How to quickly relieve stress or nervous tension

Many people suffer from constant nervous tension due to problems at work, in the family. Therefore, they always have a bad mood and state of health, they find it difficult to fall asleep, in the morning they feel broken and tired. If this continues for several days, weeks, then the nervous exhaustion of the body, a mental disorder, may occur. It is worth thinking about how to relieve nervous tension before it grows into something more serious.


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    The causes of the state of nervous tension can be very different:

    • Changing the conditions of existence. Previously, the levels of physical and neuropsychic tension of man corresponded to each other. Now there is a clear advantage in the direction of the second, which adversely affects the state of health.
    • Increased information flow. Technical progress, high-speed information exchange, lack of free time require a person to perceive and process a huge amount of data, which causes his brain to remain in constant tension.

    • Increase in the number of unwanted contacts. The number and time of unpleasant contacts in public transport, on the street, in the queue at a bank or a store is much more than pleasant communication( in the family circle, with friends).
    • Long stay in electromagnetic fields. Scientific and technological progress made life easier for a person, but made him permanently in the zone of electromagnetic radiation( computers, televisions, microwave ovens, etc.).
    • Increase in background noise. In large cities, a person is constantly in a background noise. Even after returning in the evening after work, many people first of all include a TV that does not allow the brain to relax, causing headaches, sleep disturbances, insomnia, rapid breathing, increased blood pressure, psychosis and nervous overexertion.
    • Adverse environmental background. A high level of carbon monoxide, smog, automobile exhausts, oxides of sulfur, nitrogen, zinc, radioactive fumes have a negative effect on gas exchange in the lungs and brain, affecting the nervous system and psyche.
    • Age changes. With age, the defenses of the body weaken, the hormonal background changes, everyday and material problems induce a person to take a more negative view of real existence. The troubles, which you forget about when you are young, or do not pay attention to them, in adulthood are forced to scroll them several times, doing self-flagellation, psychological self-destruction, causing strong emotions and stress.

    As a rule, the neuropsychic tension is accompanied by poorly controlled muscular overstrain. A sedentary lifestyle and constant nervousness leads to a person constantly feeling a hypertonic and pulling pain in the neck, shoulder girdle, and waist. Each movement is given to him with effort and huge energy costs, reduced efficiency, irritability appears, which further exacerbates the psychological state.

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    Symptoms of

    It is believed that women, rather than men, are most likely to suffer from nervous tension. This is due to the fact that women are accustomed to express their emotions clearly, they tend to experience more about or without it. Men, on the contrary, are able to restrain their emotions, they are easier to deal with life's troubles, and therefore they experience less tension.

    Nervous tension is characterized by decreased activity, inability to sleep at night, irritability, lethargy, lack of desire to communicate with people. If a person does not pay any attention to this condition, very soon, due to constant stress, he may have much more serious health problems.
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    Medications from nervous tension can quickly relieve feelings of anxiety, irritability, stress, increase efficiency, but sooner or later they will have to be abandoned. Therefore, do not engage in self-medication, pills are prescribed only by the treating doctor in cases that really require serious therapy.

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    Strongly prescription drugs:

    • Phenazepam.
    • Tofisopam. Non-prescription drugs:
      • Afobazole.
      • Atarax.
      • Adaptol.
      • Glycine.
      • Corvalol.
      • Valocordin. Drugs with vitamin complexes:
        • Magne B6.
        • Complex of B vitamins.

        Preparations on plant components:

        • Persen.
        • New Passit.
        • Biovital.
        • Dormiplant.

        Herbs, tinctures, extracts:

        • Peony.
        • Motherwort.
        • Peppermint. Homeopathic remedies:
          • Homeostress.
          • Tenoten.
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          No medication

          • Physical stress. Active supply of oxygen to the brain allows you to cope with nervous tension, the functions of the endocrine system are normalized, the work of those parts of the cerebral cortex that are responsible for the mood is improving. The best way is to walk in the fresh air with alternating walking speed and changing the length of the step. Useful for the mood will be a small charge at the end of the working day, if possible, it is recommended to visit the gym or swimming pool, enroll in dance courses.
          • "Release of steam" - an effective method of getting rid of a strong nervous strain, when emotions overflow. It is necessary to find an opportunity to retire and do everything that comes to mind - to scream, smash something, cry, beat the pillow.
          • Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga. Correct breathing and self-absorption cleanse the head of negative thoughts, relieve fatigue, nervous and muscle tension.
          • Restoring peace in a relationship if stress is caused by a quarrel with loved ones. You do not need to accumulate negative emotions, it is better to find out the reason for the quarrel immediately and call a close person to a frank conversation. If a compromise is reached and the conflict is not resolved, it is likely that such situations will be repeated, and the tension will become permanent.
          • Yawning. Very often, when the working capacity of a person decreases, the mental state worsens, the body reacts to these changes with yawning. As a result, there is an increase in the tone of the whole body, normalization of blood flow, acceleration of metabolism and elimination of carbon dioxide. If the nervous tension is felt more and more, you can cause yawning artificially - think about it, yawn several times without the need, and very soon the body will respond to a clue.
          • Tea ceremony. Tea is a natural tranquilizer, it has soothing properties, it can relieve nervous tension and anxiety. This is due to the fact that in tea there are catechins, flavonoids, vitamins C and E, carotene, strengthening and maintaining the normal human nervous system. Very good helps to calm down is green tea.
          • Smile. Blood supply to the brain is closely related to the activity of the facial muscles. When a person smiles or laughs, more blood and oxygen enters the brain, he begins to work better, thereby improving his mental state. Smile, laughter and other positive emotions cope well with the accumulated fatigue, disinhibit the defensive reaction of the body. Therefore, even an artificial smile or laughter helps to cope with obsessive thoughts, improve mood, relieve stress.
          • Work with hands. At the fingertips are a lot of nerve endings, stimulation of which positively affects the work of the brain. So any work by hand - embroidering, knitting, molding, grooming, or cleaning things - will help cope with nervous tension.
          • Friendly embraces - the most pleasant and useful remedy for stress and nervous tension. With close physical contact with a beloved and pleasant person, mental balance is restored very quickly. In the process of embracing hormones of joy are distinguished that have a positive effect on the nervous system, relieve spasm, tension in the muscles, which certainly arises from emotional experiences.
          • Discarding bad habits. Alcohol, smoking, abuse of caffeine, spicy and smoked food causes nervous excitement. Constant presence in such a state causes nervous tension and mental breakdowns.
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          Children as well as adults are prone to stormy emotions and emotions, and in combination with the huge physical and psychological stress in the school can suffer from nervous overstrain. The main criterion for choosing medicines for a child is harmlessness and the absence of side effects, such as reduced concentration of attention and memory, suppression of nervous system functions, drowsiness. Such criteria are met by many homeopathic medicines or medicines containing herbs.

          Preparations for relieving nervous tension in children:
          • Adaptol.
          • Glycine.
          • Nervo-Vit.
          • New Passit.
          • Persen.
          • Tenoten.
          • Motherwort extract.
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          During pregnancy

          Many women experience constant nervous tension during pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes in the body, increased physical exertion, the awakening of maternal instincts, which cause Mom to worry for the future child. The appointment of medications in this case is made only by a doctor after considering all the risks of the influence of sedatives on the development of the fetus. Allowed to use during pregnancy:

          • Magne B6.
          • New Passit.
          • Persen.
          • Extract of valerian or motherwort in tablets.
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