Peeling skin on the face: what to do, what are the causes

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Peeling skin is a common problem that almost all girls. As a rule, this condition is accompanied by a sensation of itching and reddening of the dermis. In this case, the affected areas are rather difficult to mask with a tonal cream. To cope with the problem, it is important to determine why the skin is flaky on the face.

Causes of

Skin peeling gives girls a lot of discomfort. This problem prevents the normal application of cosmetics, because the foundation is uneven and creates a not very attractive image. As a rule, the skin on the face is flaky in the autumn and in the winter. This is due to the lack of vitamins and the negative impact of weather conditions.

All reasons are conditionally divided into two main categories - external and internal. The first group includes the following factors:

  • wind impact;
  • effect of low temperatures;
  • excessive exposure to ultraviolet;
  • is too dry air;
  • allergic reactions to flowering;
  • reaction to water;
  • application of low-quality cosmetics;
  • development of contact dermatitis, which is usually the result of exposure to chemical or physical irritants.

In addition, the causes of problems are often hidden not only in the quality of cosmetics, but also in the individual intolerance of the remedy. Creams, tonics and other means must be selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the body. Very dry facial skin requires constant moistening, so do not use to care for it with alcohol.

To cope with the negative effects of external factors, you need:

  1. Protect the skin from frost and wind. To do this, it is recommended to treat the face with creams before going out.
  2. Use formulations with a reliable level of protection against ultraviolet light. It is especially important to do this during high solar activity.
  3. Maintain the humidity in the room, especially when the air is overheated by the heater.
  4. For washing, use boiled or filtered water.
  5. Instead of soap use special compounds. In this case, it is recommended to choose foams, lotions. After that, use soft wipes instead of hard towels to wipe. If the use of soap is not avoided, it is better to choose a remedy with olive oil in the composition. Also suitable product with almond oil.
  6. Do not use cosmetics containing alcohol. It will definitely cause scaling. Also, do not use lanolin. This ingredient often provokes allergic reactions.

If the cause of the development of peeling lies in the violation of the functioning of the body, eliminating this problem will be much more difficult. First you need to determine what provokes such a state.

In most cases, the cause of peeling is the lack of moisture in the body. The skin gets too little liquid, as a result of which it can become chapped and cracked. To solve this problem, you need to consume more water and use creams with a moisturizing effect.

The following factors can also lead to problems with the epithelium:

  1. Deficiency of certain vitamins. If this condition is observed, correction of nutrition will help to eliminate problems. If the girl has a permanent vitamin deficiency, she will have to take special complexes. To improve the skin, the diet should contain vegetable fats, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat and fish.
  2. Allergic reactions to certain products. In this case, it is very important to identify the allergen. For this it is recommended to pass the necessary tests and study your diet. Perhaps the exclusion of certain dishes will help to solve similar problems. In addition, allergies can be a consequence of the use of certain medications. Therefore, before the start of therapy, you should thoroughly study the instructions for their use and analyze possible side effects.
  3. Skin diseases. These include ichthyosis, eczema, dermatitis, etc. Also, similar problems can be the result of infection with a fungal infection. In this situation, you should consult a dermatologist who will choose the appropriate therapy.
  4. Stresses. To avoid problems with skin, it is recommended to exclude nervous tension and other negative effects.
  5. Changing the hormonal background of the body. Such violations are often observed during menopause, which causes epithelial peeling. Especially often there is a decrease in the elasticity of the skin with a deficiency of thyroid hormones or sex hormones. It is very important to systematically take the necessary tests and restore the level of these substances with special drugs.

Salon procedures from peeling

If peeling becomes a consequence of pathologies of internal organs or a hereditary predisposition, it is not recommended to try to eliminate it yourself. It is necessary to consult a specialist who will write out the treatment and the necessary cosmetic procedures. The most effective methods of eliminating this problem include the following:

  • mesotherapy - in this case, special drugs that contain hyaluronic acid can be used;
  • biorevitalization;
  • peeling - the procedure is carried out with the use of fruit acids;
  • various programs for intensive skin hydration;
  • software peeling.

