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  • Which brushes are best for make-up? Natural against artificial
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  • How to care for your favorite brushes? A few tips

Have you decided to start making makeup by all the rules? Do you want to become irresistible? Then you need makeup brushes! Learn to choose and remember simple tips.

Now more and more women are beginning to pay special attention to the methods of applying makeup. Many have already made sure that the result depends on the method of work.

You can buy beautiful cosmetics, use perfect shades and powder, gorgeous blush, but the necessary effect is not achieved. It's all about the brushes!

It is important to learn how to choose the best of them for makeup, remember all the main types of these tools to create an impeccable image.

It is necessary to be well-oriented in the types and materials of brushes, to know what is needed. In addition, you will need information about care for them, their proper storage.

Simple recommendations, basic information will help you always be irresistible! Makeup brushes will be your best assistants, you will instantly get used to using them.

Which brushes are best for makeup? Natural against artificial

First of all, you need to determine which brushes are best used for applying makeup: natural or artificial nap?

Someone mistakenly believes that only natural bristle brushes can be really effective, and some use only artificial ones.

It is important to note the basic nuances and take into account all the key factors, to find out how to choose makeup brushes in each specific case, since it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of "rivalry" of natural and artificial nap.


Traditionally it is believed that synthetic makeup brushes serve noticeably longer. Indeed, artificial pile is more resistant to mechanical influences, it is easier to wash. However, much depends on the quality of the instrument.

You can buy a synthetic brush, which very quickly begins to swell excessively, lose shape, and the villi will fall out just before your eyes. It is necessary to monitor the quality, as saving on brushes can lead to even greater expenses.


Women who are used to taking care of themselves, especially closely monitor the condition of the skin and sometimes abandon synthetic brushes only because of their "unnatural".This is also not entirely true.

Quality artificial brushes for make-up from reliable manufacturers do not cause allergic reactions, irritation and guarantee perfect application of cosmetics.

Brushes for liquid funds

When you decide to find out which brushes are best for choosing makeup, you must take into account the types of cosmetics. It is advisable not to have the entire set of only artificial materials or exclusively from natural materials.

Artificial pile is more suitable for liquid cosmetics.

He will not absorb the compounds, it is much easier to wash. In addition, quality synthetic brushes are indeed much more durable than natural brushes.

Brushes for loose materials

Many experts note that for powdery shadows and powders, it is more reasonable to use brushes made from natural nap:

  • they provide the ideal application of funds, help to make the tone even;
  • the thickness of the layer of cosmetics is also easier to adjust, when in hands a tool made of natural nap.
How to choose makeup brushes, types of nap - video:

When the skin is a problem

Here comes the serious question: what to do when the skin is problematic, irritations often occur, sometimes there is a rash? What brushes are needed for makeup in this case? It is important to remember that everything depends on the cause of the difficulties.

  • If a woman suffers from allergic reactions, she should abandon the natural villi. When the problem is approached as responsibly as possible, you can simply go to an allergist and make tests for all common types of fur. Then you will know exactly which one is absolutely safe for you.
  • Sometimes irritation on the skin occurs due to excessive sensitivity. This is especially true for blonde and red-haired beauties, whose skin is thin enough, tender, poorly suited to sunburn. They just need to stop on natural brushes, and the amount of synthetic ones is minimized. Artificial brushes are often more rigid, so they can cause micro-injury to the skin.
The ideal option - to choose synthetic, natural makeup brushes from well-known manufacturers in well-established stores.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of brushes for make-up. From any pile you can make a bad tool that not only easily ruins the makeup, but also can cause skin diseases.

Mini-directory: what for?

It is important to remember the features of different types of brushes, to learn how to choose and use them correctly.

To see the mini-reference, click on the picture:

It is desirable to have a set of brushes of different types, artificial and natural.

Brush kabuki

There are special brushes for mineral cosmetics. When they were created, they took into account the features of these products, the nuances of makeup. Light mineral cosmetics should be applied in a special way.

For this, kabuki is needed:

  1. They allow you to superimpose funds with light movements.
  2. The layer turns out to be the thinnest, thanks to what cosmetics practically are not visible on the face.
  3. Makeup looks as natural as possible, with all the necessary accents being created, and defects are masked.
Kabuki are characterized by elasticity, durability. With their help, it is easy to apply blush and powder to soft driving movements. Ideally suited kabuki for friable cosmetics. The brush is round, so it is very convenient to work with.

Two types of kabuki brushes are now widely known:

  1. Large is great for applying blush, powder, tonal basis.
  2. Small kabuki will be the best option for applying funds in the area of ​​the wings of the nose, around the eyelids. In addition, it easily fits in the cosmetic bag, can accompany you on the road.

Brush for foundation cream

There are special brushes for applying a foundation. It is always advisable to use them, and not sponge, as various materials quickly begin to absorb the tonal basis, immediately become contaminated. To achieve an even tone, the required thickness of the base is also very difficult, when in the hands of sponge.

