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    Easter is one of the main holidays for Christians around the world. On this day, believers celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, and, finally, the Great Lent is coming to an end. On the vestibule before Easter, prepare all kinds of dishes, which on Holy Sunday night will be taken to the church for illumination. Painted eggs will be exchanged with relatives and friends, and traditional festive meals - Easter and Easter cakes will be served at the festive table.

    The best Easter recipes for main dishes have survived to this day with virtually no changes. The most delicious cakes are made from dough, which was not spared products and time:

    • Only the freshest eggs, milk, yeast, oil, sugar are used. The dough is usually cooked for a long time, carefully kneading, dissolving in the heat.
    • Of additives to it put dried fruits, candied fruits, spices, citrus peel, and that the cakes are no longer stale, always add rum or vodka.
    • The most delicious and delicious cake must be richly decorated with various glazes, sprinkle of a confectionery or from colored millet, nuts, patterns and Easter inscriptions.

    The most delicious easter is prepared from fresh fatty cottage cheese, sour cream and eggs, which are added with butter, sweet dried fruitsand candied fruits, fragrant spices. Such cottage cheese pyramids are of different types: raw, brewed and baked. In order for Easter to come out beautiful, it is obligatory to use special wooden forms, with the help of which the pyramid gives the food.

    The most delicious Easter bakery should be cooked with love, do not regret it, because such a holiday happens only once a year. A proven and carefully selected recipes will help make all dishes ideal and mark the end of Fasting.


    At its core, Easter cake is bread, but not simple, but festive, which is not spared baking( eggs, butter, sugar), sweet additives and ornaments.

    The prototype of Easter cakes was the sacred bread artos, which was consecrated in the temple after Easter service and distributed to believers. Over time, Christians themselves began baking festive bread in the form of a tall cylinder, which was called "Easter cake".He in the Easter meal symbolizes the presence of the risen Christ at the table of believers.

    The best Easter cake recipes for many housewives are carefully kept and passed down from generation to generation. Do not feel sorry for the products on the pancake dough, let's bake a lot, and she will turn out lush and tasty, which according to popular beliefs certainly promises good luck and good for the family.

    The decoration of cakes is given special attention. To do this, prepare all kinds of glazes and sweets( cream, sugar, chocolate, etc.), pouring them the top of round bread. Cakes are sprinkled with poppy seeds, crushed nuts, breadcrumbs, colored rags, dyed millet. They also put the letters "X.V. "(Christ is Risen), for which raisins, nuts, and sweet are used.

    Rum cake

    The most delicious cakes are made from dough, which is added with rum. Strong alcohol helps to keep the baking fresh, soft. A lot of sweet additives and spices will enrich the flavor of the cake with aroma, such bread can really be considered a festive one.


    • Flour - 450 g.
    • Sugar - 170 g.
    • Butter - 150 g.
    • Milk - 200 ml
    • Dry yeast - 13 g.
    • Eggs - 5 pcs.
    • Raisins - 100 g.
    • Candied fruits - 100 g.
    • Rum - 60 ml.
    • Spices( vanilla, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg).
    • sugar powder - 150 g.
    • Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp.
    • Sunflower oil 1-2 tbsp.spoons.
    • Salt.


    1. Scalded raisins with candied fruits and rum.
    2. Warm the milk to 37 degrees, pour in it yeast, a spoonful of sugar, 130 g of flour, mix and leave for about half an hour.
    3. Rum with dried fruits to drain( it is still needed), the last to dry with a napkin.
    4. Approached blended with soft butter, sugar, yolks. Pour in the sunflower oil with rum, spices. Knead to smoothness.
    5. Add the dried fruit, sift the flour, salt and knead a soft, homogeneous dough.
    6. Cut the dough into pieces so that each of them fills the corresponding dishes by 2/3.Cover and leave in the warmth for an hour.
    7. The oven is about 40 minutes at 165-180 degrees.
    8. Cooled pastries covered with glaze, for which with powdered sugar and lemon juice whisk protein.

    While the frosting is not frozen, you can sprinkle cakes with chopped nuts or colored rags.

    Almond Cake

    The recipe for a delicious sweet cake with almond crumbs will please everyone. Delicate pastry with a unique nut flavor is what you need for a holiday.


