting the square, it is better not to use the highlighting, such a hairstyle should be one-piece. The maximum that you can afford in it - a pair of brightened strands.

What do you like?

  1. Girls with a triangular type of face will approach the classic quads of medium length. Short haircuts exacerbate the traits, because they focus on the chin. And here, on the contrary, it is necessary to smooth the transition from the cheekbones to the chin.
    It is clear lines of medium-length quads that visually create a counterbalance to the angular chin. Tip: The sharp cut lines of the square will balance the soft "blurry" makeup. Discard clear outline of eyes and lips, choose only smooth transitions and gentle brush strokes.
  2. Chubby persons should avoid haircuts that completely open the face, and straight bangs. Refuse should also be from the chin framing the round face. A suitable option is a haircut with a fringe bang. And if a round-faced girl armed herself with brashing and maxed her hair at the top of her head, she would lengthen her face and use a simple trick to "remove" the excessive width. But the owners of this type of person can be attributed to the lucky ones, who are ideal for an ageless and always relevant bean up to the chin. It is this kind of square for the round face that makes its shape more harmonious, as if stretching vertically. By the way, a good option for chubby ladies - asymmetric quads in the spirit of silent movies, without necessarily bangs. Tip: with the haircut for the round face, a straight parting is contraindicated. And do not forget to highlight the cheekbones with rouge, so that the cheeks are as close to the ideal as possible.
  3. Individuals, about whom they say that they have a square face, you need to bring into the appearance of a bit of meekness and femininity. Therefore, they should choose haircut without clear lines. A great option for them can be lush hairstyles with hair up to the shoulders, smooth "stepped" locks. In this case, the strands should be above or below the chin. It's good when the hair remains long on the back of the head, and asymmetrically cuts the cara in the front. A long asymmetrical bang will draw attention to the eyes, taking attention away from the contour of the chin and clearly expressed lower jaw.
  4. Lucky people with an oval type of face can afford any fashionable haircuts, including a variety of types of quads.

Stylist comment. Leave the creativity young and cocky. Women of elegant age( after 30-35) categorically do not fit shorter or shaved nape, especially in combination with a bean or a round-face quill. It looks unaesthetic, too "masculine."Even if the haircut is as short as possible, on the nape of the neck one should leave lush small strands. It is incomparably more feminine and elegant.

A look from under the bangs of

They say, you want to change - make a fringe. What can be more attractive than a mysterious and sensual look through the hair falling on his face? Perhaps that's why bangs almost never lose relevance, from time to time experiencing a correction depending on the trends of fashion. The bangs should be heavy and thick: very long, laid obliquely, or straight, trimmed to the eyebrows.

To dedicated fans of haircutting quads you need to pay attention to the veil bangs, like Mireille Mathieu, or graduated. Once popular hairdo with a bang in the style of a famous French singer today again acquired new features. A thick veil, covering the eyebrows, an elongated square and a dark shade of hair are its main components. It is this bang that stylists consider universal, as it fits almost any female haircut. In combination with a bean, such a bang gives the person a sculpture.

To the note. For laying hair style in the style of Mireille Mathieu can not do without a round brush-brushing. It is with its help that the slightest roundness of the lines is achieved. To preserve the rich color of hair, be sure to use restoring masks between the staining procedures. And, by the way, bright color is appropriate not only on the hair, but also on the lips. Saturated wine shades of lipstick are unusually good with hairstyles based on quads.

To recreate the smooth volume lines that are present in this hairstyle, the hair needs to be divided into small strands. The ends of these braids with the help of a comb are twisted inside. The direction of the hot air jet must necessarily be from the bottom up.

  • For those with a round face, a long oblique or classic bangs-arch will fit, which will correct its proportions.
  • A real ornament for a narrow face will be a clearly defined bangs, extending into long temporal strands and visually expanding it.
  • Girls with an oval face type will give originality to a fringe of unusual shape, for example, with a longer part in the middle.

Hairstyle for five minutes for the quads - video

You can remove the parting, pulling the bangs on the forehead - here's a mystery woman. Want to cause a strong half of humanity immediate desire to save you from all kinds of adversity, then bang the comb back. A square without a bang for an oval face will give an image of defenselessness and naivety.

Those who have straight hair, problems with care for the long bangs, no, because it easily lends itself to laying.

If these manipulations are performed by a girl with hard hair, then first they should be softened with styling products - foam or serum. And during drying, the tips of the hair should be twisted with a brush, giving them a volume of light whipping movements of the hands.

For weak and rare hair, the whey is applied before drying, and the strands are brushed with a brush with a thick stubble. These actions give the bang a volume and make a slight note of negligence in the hairstyle.

Arrange accents

Hairdress, manicure, make-up is what attention is paid to when preparing for an important event - an anniversary, a wedding, etc. A grandiose event is a good reason to get to a specialist, experiment with a hairdo. Brides with short hair stylists advise as a wedding hairstyle option that does not disappoint for sure: haircut bean.

It is very versatile, because it combines femininity, romance and at the same time brightness and audacity. Add her wedding mood easily: brush your hair, smooth them with a flat brush, put your bangs on one side. Lacquered hairstyle decorated with wedding hairpins.

Having seen an interesting hairdo in the magazine, you, being confident that you will exactly like it, will definitely embody this idea. Noticing the wrong result, do not rush to blame everyone but yourself. When choosing a haircut( for example, a round face carpet), you should focus on your image, and not on your girlfriend or your favorite singer with her type of appearance. Listen to the advice of professionals, and then the reflection in the mirror will never disappoint you.

Cutting a square of one length without a bang - video

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