Cold is a very insidious disease. It can inflict damage on all patients, regardless of age and gender. Most often diagnose it in the autumn-spring period. There is a catarrhal disease due to a viral or bacterial infection. In this case, the main task of the patient is to start the treatment in time. If all the symptoms of the pathological process are suppressed at the initial stage, this will avoid complications and the development of the chronization process. Very effective today is the drug Gripp-Hel.

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Action of the drug

This medication has a complex effect on the human body during colds. Thus, antiviral immunomodulating, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory is achieved. To a similar effect, the medicine is obliged to 5 potential components, which are of natural origin.

The plant constituents included in the preparation include:

  1. Wrestler .This includes aboveground and root-shaped tubers. They are used in the treatment of fever or to eliminate signs of intoxication. Indications for admission are inflammatory ailments and cough, accompanied by stabbing pain in the sternum. influenza hel
  2. Overflow white .This fresh rhizome, which must be used for acute inflammation of the respiratory system, liver, pleura, with acute chronic rheumatism. Its task is to stop the pain syndrome, which increases during the period of movement. It is indicated with fever and fever, struggling with impaired functioning of the sense organs.
  3. The bones of the peduncle. This is a fresh plant that effectively cures the flu, fever, painful sensations in the limbs and chills. Applied with diseases of the biliary system, with rheumatism.

To the mineral components of the drug should be attributed white phosphorus. It should be used in the inflammatory process that occurs in the respiratory system, as well as in infectious diseases that have a severe course. White phosphorus is effective in exhaustion, pathologies of the heart and vessels, with rheumatism, bleeding, neuralgia and in a bad mood. influenza injectable gel

There are also components of animal origin in the formulation, which include the poison of the surukui snake. It is effective against infectious diseases, various inflammatory processes that tend to flow to the left. Here you can include angina, headache, laryngitis, tracheitis. Still snake venom actively involved in the treatment of diseases that occur with bleeding of the skin and mucous membranes, with insufficient work of the heart and blood vessels, with pathological changes in mood.

It is advisable to take the medication at the initial stage of the cold, when the first symptoms were revealed. This will allow to slow down the inflammation in time and prevent development of complications or a serious course of the disease.

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When the

is prescribed, the Flu-Hel is a medication prescribed for the treatment of influenza and parainfluenza, as well as various SARS and infectious diseases accompanied by intoxication, fever. The medicine can also be used as a prophylaxis of the described diseases.

How to Take Adults

influenza hel adult

Influenza Hel

According to the instructions, the Flu-Hel should be taken sublingually, until complete resorption. Adults take 1 tablet each. In the acute course of the inflammatory process, you take the medication every 15 minutes in the first 2 hours, and then go to a 3-time reception.

Take the medicine until all the symptoms of the pathology have been stopped. Still it is necessary to accept a preparation within 5-7 for preventive maintenance of complications and definitive detoxification of an organism.

How to take the children

Small patients, whose age is from 6 years, can take the drug 1 tablet 3 times a day. For patients under 1 year, the dosage is ¼ dragees, from 1 to 3 years ½ tablets, 3 to 6 years ¾ tablets.

When pregnant

Pregnant women can take the drug 1 tablet 3 times a day. If the process is acute, then the tablet is absorbed one at a time every 15 minutes for 2 hours.

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You can buy Flu-Hel at the drugstore without a prescription. The cost of the drug is 340 rubles


  • Irina, 45 years old: "Flu-Hel is an excellent preparation in the initial stage of the common cold. I took it at once, as soon as I began to feel the first manifestations of colds. My head ached, the temperature increased, there was an ache in my body. After taking the pills at the end of the day, I felt a long-awaited relief. All the symptoms disappeared, and my condition stabilized. Then, it's true, there was a runny nose, but I cured it with other drugs. "
  • Oleg, 27 years old: "Once I was standing at a bus stop, I fell in the rain, and the next day I got fever, my head hurted, my nose was literally flowing. I naturally did not go to work. But my mother gave me the Gripp-Hel tablet. I dissolve it at first every 15 minutes, and when 2 hours passed, I switched to a 3-time reception. Two days later, I was relieved. Unpleasant symptoms that prevented me from fully living, disappeared, I became cheerful and cheerful. "
  • Marta, 25 years old: "I got a cold during pregnancy. At first I was very frightened, because I was worried about my baby. But how to get rid of the symptoms of catarrhal lesions did not know, because during the gestation of a child, traditional drugs can not be used. I decided to call the doctor. She recommended me to take the Gripp-Hel. The taste of the tablets is very pleasant, so I took it with pleasure with my toxicosis. Two days later, all the symptoms disappeared, and my condition improved. To my surprise, I did not even have a runny nose and a cough. "

Flu-Hel is a drug that is prescribed for the treatment of colds and flu. In its composition is absolutely safe, because there are natural components. Thus, you can apply the drug even to children and pregnant women. And although they release the drug without a prescription, it is necessary to consult with a doctor. He will be able to adjust the dosage relative to what symptoms you are visiting and at what stage of development the cold is.