Why does a child grind his teeth in a dream?

  • Common causes of dental creaking in children
  • Consequences of bruxism
  • Treatment of bruxism

Many children of preschool and primary school age can hear a squeak of teeth during sleep. In medicine, this phenomenon is called bruxism. Hearing the characteristic sounds, any caring parent will immediately ask the question, why in a dream the child grinds with his teeth. There is an opinion that such a scraping is associated with the presence of helminths in the children's body. However, doctors refute it, arguing that this phenomenon is due to a number of other reasons. So, why does the child in his sleep grind his teeth?

Common causes of dental creaking in children

Doctors agree that bruxism can harm a child's teeth, so it requires timely treatment. Before solving this problem, it is necessary to find out the factors that influenced the appearance of this phenomenon. There are the following reasons for the creaking of the teeth:

  • nervous system disorder against a background of stressful situations,
  • heredity,
  • severe overwork,
  • sleep disorder,
  • enlarged adenoids,
  • dental problems,
  • dentition.

So, let's look at each reason separately.

Nervous System Disorder

Young children react very sharply to a variety of life situations and any changes. For an adult, they may seem ordinary, but for the baby everything that happens can become a serious psychological strain. Thus it is necessary to tell, that in the account it is necessary to take and excessive positive emotions. Reasons for imbalance can be many, for example:

  • moving to a new place of residence,
  • family conflicts,
  • tense atmosphere in kindergarten or school,
  • quarrel with a friend,
  • appearance in the family of a new member,
  • loss of toys,
  • visiting crowdedseats,
  • separation from parents( even a short one),
  • weaning,
  • acquaintance with new people and much more.

Parents should know that any change can deeply affect the psyche of the baby.


Genetic factor may also be one of the reasons that a child in a dream grinds with teeth. It was noted that most of the inheritance from the next of kin is received by boys. Before turning to specialists for help, it is recommended to find out whether grandparents or grandfathers suffered as a result of bruxism. If the family has this phenomenon, it remains to wait until it passes by itself. Sometimes the gnashing of teeth in a dream ceases as suddenly as it begins.

Severe overstrain

In some cases, bruxism is observed against a background of severe fatigue. It is necessary to pay attention to the daytime workload of the child, his regime of the day, the number of hours spent at the computer or television. When the load is normalized according to age, the grinding usually disappears.

Sleep disorder

Teeth grinding can be caused by a violation of the sleep depth manifested in the following conditions:

  • nightmares,
  • somnambulism( sleep conversations),
  • snoring,
  • involuntary nocturnal urination,
  • sleeping problems,
  • sudden awakenings in the middle of the night.

Experts in the field of bruxism say that boys usually suffer from these kinds of problems.

Enlarged adenoids

If parents notice that at night the child is creaking with teeth, then it may be an increase in adenoids. According to observations, 80% of cases of this disease are accompanied by night scraping.

Dental problems

Children with a pathology of the maxillary apparatus, as well as malocclusion, are often affected by bruxism. In order to determine the exact cause, you should contact an orthodontist, who can easily inspect and, if possible, help to resolve the problem.

To date, pediatric dentistry has advanced significantly in treatment methods, so timely treatment gives a high chance of success.

Teething Teeth

Sometimes grinding in a dream can be observed in infants during the teething. This is due to the fact that the baby's gums swell and cause itching. Trying to get rid of it, the child clamps the jaw so hard that a characteristic creak is heard.

Before contacting specialists, it is necessary to check if the teeth do not catch teeth. This can be determined by the increase in the gums at the site of the eruption of the tooth. In this condition, the child grinds his teeth in the afternoon, and not only during a night's sleep.

Consequences of bruxism

Some parents do not pay attention to the fact that the child grinds his teeth in a dream, not understanding the seriousness of the situation. They believe that this phenomenon is temporary and will pass with age. Ignoring the problem of bruxism can lead to different consequences.

In the dental aspect, the following pathologies are possible:

  • abnormal growth and development of teeth,
  • premature erasure of tooth enamel,
  • caries development,
  • increased sensitivity of gums and teeth,
  • inflammation of periodontal tissues in acute and even chronic form.

In addition to problems with the health of the teeth can be serious disorders of the nervous system, which can lead to inadequate development of the child. In some cases, there is a lag in peers in terms of mental abilities. As you know, prolonged stress can lead to depression, closing the baby in yourself. Against the background of a psychological disorder, diseases of other important body systems can develop.

Severe fatigue affects the deterioration of vision, hearing and reaction. It is not excluded the weakening of the immune forces, which makes the child susceptible to various dangerous infections.

In cases of sleep disorders, the baby, as a rule, becomes uncontrollable and capricious. In such an uncomfortable state, he not only suffers himself, but also causes a lot of trouble for parents.

In order to avoid consequences, it is necessary to identify the cause of bruxism in time and start the correct treatment, if necessary with the involvement of specialists.

Treatment of bruxism

Faced with the problem of bruxism, it is necessary to take all measures to eliminate it. The method of treatment is directly related to the cause of its occurrence, therefore, in each case has its own peculiarities.

  1. When there is a night gnashing of teeth against the background of a nervous system disorder, it is necessary to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere in the house, exclude guest visits and any emotional outbursts. Just before bedtime, a child can make a warm bath with soothing herbs. Normalize the nervous system will help the intake of B vitamins. If the squeaking of teeth does not stop in the near future, it is necessary to contact a pediatric neurologist or psychotherapist.
  2. Hereditary bruxism can not be cured. In this case, the best healer is time. In some children it stops quickly, others last for several years.
  3. If the squeak of teeth is associated with severe fatigue, then it is necessary to reduce the load, excluding from the daily routine of the day visiting all sorts of additional sections or circles, correctly organizing the mode of basic activities, recreation, walks and meals. If you are overly interested in television programs or computers, you must limit or exclude viewing and using them.
  4. If you have a sleep disorder, you need to contact a specialist who will competently consult on this issue, and if necessary, prescribe medication.
  5. If a child grinds his teeth due to an increase in adenoids, then there is a need for qualified medical help.
  6. In case of malocclusion, dentists will offer various options for its correction. As an additional measure, special rubber tires for teeth can be assigned to prevent their damage. Another way to get rid of the grinding is exercises that help to relax the right muscles of the face, lips and tongue. The most effective are the exercises for squeezing and unclenching the jaws, stretching the lips in a smile and lifting the tongue in the form of a slide. It is not superfluous for the baby to have an evening facial massage( its lower part).A good result will be the massing of the desired points, which are under the cheekbones and corners of the jaws. Relaxing the facial muscles will help to eat before going to bed solid foods, such as apples or carrots.
  7. When teething, you can use special children's gels, which reduce pain.

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