Brush to apply a foundation is much more convenient, effective. The thickness of the layer is easily adjustable, the tone is laid flat.

Usually, two types of brushes are used to apply a foundation:

  1. Round, trimmed with a ball. They can easily put a layer of tone on the whole face.
  2. There are also brushes with flat edges. They are ideal for shading of foundation in the area of ​​cheekbones, neck, in the frontal part.

It's important to use them correctly to get a good result:

  • Superimposed tone with light driving movements.
  • The feather should be used from the center towards the cheeks, neck, hairline.

Powder brush

The powder brush has the largest size. It is round, fairly dense at the base. Its edges should be even. The pile is usually long.

You need to choose only large, elastic and dense brushes for applying powder, so that they have served for a long time and helped to make perfect make-up.

It is better to use brushes made of natural materials, because they:

  • retain elasticity for a long time,
  • are soft,
  • does not injure the skin completely and does not irritate it.

Applying loose powder with a brush you need correctly:

  1. Gently dip your instrument into a tube of powder.
  2. Then shake off any excess media. To do this, you need to tap lightly on the edge of the tube.
  3. Then start to "drive" the powder into the skin with light movements.
  4. No spreading is required.

This method ensures evenness, a small thickness of the powder layer.

Brush for blush

For rouge application, a round brush is also needed. It is very similar to the one for powder, but less. Most often, the brush for the blush is domed, dense and elastic.

It is advisable to immediately stock up two blush brushes to apply the tool as efficiently as possible:

  1. Specialists note that it is wrong to apply and blossom blush with one tool. So do not get an even layer and do not achieve naturalness.
  2. A small brush is used to apply blush. She dips into a tube with blush, after which confident movements should be applied two strokes in the area of ​​the cheekbones. Then you need to take a larger brush and use it to start shading. Movements can be directed from the top down or from side to side. The main thing is that the blush should be uniform, symmetrical and look as natural as possible.
  3. There is one important nuance. Brush for shading is best never to dip into the blush itself. When the strokes have already appeared, you do not need to make an extra layer of makeup more. It remains only to distribute it evenly over a certain area.

Eyebrow brush

The eyebrows should also be carefully monitored. It is important to use not only special brushes, but also brushes for combing the eyebrows, giving them the right shape.

  • The most widespread tool is with a beveled pile, one sharp end. It is very thin, fairly dense and allows you to quickly make the shape of the eyebrows ideal, color them.
  • In addition, the finest brushes for eyebrow correction are also in demand. They are more suited to the owners of thinly plucked pimples.
It is interesting that the type of brush used to correct the contour and give the desired color may depend on the thickness, width and shape of the eyebrows themselves.
  • When the eyebrows are rather thick, wide, they must be regularly brushed. For this it is better to take a special brush. It can be round, flat. The main thing is that it would be convenient for you to hold it in your hand, take care of it with eyebrows.

Eye Brushes

It is important to know all kinds of brushes for makeup, use different tools, do not try to find universal options. For example, for eye makeup you will need a whole range of tools: for eyeliner, for shading eyes, eyebrow correction.

It is better to have 3-4 brushes for applying shadows. You will immediately see how convenient and effective it is:

  1. one is better for painting near the inner corners of the eyes,
  2. is another suitable for external,
  3. the third is needed for shading.

It's interesting that when you apply several shades of shadows( which is often enough), you need to use at least two different brushes to avoid blending light and dark tones.

Lip brush

Do you want to make perfect lips makeup? Then you need to have a whole set of lip liner. Forward-looking women who have already become real makeup masters have in their arsenal 8-12 lip brushes! And they will never have a question, for what it is needed.

  • Distribute the lip brushes for the intended use. Need tools for applying lipstick, and also necessary - to guide the contour. Lipstick is better to impose wider, dense, thick brushes. The contour is drawn with a thin line, so it will require a very fine brush, as much as possible elastic.
  • It is advisable to separate brushes in thickness. For example, lip gloss, liquid lipstick should be applied with a wider tool. Dense compounds will lie on your lips, if you have a flat brush in your hands.
  • Use lip brushes with bevelled, round, straight and teardrop-shaped edges. It all depends on the type of makeup, lipstick color, and its density. Watch what tools you can use with certain tools, remember everything. Gradually, you determine your own technology for the most effective application of lipstick and contour.

Paint brush

Eye eyeliner usually uses two basic brushes:

  1. the thinnest brush with elastic pile,
  2. is flat with bevelled edge and one sharp end.

Wiring must be done with clear movements, it is important to make the line even and precisely correlate it with the eyelash growth limit.

