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A modern woman can not imagine her life without a dailyapplying make-up, which can be both bright, and restrained, and even barely noticeable. Delicate make-up is an option for those ladies who want to add to their image freshness and elegance, while not too zealous for beauty.

Options for gentle makeup for the brown eyes

It should be noted right away that in order to create an ideal image, it is not enough to take into account the color of the eyes, because both the shade of the skin and the color characteristics of the hair are important here. However, it is on the basis of eye color that many professional make-up artists select suitable shades of cosmetics for girls.

All shades of brown, from dark to light, are considered the most common colors of the eyes, and it's not difficult to work with them. What kind of cosmetics will suit a woman in this case?

  1. You should immediately turn your gaze to brown and beige shades.
  2. You can also use the powder of melted milk and golden color.
  3. To create a delicate make-up it is necessary to choose beige or pearly shades of lipstick.

Begin a similar makeup is always worthwhile with the application of the foundation. You can use any tool that you like, but you should not be too zealous. If you apply a lot of powder or foundation, the face will turn into a mask, and you will not have to talk about any tenderness of the image.

To make a gentle make-up for the brown eyes, picking up shadows is extremely cautious. Having given preference to this or that shade, the girl can either make her image everyday( in the case of light brown flowers), or add evening notes to it( using darker shadows).

  • Nowadays, the popular make-up of eyes is very popular, in which the shade of shadows varies from light to dark. On one side of the century, a lady can put shades of beige color, and on the other - a darker shade, close to chocolate. Having feathered the border, it remains only to apply a little carcass on the upper and lower cilia.
  • If a girl is a big fan of eyeliner, she can not deny herself of her use, but virtuoso hands to the temples here will not work. With the help of the liner, you can distinguish only a small border at the very edge of the eye, adding it with a light line made in brown pencil. A gentle make-up for a wedding is usually this: using two shades of shadows and using a small amount of eyeliner.

Makeup for brown eyes - video

You can apply a transparent shine on your lips that will only add to the image of lightness and tenderness. If it is an evening out, then it is better to give preference to brown lipstick.

Option for make-up for green eyes

Usually happy owners of green eyes make an accent on them, applying only transparent balm to their lips. For green eyes, the following shades are ideal:

  • all green variants from emerald to the color of spring foliage;
  • perfectly green-eyed girls look and with golden shades of shadows on the eyelids;
  • can be preferred caramel or nutty tones, which will add an image of mystery.

When creating such a make-up, you need to apply shadows carefully, without using bright shades in too large quantities. The green color of the shadows needs to be properly shaded, and to make the image a little more mysterious, it can be mixed with a caramel shade.

Also, the lady has the opportunity and add an extra accent to the eyes with the help of the eyeliner, but just use the standard black color of her not worth it. It will be much better if the girl stops at the lilac or copper wire. Carcasses on the eyes also should not be too much, because it can visually weight the image.

Also, women should not be too zealous when applying blush. Under the green eyes, light pink, as well as peach blushers, that are best suited only on the upper part of the cheekbones, carefully shading with their brushes, will ideally suit.

Sensuality image will add pearlescent shine, but from using a pencil for lips it is better to immediately give up. Brightly selected contours will be too flashy, spoiling the whole impression of a gentle makeup.

Make-up in a gentle style for blue eyes

For blue eyes, a gentle make-up is just perfect, and this is due to the fact that such cosmetics look very interesting and appropriate on the background of light skin. What kind of makeup options for blue eyes can girls offer?

  1. Smoky make-up of the eye using shades of golden or pinkish color - great for a wedding celebration or for a bright everyday image.
  2. Eye wearers of violet color can use bright decorative shades of blue and green to create a noticeable accent on the eyes in combination with a light powder and a transparent lip gloss.
  3. You can supplement the standard make-up with shades of light brown color with sparkles that will add to the ladies' appearance of solemnity.

Of course, to make a gentle make-up for the everyday image is easy, and for this blue-eyed beauties it is enough to use pink shadows, putting them on eyes with a thin, barely noticeable layer. Cheeks should be highlighted with pink or light brown blush, and on the lips you can apply a transparent shine of pink or peach color. This make-up will look simple and feminine.

If a woman needs a brighter make-up for a grand exit, then it's worth turning to options using decorative cosmetics of unusual shades. So, the girl can put on the eyelids light blue shadows, complementing them with mascara and barely noticeable arrows made with the help of brown eyeliner. You can supplement the image with pink rouge, which must be applied in small amounts to the cheekbones, carefully shading. Pink lipstick or transparent lip gloss will complement the image, highlighting all of its tenderness and unusual.

Tips for creating a wedding makeup

Every girl pays special attention to her wedding image, and here a gentle make-up will be very useful. When choosing the right image, you should pay attention to the following actual makeup options:

  • with a focus on the eyes and using a dark palette from dark brown to dark green( suitable for women with brown and green eyes);
  • with an emphasis on the eyes and the use of light tones of shadows from pink to gently purple( this makeup will suit ladies with brown and blue eyes);
  • is also popular with wedding make-up, in which the emphasis is on the lips with the help of brown or pink lipstick, as well as pearl luster.

If it is a delicate make-up for a wedding, then here are the techniques that are not suitable for the everyday image. In particular, you can complement the image with the help of rather long, but thin arrows, imposing on the cilia a decent amount of carcass. If such an image does not seem bright enough, several rhinestones can be placed at the very edge of the eye, which will add to the image of the individuality.

Nowadays, figure eye makeup is also very popular, in which various patterns are drawn on the eyelids. In everyday life, such delicacies will look too flashy, but for a wedding make-up they will fit perfectly, making the girl the queen of the evening.

The technician of making gentle makeup exists very much, and the main thing here is not to cross the line between restraint and vulgarity. The more modest this make-up looks, the better it will be, because it is caution in the use of cosmetics and gives the true mastery of a make-up artist.

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