Variants of a ladder - fashionable haircuts of this year

  • Main advantages of this haircut
  • Hairstyle for medium and long hair
  • Short-haired shawl
  • How to choose a bang?
  • Styling options

Grooming stairs is not without reason popular so much, because it is suitable for any lady, regardless of the type of her face or age. However, such a hairstyle should be able to properly lay, otherwise the image will not look stylish, but carelessly. When does the haircut of the ladder look the most neat and attractive, and how difficult is it to follow such a hairdo? We tell!

The main advantages of this haircut

Hairdressers relentlessly admit to love this hairstyle for one simple reason: it is easy to reproduce and style. Cope with it, even a beginner in the hairdressing business, so there are a lot of variations of this haircut. The now popular cascade is also based on a simple ladder and exploits its key advantages. By the way, what are the main advantages of this hairstyle? Look:

  1. The scaffold ideally fits both on medium hair, and on short, long.
  2. It is very easy to take care of hair that has been sheared in this way, since it does not take more than ten minutes to lay down.
  3. Holders of any type of person can visually hide their shortcomings with such a simple haircut.
  4. The scaffold looks great both on straight and curly hair.
  5. This haircut can give an image of playfulness and spectacularity.

Carrying this haircut on medium hair without bangs, the hairdresser is first determined with the length of the shortest curls. If the girl does not want to greatly reduce the length of her hair, she can safely give preference to the ladder on the long curls. Usually the shortest strands frame the face, and towards the back of the neck their length only increases.

The haircut itself takes away from the professional for no more than half an hour, but it is very important to smooth out all the ringlets. The length of short strands on the right and left side should be the same, otherwise the hair will look careless.

Because of the incredible popularity of this haircut stylists have begun to experiment with both the length and the nuances of styling. So it turned out that for each type of person has developed its own ideal ladder, which has several key differences.

Hairstyle for medium and long hair

We can say that the ladder for medium hair is one of the most popular and common hairstyles in the world. With such a haircut appear on the red carpet of the star, and this version of the hairstyle is chosen by millions of women around the world. Usually the length of the longest strands in the ladder barely reaches the shoulders. The shortest of them effectively frame the cheekbones, emphasizing the feminine personality.

Wishing to give originality to its style, a girl can refer to the following hairdresser's findings:

  • make the ladder torn, treating each strand with a dangerous razor and giving the entire image an element of negligence;
  • , you can also prefer a ladder to medium hair with a long bang, from which will go strands of different lengths;
  • uneven parting, made when laying hair, can give the image extra carelessness, making it direct and fresh.

On long curls, this hairstyle also looks organic. This option is considered safe and suitable for those girls who want to hide the flaws of their own person, without parting with the usual length for them. Usually the whole hairstyle in this case is that the face is framed by short strands, and the total length remains unchanged. Add freshness to this classic hairstyle with proper styling.

For example, by twisting the ends of short strands inward, the owner of the oval face shape can make it visually less elongated. Also this hairstyle for long hair looks very stylish and original, if the lady creates a decent radical volume when drying hair. Haircut as a result will play completely new colors, allowing the girl to feel at the same time comfortable.

A shank for short hair

This option can be afforded only by a brave person, who is not shy to be in the center of everyone's attention. In general, short haircuts - this is the lot of extravagant ladies who are always in search of their style.

The main advantage of a short ladder is that it never looks trivial. Such a haircut is an example of originality and bright style of its owner. By the way, a ladder for short hair is quite unusual.

To begin with, the hairdresser selects several so-called control strings on the vertex, along which the length of all other curls will be determined. After processing the control strings, the master moves to the new ones, creating for each of them its own length. Usually, when working with such a haircut, the stylist does not try to achieve the same length, working on the extreme originality and uniqueness of the onion.