    • Flour - 1 kg.
    • Milk 0.5 liters.
    • Fresh yeast - 50 g.
    • Sugar sand - 200 g.
    • Eggs - 5 pcs.
    • Butter - 300 g.
    • Almond - 200 g.
    • Lemon - 1 pc.
    • Raisins - 100 g.
    • Salt.


    1. Half a cup of warm milk is combined with cut yeast, a pinch of sugar.
    2. In the saucepan pour the remains of milk, sift the flour, pour the yeast, stir and put in a warm place for an hour, covering it with a towel.
    3. Whisk egg yolks with sugar.
    4. Soften the oil.
    5. Grind zest with lemon.
    6. Almond fry and chop.
    7. With the dough combine the yolks, butter, nuts with zest, salt, knead.
    8. Beat the proteins, gently put into the dough.
    9. Forms for baking oil and fill it with a third test. Cover and keep warm for about an hour.
    10. Furnace at 180 degrees.

    Tip! Cakes will be evenly raised during baking, and then easily get out of the molds, if the latter are lightly sprinkled with flour before the dough is laid.

    Preparation of almond cake - video recipe

    Easter cake with saffron

    Delicious dough for cakes is more than half the success of baking. Another plus of Easter baking will be its color - a noble golden. To make it it will turn out by means of the settled egg yolks or addition of a saffron.


    • Flour - 1 kg.
    • Milk - 600 ml.
    • Yeast dry - 30 g.
    • Eggs - 7-8 pieces.
    • Butter - 200 g.
    • Sugar - 350 g.
    • Saffron.
    • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp.a spoon.
    • Almonds - 50 g.
    • Raisins - 100 g.
    • Salt.
    • Cardamom.


    1. In the heated milk dissolve the yeast, sift the flour, stir. Leave in a warm place for an hour.
    2. Scald the raisins.
    3. Almond fry, chop.
    4. To break the eggs break( 2 pieces + 5 yolks), add sugar, saffron, cardamom, lemon juice, nuts with raisins. Knead the dough, leave to wander for another 40 minutes.
    5. Ready dough to crumple.
    6. On oiled forms, spread the dough, grease the egg, bake at 180-200 degrees.
    Tip! Lubricate the cakes before shipment to the oven better egg yolk, combined with a spoonful of milk or water, with the addition of a pinch of sugar.

    Creamy cake without oil

    The best Easter cake for those on a diet is prepared without any oil. But from this it does not become less tasty and lush. Be sure to try this original recipe.


    • Flour - 350 g.
    • Eggs - 3 pcs.
    • Sugar - 100 g.
    • Cream( fat 20%) - 100 ml.
    • Fresh yeast - 25 g.
    • Raisins - 100 g.
    • Powdered sugar - 200 g.
    • Colored powder.
    • Salt.


    1. In half a glass of milk, dissolve sliced ​​yeast with a spoonful of sugar and two spoons of flour. Writing to ferment.
    2. Beat eggs( 2 pcs + yolk), adding sugar and salt.
    3. To pour over the pan, pour the egg foam, stir.
    4. Sift a glass of flour, add cream. Knead.
    5. The remaining flour should be sifted into the dough and knead again. It should be fairly liquid. Tighten with a film, wrap with a towel and leave in the heat for an hour and a half.
    6. Raisins mixed with the dough that came up, having previously rubbed the last.
    7. Put the dough on the forms, oiled, leave for another 30 minutes in a warm place, covered with a towel.
    8. Furnace at 180 degrees for about an hour.
    9. Baked cakes are sprinkled with a sweet, made from whipped with sugar powder. While the fudge freezes, decorate it with a sprinkling.

    Advice: based on simple sugar fondant, you can make colored ones by adding food colorings.

    Cake with chocolate

    The most delicious cake for Easter can be cooked with chocolate filling. Of course, this is not traditional pastry, but it has no equal in taste.


    • Flour - 500 g.
    • Milk - 250 ml.
    • Sugar sand - 2 tbsp.spoons.
    • Honey - 2 tbsp.spoons.
    • Eggs - 3 pcs.+ 4 yolks.
    • Dry yeast - 11 g.
    • Butter - 150 g.
    • Chocolate cream or melted chocolate - 4 tbsp.spoons.
    • Salt.


