How to enlarge the lips

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  • Contour plastic
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Many girls dream of plump sexual lips, but not all of nature has awarded this dignity. That's why the fair sex is looking for new ways to make this part of the face more attractive. To do this, you can use different ways to increase your lips - operating and home. Of course, the results will be significantly different.

Contour plastic

The increase of the lips with this method consists in correcting their shape with the help of various fillers. Previously, biopolymer gels based on silicone were used for this purpose. This substance allowed to achieve a stable effect for many years. However, then the filler went out of bounds, formed lumps and inflammations. That is why at the present time such material is practically not used.

Today, modern technologies include the use of collagen. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid can also be used. This component is an integral part of the skin. It helps to keep water molecules, which contributes to natural hydration. Due to this feature, the tissue size increases. In addition, hyaluronic acid activates the work of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

Today, there are many drugs with this substance, which have a different consistency of acid and provide a different effect. Some drugs contain semi-synthetic dextranomers, which increase the production of collagen.

After the main component of the drugs dissolves, the lips retain their volume for some time.
This is provided by the formed fibers of elastin and collagen. The duration of the preservation of the effect achieved affects the composition of the drug used. On average, the results remain from 6 months to 1.5 years.

Gels made from hyaluronic acid provide a less lasting effect. However, this is their advantage. These drugs greatly facilitate the work of cosmetologists and help make the procedure quick and painless.

Surgical methods

As a rule, surgical interventions are done using such technologies:

  1. Different methods of plastics, which involve a peculiar reversal of the red part of the lip. As a result, it is possible to achieve the effect of increasing the size.
  2. Introduction to the skin of implants. For this purpose, silicone adaptations are used, which allow achieving a lifetime effect. However, some women face the displacement of the material or ingrowing it into tissues. As a consequence, the size of the lips is significantly reduced. Sometimes donor materials are used or obtained from their own tissues. However, after a year they gradually dissolve.

Usually, implantation is carried out only if non-surgical methods have contraindications.

Lip augmentation devices

Today there are quite a few devices that help to enlarge the lips without surgery. One of these tools is the pump, which provides a vacuum increase in the lips. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain the desired effect for several hours. If you use a simulator to increase your lips constantly, you can achieve cumulative results. In this case, the effect will last 4 hours.

Use this tool to increase the volume quite easily:

  1. To begin with, you should treat the lips with ordinary balm.
  2. Then attach a pump to them.
  3. Start retracting the air. During the first month, this can be done for no more than 3 seconds.
In this case, it is recommended to repeat the procedure not more than 3 times a day. Subsequently, the duration of the exercise can be increased gradually. However, in any case, it should not last more than 2 minutes a day.

In addition, there is a special cap to increase. It is also called a glass. This tool was invented in Korea.

The most popular device is the device for lip augmentation by Fullips. The method has the same mechanism of action as the application of the pump:

  1. To begin, the cap should be put on the lips, and then begin to draw in air. This creates an increased pressure inside the device.
  2. In this position, the cap is held for 1 minute.
  3. After you get used to this movement, the lips can be enlarged with a glass a few minutes.

The result is edema, which will make the lips more bulky. This effect can be saved for about 2 hours.

Those who can not buy a special cap should not be upset. To perform this procedure, an ordinary cup will do. It is advisable to choose a container with soft edges. It is important to ensure that it has a suitable size.

Special exercises

This is perhaps the safest method for achieving the desired result. It does not require surgical intervention or the use of chemical compounds. To achieve the desired effect, you should do the exercises every day for a month. Then they are recommended to be performed three times a week. Thanks to this, it will be possible to give a tone to those muscles that are rarely used. As a result, the lips will become more plump.