Features of home skin care

If peeling is associated with exposure to external factors, improve the condition of the skin will allow home remedies. To forget about this problem, it is very important to provide the epithelium with a full-fledged care. It includes compliance with the following rules and recommendations:

  1. For washing, do not use soap. For this purpose, it is better to choose special gels, which provide the skin with a full hydration.
  2. After washing, do not rub the skin with a towel. It only damages the affected areas. In this case, it is enough to use a regular napkin.
  3. It is very important to choose the right makeup, which will provide the skin with a sufficient level of moisture. The funds should not contain alcohol, which provokes dehydration of the skin.
  4. For 30 minutes before going out, you should use a cream that has protective properties.
  5. It is very important to protect the skin from negative factors. In winter, for this purpose, you should use a scarf, and in the summer - a hat with wide margins.
  6. In the room you are in, there must be clean and moist air. To do this, it is recommended to open the window more frequently and use a humidifier.
  7. Include a large amount of liquid in the menu.
  8. Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you follow these simple recommendations, you will be able to provide the skin with a full-fledged care and permanently get rid of peeling.

Application of pharmacy products

After determining the causes of peeling, you can choose adequate treatment. Depending on the source of the problem, the therapy may differ. If the cause lies in the pathology of the skin, the doctor may prescribe antihistamines. In addition, often used external means that have a moisturizing effect.

If skin peeling is caused by infection with bacterial microorganisms or fungal infection, use special antibacterial or antifungal agents. The most effective pharmacy products that can cope with the problem include:

  1. Creams containing hydrocortisone. The concentration of this component should not exceed 0.5%.They can be applied no more than 1 time per day and no longer than 14 days.
  2. Panthenol or other skin peeling cream, including dexpanthenol. Such compounds treat the face until the redness and itching completely disappear.
  3. Bepanten is an excellent cream that is often prescribed to children. It effectively eliminates small cracks in the skin and is considered an excellent preventive.

Masks for the care of flaky skin

There are quite a few effective home remedies that help in a short time to eliminate the peeling and significantly improve the condition of the epithelium. The most useful masks include the following:

  1. Honey. Mix a couple of spoons of honey and the same amount of butter, add 3 yolks. Stir well and heat on a steam bath. Warm the face to the face. In this case, every new layer should be applied every 4-6 minutes. After 20 minutes, cleanse your face with chamomile broth or filtered water.
  2. Curd. Mix a large spoonful of cottage cheese with a small spoon of honey. Then pour a little bit of milk. In the end, you need to achieve a consistency of sour cream. Apply to the face for a quarter of an hour. The resulting formulation has excellent moisturizing characteristics and helps to eliminate irritation.
  3. Nutritious. To make it, you should take cottage cheese, carrot juice, olive oil, milk - 1 large spoon. The resulting mass should be applied to the face for a quarter of an hour. Wash with warm decoction of chamomile. In the end, rub it with a piece of ice.
  4. Milk. If the skin of the face is too intensely flaky, it needs to provide deep hydration. To do this, mix a large spoonful of cottage cheese, cream and olive oil. The resulting composition should be applied for a quarter of an hour and washed off with a decoction of chamomile.
  5. Linen. The components of this mask quickly restore the normal skin condition. To make it, you need to take a large spoonful of flax seeds, weld them to get the consistency of gruel. Then add the same amount of jojoba oil.
  6. Egg. To make the composition, you need to take a couple of yolks quail eggs and mix with a large spoonful of olive oil. Add some oatmeal. Massaging the movements apply to the skin and wash it off after 20 minutes.
  7. Mandarin. A pair of quail yolks mixed with a spoonful of sour cream and mandarin peel, which should be crushed with a blender. Leave on for half an hour, then add a couple of spoons of olive oil. After 25 minutes after application, you can wash yourself.

Skin cleansing with a peeling

To make the skin smooth and the color uniform, you can use an effective procedure - peeling. With its help, it is possible to clean the epithelium from dead particles and contaminants. At home, you can do mechanical peeling with various products. Scrub for the procedure can be bought at a pharmacy or a store. Also it can be done on your own, especially since today many effective compositions are known:

  1. Salt and sugar. To make such a composition, it is enough to take a teaspoon of salt and sugar, add a large spoonful of sour cream or olive oil. All components are recommended to mix and apply to the skin. After a few minutes they need to be washed off.
  2. Bran or oatmeal. To make the composition, grind a handful of flakes or bran, then add a little water and wipe the skin. In this case, the eye area should be avoided. In the end, the face should be rinsed and treated with cream. Repeat the procedure every day before going to bed. Do this for 2 weeks.
  3. Coffee. This scrub is like the whole body. It is enough to take a large spoonful of coffee, soak it with water and rub your face, performing circular motions. Leave it to dry completely, then rinse off with water.

Now you know what to do with skin peeling. First of all, we need to establish the causes of the state. If the appearance of this problem is influenced by internal factors, you need to conduct complex treatment. When exposed to external causes, it is sufficient to provide the skin with adequate care to cope with dryness and desquamation.

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