Why does a child not sleep well at night?

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Many parents face the problem of restless children's sleep. And such a situation is more likely a rule than an exception from it. After all, if a child does not sleep well at night, it can happen for various reasons. But not all of them are so trivial to just close the eyes to the problem. Often pediatricians and neurologists associate a restless dream of a baby with neurologic disorders and recommend the intake of various medications. However, it is not necessary to hurry to feed crumbs with tablets. You should carefully understand the situation and establish the exact cause of the problem. After all, to establish a baby's sleep can be more harmless ways. Find out why the baby is not sleeping well, you can experimentally.

Why does a child not sleep well at night?

If a child does not sleep at night at an older age, then you can already find out from him what the problem is. His answer will help to take any action. Perhaps it will be enough just to drive the "beech" out of the closet and the sleep will improve.

But it happens that the child does not sleep at night because of his violent temperament. Therefore, if your child is excitable, hyperactive, demanding of environmental conditions and refers to "manual" children, then it can be considered a group of kids with increased needs. To such a crumb, a special approach is needed regardless of age. Such children in early infancy have problems with sleep due to a lack of ability to relax and fall asleep on their own, and later they are haunted by nightmares. Also interfere with excessive sensibility.

Again, you need a joint sleep until 3-4 years. But it is also important to organize the life of the baby in such a way that during the day he is less excited and at the same time spent more energy. It is necessary to walk a lot in the open air and not to abuse developmental activities. As physical development swimming and gymnastics are perfect. Before going to bed, bathe the baby in a bath with the addition of a pine extract or a motherwort infusion into the water. Do not interfere and relaxing massage at night. For older children, special relaxation exercises will be appropriate, with which you can relieve stress, relax and improve the quality of sleep. A night lamp can help to save the baby from fear of darkness.

Uncomfortable sleeping environment

If the infant does not sleep, it is worth overestimating the conditions in which you offer crumbs to rest. Maybe you wrap it up too much and it's just hot? Or cold, he has uncomfortable clothes, too hard sheets, a big pillow. Only after you analyze all these factors, you will be able to establish the sleep of your beloved child.

State of health

Even an adult can not sleep if he has something hurts. And in children, especially in the first years of life, various diseases are very frequent. Especially a lot of problems with sleep delivers the period of teething. To say that they are ill, they can not. Therefore, they whine, cry, turn and often wake up.

If you want to sleep with the whole family, eliminate the cause of the child's discomfort and try to ease his pain. To do this, use painkillers or antipyretics, analgesic gels for gums, etc.

Changes in the life of a child

Any changes in the life of a baby are a stress for him. Hence the problem with sleep. Therefore, if there is one more crumb in your family, you have changed your housing or just moved a child to sleep in another room, then this could cause a restless sleep. In this period, you will need a maximum of patience. And most importantly - surround the child with love, caress and care, explain that all the changes have occurred only for the better and do not worry about it.

6 major sleep-related errors that parents of

  1. Too late laying .Perhaps you just miss the right moment and the child is so "overexcited" that he simply can not fall asleep.
  2. A dream in motion .If a child is accustomed to sleeping during rocking on his hands, in a stroller or transport, then do not wait for what will also be in the crib. Therefore, it is better not to teach him to sleep in motion.
  3. Distracting parts .Remove all toys and bright objects from the field of view of crumbs, if you are going to put him to sleep. And then he will focus only on the upcoming holiday, and will not be distracted by all the interesting things around.
  4. Disruption of the ritual of going to sleep .If you teach the child that you first eat dinner, then bathe, then put on your pajamas, read a fairy tale, sing a lullaby and so fall asleep, then such a ritual will be the usual sequence of events for crumbs that result in a logical ending - sleep.
  5. Too early "resettlement" in a separate bed .It is worthwhile to postpone this event to 3 years. Always have time to go to a separate sleep and someday you will be nostalgically remembering the common nights. So enjoy the pleasant moments while you have such an opportunity!

Why does a newborn baby do not sleep well?

Often a bad dream is associated with age. Although many believe that babies sleep much and hard - it's true, but not all parents are so lucky.

Those who choose a separate sleep with a child are more likely to face the fact that the baby does not sleep well at the age of 3 to 6 months. In this period, superficial sleep predominates over the deep, so children often wake up and can not fall asleep themselves until they are reassured and unsteady. Rare crumbs manage to fall asleep on their own. In addition, at this age, children grow actively, so they often eat and can wake up to refresh themselves once again.

Another difficult age stage, which is also accompanied by sleep disorders, begins in a year and a half and can last up to 3 years. The child often wakes up because of fears: he can dream something bad, seen, for example, on TV.Or he will be afraid of the darkness.

To adjust the sleep of a child who is disrupted due to age, from the first days of a newborn's life practice a joint dream. Tactile contact will help to reduce anxiety and will make the baby's sleep more deep and calm. It is easier to cope with any problem by joint efforts.

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