So, to achieve the desired result, you must perform the following:

  1. Whistle. It is enough to learn some melody and whistle it for 5-7 minutes a day.
  2. Smile-kiss. To perform this movement, you need a closed mouth to stretch out in the widest possible smile. Then it should be fixed for a few seconds and try to pull off your mouth in such a way as if you want someone to kiss. It is recommended to fix this position for 5 seconds. Exercise should be done 20 times.
  3. Irony. To do this, you need to squeeze your lips well and move them in different directions, trying to portray an ironic grin. In the extreme position, fix the mouth for 5 seconds. The exercise is repeated 15 times. Then the lips should be pulled into a kiss and turn them clockwise. After making 10 movements, repeat the same in the other direction.
  4. Displaying the language. To do this, it is enough to show the language, pulling it as far as possible. It is recommended to do this for 5-10 seconds. In total, you need to perform 10 repetitions.

Lip enhancement at home - video

Folk remedies

To achieve a quick effect without resorting to surgical intervention or contouring, you can use folk ways to increase the volume. The effect is usually achieved short-term and does not exceed 6-10 hours.

So, the following will help to achieve the desired results:

  1. Ice. Ice cube to massage your lips, then attach a napkin to them, before moistening it in hot water. Do this several times until there is a slight tingling in your lips. Before completing the procedure, you need to put ice, then several times bite your lips with your teeth.
  2. Bitter pepper. To prepare the composition, a small pod should be ground with the seeds, add a glass of hot water and leave to infuse. In a warm medium, moisten the napkin and apply for a minute to the lips. As a result, their volume will increase quite rapidly. If this method seems too radical to you, you can choose a softer remedy. For this, the crushed pepper is mixed with petrolatum and applied to the lips. Keep the composition you need as much as you can. But in any case, the duration should not exceed 3 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of getting a burn. It is recommended to clean the product with a napkin and apply a balm to the lips.
  3. Ginger. To achieve a good volume, you need to chew a little ginger root, then using the tongue, the resulting gruel is applied to the lips. After that, they should be squeezed and unclamped.
    Get rid of ginger with a napkin and treat your lips with balm.
  4. Peppermint. To prepare a useful product, you need to grind the mint leaves and knead them properly until juice is obtained. Then put the greens on a cotton ball, which must be applied to the lips. After 5 minutes, get rid of mint sponge, soaked in Vaseline.
  5. Cinnamon. To get an excellent remedy, olive oil is recommended to mix with cinnamon. As a result, you need to achieve a consistency of thick scrub, in which it is worth putting a little honey. The resulting composition is applied to the toothbrush and the lips are massaged a little. As a result, honey helps to get rid of dead cells, oil softens lips, and cinnamon stimulates blood flow.

Lip enhancement with makeup

If you do not want to use any additional devices to increase the volume or resort to surgery, you can master the technique of applying cosmetics.

First of all it is recommended to choose the right color. To achieve an amazing volume, you should abandon the dark matte funds. Lipsticks cherry, burgundy or brown in this case are contraindicated, because they will make your lips narrower.

To visually increase the volume, you should choose natural shades. An excellent option in this case will be peach, pink or beige tones. The pencil should match the color with the lipstick.

The texture of the tool used is of no small importance. Matte and velvety lipstick should be taken away. To give volume will help exclusively glossy means. Excellent choice will be shine. It is best to choose the means in which there are light-reflecting particles. Pearly lipsticks look good.

Many makeup artists use an interesting technique to increase the volume: first they apply a matte lipstick, and on top - a transparent luster with a pronounced flickering effect.

To make a proper make-up yourself, you need to perform the following actions:

  • to apply a concealer that will hide all possible unevennesses and imperfections;
  • pick up a pencil of the desired shade and gently round their lips;
  • delineate the cavity above the upper lip - this can be done with a light pencil or shadows;
  • apply lipstick;
  • over the top of the lip gloss - it can be applied to the entire surface or exclusively to the center.

As you can see, there are quite a few methods to increase the lips. Contour plastic surgery and surgery help to achieve a longer lasting effect, but are associated with a large number of limitations and contraindications. If you do not want to resort to such radical decisions, you can use home methods. Of course, they do not provide an opportunity to obtain a lasting effect, but they are completely safe.

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