    1. Combine 2 eggs( lightly beat up with salt) with yolks, milk, add sugar, yeast, honey. There also put the softened butter, carefully mixing everything with a mixer.
    2. Sift the flour by kneading the dough. After covering it with a towel, remove to heat and leave for at least 2 hours.
    3. Double dough to be crushed, divided into parts - small and two identical bigger.
    4. Grease the baking pan with oil.
    5. Mix a small part of the test( 2 tablespoons) with chocolate.
    6. At the bottom of the mold lay one part of the dough, the second with the cream, then the last.
    7. Leave the cake for at least an hour, then grease with the egg, oven for 40 minutes at 180-190 degrees.

    Cooled pastries to release from the form, decorate with sweet pieces of chocolate or nuts.

    Quickest cake

    The best recipes for Easter cakes are those that, without exception, the housewives help to cook ideal baked goods quickly and simply. One of these recipes will allow you to bake cakes without such a complex and long process of kneading the dough.


    • Flour - 1 kg.
    • Milk - 250 ml.
    • Sugar - 150-200 g.
    • Eggs - 4 pieces.
    • Dry yeast - 15-20 g.
    • Butter - 100 g.
    • Sunflower oil - 2 tbsp.spoons.
    • Vanilla Sugar - 1 pack.
    • Raisins or candied fruits - 200 g.
    • Lemon peel.


    1. Yeast stir in a glass of warm milk with the addition of sugar.
    2. Beat eggs with sugar, mix with butter and vegetable oil, pour the yeast into the mixture.
    3. For flavor, grate zest with lemon, combine it with the mixture together with vanillin.
    4. Combine the flour with a sweet mass, sifting it in portions. The consistency of the dough should be liquid.
    5. Raisins and rinse with dough.
    6. Lubricated with oil, lined with baking paper form half fill with a test, leave to stand for 2-3 hours in the kitchen without drafts, covering with a towel.
    7. Bake at 175-200 degrees for about 40 minutes.

    Baking delicious cakes is a creative activity. Some ingredients can be taken more, some less, it all depends on individual preferences. Sugar can always be replaced with honey, and dried fruits used alone or as a mixture of different types.

    The best recipe for the Easter cake for every mistress of her own. Today you can not limit yourself when choosing additives, and to the test in addition to the traditional ingredients put what your heart desires: banana puree, cocoa, coconut pulp, tangerines and stuff.


    Festive Easter, which is made in the form of a curd-shaped pyramid, personifies the coffin of the Lord. For its preparation you need to use a special folding form - a handkerchief. The latter consists of 4 boards, on the inner side of which besides the traditional letters "HB" there are also all kinds of symbols of Christ's suffering and resurrection( cross, flowers, spear).It is often possible to meet the image of a dove, personifying the Holy Spirit.

    Recipes for the most delicious easter, without fail, as the main ingredient mean the use of high-quality cottage cheese, sufficiently fatty and homogeneous. In addition to this dish is also put sour cream or fatty cream, sweet butter, egg yolks, sugar. Of the additives the most popular are raisins, dried apricots, candied fruits, citrus peel, jam or sweet syrup, sometimes add cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla.

    The easiest way is preparing the easter cheese: the curd is simply wiped and put under pressure to make the glass serum. But such a dish can not be stored for long, so raw Easter is better to do a little. But the brewed or baked Easter is stored much longer, because the cottage cheese has already been heat treated for them, so it will not spoil quickly. Regardless of the method of preparation, the taste of the dishes turns out to be similar.

    Tip! Curd for Easter is best to wipe twice through a sieve, so that no lumps remain, this dish will turn out to be gentle and smooth. Do not use a meat grinder for this, it will spoil the consistency of the product.

    Easter "Royal"( traditional)


    • Curd - 800 g.
    • Eggs - 4 pcs.(yolks only).
    • Cream( fat from 30%) - 350 ml.
    • Sugar - 200 g.
    • Butter - 200 g.
    • Dried fruits( raisins, candied fruits, crushed dried apricots) - 100-150 g.
    • Vanillin.
    • Salt.


