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It would seem that jeans shirts are already losing their relevance. But many designers, apparently, do not want to part with such a practical thing, and they create new ways of combining, spicing images with fresh interesting combinations. With what to wear a denim shirt in 2017, and what fashionable outfits can be obtained using all of us the familiar denim?

It was cowboys who became pioneers and gave life to a denim shirt, which now is available for every self-respecting fashionista. And if lovers of casual style are accustomed to using denim to create their bows, then to create a business image, many are afraid to choose jeans, preferring blouses of silk or chiffon.

In fact, the versatility of the denim shirt and its uncomplicated simplicity have made such an element of the wardrobe a real basic thing, without which it is very difficult to do without in everyday life. And if you still consider denim in the business style an unacceptable oversight, then it will be doubly interesting for us to destroy these outdated myths.

Democratic denim - the leader among the fashion trends of

Designers did not make a denim shirt an outsider this season, they used small innovations in creating such a familiar and ordinary thing. In 2017, the leading positions occupied two styles:

  • free cut, reminiscent of the male version;
  • feminine style of the cut style, emphasizing all the charms of the figure.

Models are suitable for creating spring-summer outfits, which are distinguished by their lightness and freshness, and for combination with warming things, when it is necessary to warm up well before the onset of cold weather.

  • This season, the main bet was made on femininity, so the usual denim decor was rejected by designers, and the metal finish of the product put a fat cross. Focusing on femininity, the designers said goodbye even with large pockets, preferring decorative and less cumbersome options.
  • The actual solution is considered to be "torn off" pockets, when in those places of the shirt where they should be, we see a trace marked with a dark color, which becomes just a reminder of such an element of the decor.
  • Small collars, bright buttons or curly coquette are the main decorations of models, which are emphasized in 2017.Also used are inserts of colored natural leather, which give the image a touch of light biker chic.
But the main mast-hev of the season are still shirts, decorated with embroidery and lace, which in a joint tandem with denim create a fusion, allowing you to combine incompatible elements of decoration.

Ways to wear a denim shirt

On which option you choose, will depend on the relevance of this bow and the whole image in general. Preference is given to several methods:

  • Not fastening the shirt. This choice is suitable for all lovers of practical and comfortable casual style, and you can combine your shirt with simple T-shirts and T-shirts, and with feminine light blouses or even dresses. Hooligans and brave representatives of the fair sex will be treated with a combination of an unbuttoned denim shirt and a bright top made of metallized fabric. As a bottom, choose leather narrow pants, shorts or skirts with an overestimated waist of any shades.
  • Completely buttoned it. This way of wearing will be appropriate for creating a business image, if you combine a shirt with a tight figure with a pencil skirt.

    Models of light blue denim should be combined with jeans of deep dark blue flowers. Or, on the contrary, for a light bottom choose an item that contrasts with its darker shade of fabric.

With what else to combine a denim shirt

Do not know with what else to wear a denim women's shirt? Then take note of a few tips that are divided in this season's fashion experts:

  1. Excellent contrast is obtained if you combine the product with a long skirt in the floor. To create an image in the style of Boho, use a shirt without any extra decor elements, and a true friend for her is a long skirt with a bright print. Outfit is supplemented by a belt, a bag over the shoulder and shoes at low speed. Additional accessories play an important role, so season your bow with fashionable glasses "aviators" or use all kinds of scarves of bright colors. The product can be worn out, tucked inside, or simply tied the ends of the shirt into a knot.
  2. Using a skirt up to the knee or a shorter version, you will get a flirty, light image, complemented by flirting and temptation. In this case, a winning choice will be a game of contrasts, when a simple denim shirt of a man's cut is combined with a lush and weightless tulle skirt.
  3. To create summer bows, give preference to light skirts of delicate pastel, pink or white shades, and using denim in combination with lace and feminine skirt-sun, you will add an image of tenderness and romanticism that always refresh the whole appearance.
  4. In autumn and winter, denim is perfectly combined with skirts in the style of cargo, supplementing the image with warm pantyhose or knitted leggings in combination with boots. On top of the shirt wear warm sweaters or swiss shots, and choose skirts from dense fabric, in which you will not freeze in the cold season.
  5. The denim shirt is worn with flared, shortened or classic trousers. If you are a fan of extravagance and various experiments, then the combination of denim and leather trousers is a 100% hit in the bull's-eye. You can complement the image with coarse masculine shoes, a backpack and bracelets trimmed with thorns.
  6. If you are a business woman and you need a strict business bow, in this case, wear a denim shirt with classic trousers, using an extra strict jacket or a discreet blazer. In combination with elegant bright boats and a bag, the outfit becomes not so boring and office, as it is represented by lovers of brighter outfits.
  7. The product of a free man's cut, covering the inguinal part, is used in combination with tight leggings. To representatives of a fashionable style of funky leggings of bright colors with courageous prints will approach, well and if you are a fan of everyday style kazhual, then choose the bottom of a black shade without any bright details and drawings. Complement the look of comfortable slips and a small hat with round margins.

Useful to know

In order to create the most harmonious image, stylists advise to adhere to several rules:

  • Take into account the features of your own figure and choose a shirt, based on these parameters. Direct cut of the product with the length to the middle of the thigh will suit those girls who want to visually lose a few extra pounds and become slimmer. Using a skirt up to the knee or a shorter version, you will get a flirty, light image, complemented by flirting and temptation.

    Stop the selection on soft soft tissue variants of indigo.

  • Not enough volume in the chest? In this case, the problem will be solved by a tight fitting silhouette, which is achieved by performing darts, and an additional active decor on the coquette, giving the volume in the right place.
  • Try to avoid the worn-out cowboy themes and not to use the folklore style that has lost its relevance in a joint duet with denim.
  • Do not forget to use accessories. Bright kerchiefs tied around the neck, or colored scarves will allow the image to play with new colors.
    Metal decorations of gold or silver shades are also perfectly combined with a denim shirt.
    A thin belt tied over the product will accentuate your waist and make the outfit truly complete. Related Videos:
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    With what to wear a denim shirt?
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