Symptoms and treatment of allergy to the sweet

Allergy to the sweet is quite common among children. However, some adults may also develop an allergic reaction. It is very difficult to immediately determine the specific type of allergen, since many people, especially those that are sweet, can use a few sweet varieties a day, starting with sugar and honey, ending with sweets and cakes.

Causes of

Causes of
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  • Eruptions on the skin can be caused by citrus fruits, some fruits, cocoa, chocolate or nuts. Being part of any cakes, cookies or cakes, they are also capable of provoking unwanted reactions. In addition, it is worth to distinguish between allergy and intolerance of foods.

    Causes of

    One of the main reasons for the allergy to sweet is the process of fermenting undigested food that occurs due to the content of sucrose in sweet foods. This substance is a part of fruits, berries, as well as confectionery and flour products.

    When a person has a tendency to allergies and the products of the decomposition of sucrose enter the blood, the protective forces of the body are included in the process, which is expressed by notable reactions. Although sucrose itself rarely causes allergic reactions, since its chemical formula is very similar to natural carbohydrates and is well perceived by the body.

    According to experts, the causes of the rash are other synthetic compounds( enhancers of taste, color, odor) that are added to sweets, and sucrose only enhances fermentation processes and the intensity of pathological manifestations.

    The cause of the reaction to honey is more often the allergy to pollen of plants. However, many doctors consider honey a good tool for treating allergies, unless, of course, there is no sensitivity to some plants or pollen.

    Sweet allergy may be manifested due to lactose intolerance - milk sugar. In this case, all dairy products are banned.

    In some cases, the cause of an allergy is the protein found in most confectionery products.

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    Symptoms of

    The main signs of allergy to sweet are:

    • strong itching and spots of pink shade on the skin of hands;
    • small pimples as hives and other rashes;
    • itching rashes on the chin, neck, stomach and back;
    • redness of some areas of the skin;
    • peeling and dry skin on the legs.

    In rare cases, the allergy to sweet can be acute, and manifested as rhinitis( rhinitis), redness, tearing or rubbing in the eyes, severe laryngeal edema( Quincke's edema) or anaphylactic shock. These conditions without adequate medical care can lead to death.

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    In children

    Often, such reactions may occur in children after a large number of sweets eaten. However, this may not always be a sign of an allergy. Often, parents are confused with an allergic reaction to a sweet ordinary diathesis( a tendency of a child's body to certain diseases, including an allergy transmitted by inheritance).Adequate treatment of diathesis at early stages completely relieves the child from manifestations in a more adult age.

    Some doctors claim that the parents themselves are to blame for the occurrence of allergies in children. Adherence to near-complete sterility and supernormal hygiene in infancy prevents the child's body from contacting with many antigens, relaxing the immune system and, to some extent, leading to its atrophy. In this case, even the most harmless allergens will cause rashes and other negative reactions.

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    When pregnant

    Sweet allergy is sometimes found in pregnant women. It proceeds in mild form, and the symptoms of the disease pass quickly enough after a certain diet. This is explained by hormonal reorganization( increased production of the hormone cortisol, which suppresses allergic reactions) and activation of metabolic processes in the body, allowing rapid removal of harmful substances.

    In this issue, pregnant mothers should be concerned about the health of the child, since the allergy is inherited in most cases and several cases of rashes during pregnancy increase the likelihood of allergic reactions in the infant in the future.

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    Treatment of

    The first and main condition of treatment is the exclusion of contactwith an allergen. However, this does not mean that you will have to give up everything sweet. If a person, for example, has an allergy to lactose, it will be sufficient to exclude from the menu only products containing this substance.

    To establish the exact cause of the allergy, special provocative skin tests are performed. A certain amount of the putative allergen is applied to the skin in the shoulder region and the body reacts during the day. If a blister forms at the test site, this indicates a positive reaction. In other cases, blood tests are performed for the presence of immunoglobulin E.

    The course of treatment, as a rule, consists of taking antihistamines, which are prescribed by the doctor. In addition, the doctor recommends taking special medications that help remove accumulated allergens from the body. This is activated carbon, Enterosgel, Lactofiltrum, etc.

    In severe allergic manifestations, steroid preparations containing hormones are prescribed. Antihistamines against the background of taking such drugs are injected. This kind of treatment, as a rule, is carried out in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor.

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    The main principle of the diet is the exclusion of provocative products from the diet( the list is determined independently or laboratory).Allergens can accumulate in the body, so it is recommended to use a large amount of clean water, for their prompt removal. Several times a month it is desirable to arrange unloading days with the adoption of medications or fruits( grapes with pits, pomegranate, if they are not allergic), cleansing the intestines, liver and blood.
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    From food products are useful:

    • cereals whole-grain( buckwheat, rice, pearl barley, millet) or coarse grinding( arnutka, wheat, barley, etc.);
    • bread with bran, rye, croutons, bezdozhzhevoy, lavash;
    • fresh, baked or boiled fruits and vegetables;
    • sour-milk products;
    • lean meat baked or boiled;
    • seafood.

    If possible, eliminate fatty, fried, smoked food, carbonated drinks such as Sprite, Kola, etc., products that include chemical sweeteners, dyes, flavor enhancers.

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