    1. Twice rub cottage cheese so that no lumps remain.
    2. Whip the cream with the addition of sugar( 100 g).
    3. Soften the butter, combine it with sugar, yolks, salt, mix with a mixer.
    4. In the bowl, combine the oil mixture with cottage cheese, mix it slowly with a slow mixer, adding vanillin with dried fruits
    5. Pour in the whipped cream and stir.
    6. Pasochnitsu or colander lined with damp gauze, put the curd mixture in the form, closing it with the edges of gauze, and put the press on top. To sustain in a refrigerator not less than 6 hours( it is better to leave for the night).
    7. Take the Easter out of the pasochnitsa and, if necessary, decorate or dried fruits.

    Easter with white chocolate

    Unusually tender Easter with white chocolate is prepared, even if not according to a traditional recipe, but deserves to occupy the center of the table during a festive meal. It is better to cook such Easter beforehand, 3-4 days before the holiday. If possible, use farmer's dairy products with the maximum fat content, necessarily the freshest.


    • Curd - 1 kg.
    • Sweet-cream oil - 200 g.
    • Eggs - 8 pcs.(yolks only).
    • Sugar - 200 g.
    • Chocolate white - 200 g.
    • Raisins - 200 g.
    • Rum - 100 ml.
    • Salt.


    1. Rinse, scalded raisins soaked with rum and tightly closed with a lid. Leave for 12-36 hours, the longer the raisins soak, the better.
    2. Cottage cheese to shift on gauze, folded several times, tie and put in a colander. The latter put over the pan, and put oppression on top, the heavier it is, the better the serum will drain. In this form, leave for 4-8 hours.
    3. Finished curd wipe twice. Chocolate with butter chop, place in a saucepan, melt in a water bath. Lightly cool.
    4. Whip the yolks with sugar, then pour them into the chocolate mixture, stirring.
    5. Mix them with the mashed curd, mix with a mixer until fluffy and homogeneous.
    6. Raisins with remnants of rum to mix in the curd mixture, so that the berries are distributed evenly.
    7. Pasochnitsu vystelit gauze, fill it with cottage cheese, cover with the edges of the fabric, put into the refrigerator under oppression for 12 hours.

    Easter honey with dates

    Instead of traditional raisins, dried apricots or prunes, try adding dates to easter. The taste of this treat will surprise the guests also at the expense of the honey content.


    • Curd - 1,5 kg.
    • Thick honey - 2 tbsp.
    • Sweet-cream butter - 200 g.
    • Eggs - 6-8 pieces.
    • Rum dark - 3 tbsp.spoons.
    • Roasted almonds - 100 g.
    • Dates - 200 g.
    • Lemon - 2 pcs.


    1. With a few layers of gauze lined with a colander, fill it with cottage cheese, then cover with tissue, place the press on top for 4 hours to make the glass serum.
    2. Dates to rinse, remove bones with cuticle, cut them into small pieces.
    3. Lemons thoroughly rinse, remove the zest from them, and squeeze the juice into dates. Add rum with grated zest, cover everything with a foil, put in the cold for 4 hours.
    4. Oil soften, and honey slightly warmed in a water bath.
    5. Fried almonds chop finely and slightly larger.
    6. Cottage cheese twice wipe.
    7. Honey, combined with butter, whip with a mixer in a lush foam.
    8. Sweet weight in parts to stir in the cottage cheese.
    9. Combine the curd mixture with dates and nuts.
    10. Covered with gauze, fill the form with cottage cheese, neatly primed with a spoon. Close the form, put away in the cold for a day.

    Cooked Easter


    • Curd - 1,2 kg.
    • Cream - 700-750 ml.
    • Butter - 100 g.
    • Eggs - 4 pcs.
    • Raisins - 100 g.
    • Sugar - 200 g.


    1. All the ingredients are joined together in a thick-bottomed non-enameled saucepan.
    2. Heat over low heat without stopping stirring, bring to a boil.
    3. Remove immediately from heat and continue to mix until cooled.
    4. Vestelit pasochnitsu gauze, fill it with cottage cheese, put under the press for a day in the cool.

    In the curd mass you can add ground berries: cherry, currant, strawberry. They not only paint the dish in pleasant colors, but with its sourness will diversify the taste and make it less luscious.

    Easter dishes should be special in taste and appearance. The decoration of Easter cakes or Easter is a simple matter, and all kinds of spices( cardamom, cinnamon, muscat, anise, vanilla, saffron) will help to improve the taste, which must be finely ground before adding to the dough or curd.

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