The scallop on short hair has many advantages, and here are just some of them:

  • such hairstyle is optimal for women with both an oval face and a round one;
  • this hairdo can be added with a fountain of originality, complemented with a bang or voluminous styling from the roots;
  • a short ladder practically does not require stacking, as its main feature is underlined negligence;
  • haircut on short curls can be suitable for both women of age, and for young people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Such a hairstyle looks especially effective on smooth or slightly curly hair. Ladies with curls that are tightly twisted in a spiral from a short ladder should be discarded. The fact is that curls and so reduce the length of the hair, and if there is a multi-level hairdo, the image will look and at all ridiculous, crumpled. However, this is perhaps the only restriction for stairs on short hair.

This hairstyle looks extremely effective, if the girl is not lazy to lay it every day, straightening strands and twisting the ends of the locks in a certain direction.

So, if you need to achieve a daring image, it is worthwhile to twist the tips outwards. And if the bow should be emphasized feminine and calm, then you need to curl the ends inside. Such elementary secrets will help to competently play with a hairdress, daily emphasizing its individuality.

How to choose a fringe?

Having decided to make herself such a haircut, every woman starts to ask the important question: to give preference to a hairdress with a bang or without it? Of course, both options have their advantages, and here without the advice of the master can not do. A bang can do true miracles, especially if it is properly selected.

For example, the owner of a square type face is ideally suited for a lacerated bangs on one side. Such an addition to the haircut can hide a large forehead, making the cheekbones visually more rounded and less prominent. In general, a torn bang smooths the flaws in the shape of the face, giving the whole image some kind of insolence. By the way, adding a haircut such a torn, asymmetric element, and a girl with an oval face type can look more attractive.

It can be advantageous to play on contrast, preferring a straight and thick bang. Particularly advantageous, it will look with a ladder on medium and long hair. Owners of short hair from a straight bang is better to refuse, because it can not emphasize the uniqueness of their image.

A straight fringe is an excellent find for girls with an oval and round face. It is suitable for women with the type of person "heart".For such a haircut are very different styling, but especially organically it will look like the root volume and tips, twisted inside.

Despite the huge number of variations of this hairstyle, the ladder and without the bangs looks great. This haircut is suitable for ladies with beautiful features and a small forehead. In this case, the strands will organically frame the cheekbones, emphasizing every feature of a woman.

If a girl wants to hide flaws and wants to give the image some mystery, then bangs - her reliable and faithful assistant.

Options for laying

The shearing of the cascade( ladder) has become so popular for one simple reason: it's easy to stack, and there are dozens of stylistic options. Which of the types of stacking are considered the most interesting and popular? Consider:

  1. On medium hair without bangs or on short, the laying with outwardly bent tips lies well. To do this, you need to dry the locks with a lock behind the strand, gently bending the tips with a round comb. The girl can only twist the tips or create the effect of a real wave, everything depends on the mood.
  2. You can create an organic hairstyle by bending the tips inside. The technique is the same: the hair dryer should dry each strand separately, but the tips will now be twisted in the other direction, creating the effect of smooth lines.
  3. Also the girl can create an image of a fatal beauty, maximally straightening its strands. To do this, it is necessary to direct the jet of air from the hair dryer strictly from the top down, separately picking up the especially naughty strands. This kind of laying is considered quite difficult, since you can achieve perfectly straight curls only by using the means for styling abundantly.
  4. The hairstyle of the ladder looks great and curly hair. If by nature the curls of the girl are straight, she can use a curling plate or curlers to create an organic hairstyle. After the curls were made, the girl needs to lay them down, emphasizing the beauty of the face oval, and abundantly flavored with varnish or mousse.

For such a hairstyle there are many different styles of packing, and the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. The girl can create and curls, and the effect of elegant negligence, and completely straight strands. In this case, the hair itself will seem a little more bulky, even if by nature they are thin. And all because of the different length of the strands.

You can also experiment with staining options. For example, the ombre effect, popular now in the whole world, looks very interesting with different lengths of strands, emphasizing the creativity and courage of its owner.

Certainly, new hairdresses appear almost every day, and each of them is remarkable for its interesting "chips".However, the ladder belongs to the timeless classics, which is so popular now, and will be in demand even in the next decade.

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