Shadow brushes

If you decide to create a truly memorable natural eye makeup, you will need a few shadows for shadows:

  1. Three to four flat ones will be useful for applying the main shadows to the mobile eyelid. It is desirable to distribute them depending on the shades, the saturation of the shadows, the presence of pearls and mother-of-pearl. This will allow you to wash your hands less often, use them longer.
  2. You need a small brush to apply the shadows near the outer corner of the eye. It can easily be applied, without going beyond certain boundaries.
  3. It is worthwhile to stock up and bigger - for shading shadows. This is especially true when several shades are used simultaneously.
  4. Many can not do without an applicator. However, experts note that it is better not to use it: it is much more quickly spoiled, hard to clean. However, there is another option: apply the applicator, but regularly change it.
  5. For the application of shadows, it is best to use brushes made from natural nap. It is skin on the eyelids is especially tender, it is easy to injure. However, if you decide to apply liquid shadows, you should definitely take a synthetic model.
In a good set there should be about 5-8 brushes for shadows.

Then you will be able to make an impeccable eye make-up, catchy and memorable.

Brush for concealer

Applying a corrector to problem areas skin is a whole art. Colored concealers are important not only to select competently, but also to apply skillfully. This requires really sniper accuracy, because beyond the problem area, such as darkening or pigmentation spots, the corrector will already be very noticeable on the skin.

It is advisable to use several brushes to apply the concealer. Small tools are suitable. You will be useful:

  1. flat brush with straight edge,
  2. brush with bevelled or rounded edge.

It is important to check the pile: it should be tight, elastic. An excellent option - to have a synthetic and natural brushes.

Brush for lipstick

It is important to choose the right brush for applying lipstick. Which is the right lip? It's great if you have a whole set of tools:

  • Use them in turn, given the color of the lipstick, the saturation, the presence of mother-of-pearl, bleness.
  • It is worthwhile to have a separate brush for lipsticks with glitter, translucent liquid lipsticks. Bright lipsticks with rich colors should also be applied with a special brush.
  • Some women use two at the same time, because a complex contour of the upper lip is induced only with a pointed brush, and for the lower lip they take a rounded one.

Each woman needs to decide for herself what kind of nap to give preference. The skin on the lips is rather tender, so you can choose the softest artificial brushes or natural ones. But it is worth remembering that liquid lipstick will be more convenient to apply synthetic.

We improve the make-up of

Now you know what kind of brush you need. What to use to finish making makeup, to put the finishing touches on and get rid of all that is superfluous? You need a fan brush!

Way of fan makeup correction - video:
  • This beautiful visagiste tool resembles a fan, it has a minimal thickness at the base.
  • Allows easy removal of excess blush, powder and shadows.
  • It is important to pay special attention to the choice of fan brush. The pile should be soft, otherwise the makeup can be accidentally spoiled.

We store all the makeup artist's wealth correctly

How to store the entire gorgeous set of brushes correctly? It is important for many women to determine the most successful option, so that all make-up tools are at hand, but do not take up much space. There are several storage options.

1. Open storage.

Some women purchase special supports, in which make-up tools are stored in clear form. For each has its own assigned place. This is really convenient, but usually these supports take up a lot of space.

2. Pencil cases.

When the devices are not so many, it is more convenient to store them in separate boxes. A small pencil protects the brush from mechanical influences, dust.

3. Organizer.

Excellent option - to take a cover for brushes for make-up, specially designed for easy storage. It attracts compactness, reliability, ease of use. Each tool is at hand, but it takes up a minimum of space. It can be easily taken along on the road.

  • Avoid storing tools in places with excessively high humidity. Leaving them in the bathroom, as many women do, is impossible! The pile is glued together by a special compound, which is poorly acted upon by moisture.
  • If you keep your tools in places with high humidity, hair loss can not be avoided. And synthetic brushes can be deformed in such an unfavorable environment.
Makeup brushes can not be stored in the light, leave them under bright sunlight. This has a harmful effect on the nap - both synthetic and natural.

Make-up devices should not be pressed against each other, touching each other. Select for each special place.

How to care for your favorite brushes? A few tips

Now you have already found out what kind of brush is needed. However, it is not difficult to imagine what will happen to these tools very soon, when you begin to use them actively. How to be?

How to care for brushes, how often do they need to be washed? Let's consider the main points.

  • Clean them regularly. Most often you need to wash the brushes for the shadows. If the cosmetic product is bright, you will have to "bathe" the brushes immediately after use. After light shades of natural shades, you can clean tools once a week.
  • Brushes for blush, powder it is desirable to wash after 10 days of use.
  • Wash the pile with soapy water, bath foam, shampoo. It is best to use special professional compositions for cleaning brushes for make-up. They protect the villi, keep the tools longer in their original form and perfectly remove any dirt, even from the tonal basis.
  • The most difficult thing is to wash the brush for foundation. But it is necessary to clean it. Do this at least once every 20 days.
  • Dry your makeup tools correctly. They need to be put so that all the nap was in the air. For example, on the edge of the table. Water should not accumulate at the base of the brush, as this can cause dissolution of the adhesive backing.
Review of brushes for make-up - what for, video:

It is important to remember all the nuances, know what kind of brush is needed, properly store and clean them. Then you will be able to easily create great make-up. Related Videos:

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