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The graduation party is a holiday in which every young lady wants to be the most beautiful, stylish and fashionable. And it's not just the chosen outfit, but the whole image. One of the main elements of his is the hairstyle. Beautifully and correctly laid hair can significantly transform the face and decorate any girl. And for this it is not necessary to attend expensive salons.

Now there are simple techniques and techniques that with hair of different length can work wonders, turning them into real hairdressing masterpieces in ordinary home conditions. The main thing is to have some patience and a huge desire to master these methods of creating beautiful hairstyles.

Trends 2017 year

It turns out that fashionable trends can cover not only outfits and shoes, but also extend to hairstyles. Stylists, creating a full and complete image, pay attention to every detail, including hair.

This season, especially popular are simple hairstyles that bring the image of the girl closer to natural and natural style. They can be quickly and easily done to yourself, without using special devices and complex auxiliary structures.

These hairstyles include the following options:

  • neatly laid waves on one side;
  • carelessly made volumetric hollow;
  • loose curls with ends tucked up.

Also this year in the trend remain interpretations using braids and loved by many twisted flowing curls and large curls. Hairstyles with such elements too it will not be very difficult to build independently.

The main thing - do not choose too complex intricate schemes with multi-tiered designs of hair, which the young person will add a few years from the top.

And do not be afraid to do something wrong. A little disheveled and sloppy is even very welcome this season.

Some practical tips for

It's better to give preference to those hairstyles that are most suited to the nature of the girl and seem to be her inner extension. Then, with such a styling on her head, she will feel comfortable and be able to get real pleasure from the festive evening. The style of the hairstyle should also correspond to the chosen one and fit under the available length of the hair.

  • Under a short flared dress of thin flying fabric, a strict hairstyle with neatly combed hair is not suitable. In this case, the hair should also be built something playful and fervent.
  • If the girl has a beautiful long neck and at the same time chooses a dress from the top of the model, then a smooth hairdo with the hair gathered in a bunches can decorate her even more.
  • Masters of hairdressing, when it comes to solemn hairstyles at the prom, give one important advice: do not ignore the preliminary training. This means that it is better to experiment in advance with your own hair, so that on the appointed day all the desired and conceived happened the first time. And preferably, after making such a trial hairstyle, try on the outfit chosen for the prom. And then try to adequately assess the resulting image in the mirror, weigh the compatibility of all the details.

Romantic image of

If a girl chooses a long chiffon dress for a nice pastel shoe, then you can try to make a simple hairstyle with your own hands in a romantic style.

The entire process consists of the following steps:

  1. The hair must be well combed and a thin layer applied to them with fixative foam or gel.
  2. Then use forceps or curlers to twist the ends of the hairs approximately to the middle.
  3. After that, on the right side you need to start braiding the spikelets, which should not be too tightly tightened, or a free braid with the usual technique. The end must be secured with a clamp or a hair clip.
  4. On the left side, the curls must be twisted into a voluminous flagellum, which is fixed at the end with an elastic band and is attached to the nape with the help of an invisible.
  5. Next, the ends of the spikelet and flagella must be joined together and fastened to the center of the back of the head with a beautiful scallop or shiny hairpin.
  6. The remaining twisted curls remain "at large", and the finished hairstyle is fixed with a varnish.

After trying once to build such a beauty on his head, the young lady will no longer have difficulties with how to make a beautiful hairstyle at the graduation without leaving home.

Another option for a gentle and soft image can be the next hairstyle, which is an intertwining of elegant curls and twisted strands.

It is done this way:

  1. The hair is first combed on the vertex. Then they should be carefully pulled back, leaving a sufficient number of strands in front.
  2. Of all the hair that remained in front, you need to separate two small strands, weave braids from them or twist the strands, fastening them with thin elastic bands. The remaining strands rise upward and are fixed with invisibility so that the "mallow"( a voluminous, lush top) is formed.
  3. Loose curls in the back are wound with a medium-diameter curved blade. In order to keep their springiness and shape for a long time, one can use one cunning. The curl in the twisted state is immediately fixed vertically with a hair clip, but it dissolves just before the exit. Then the curls will be able to please their elasticity for a long time.
  4. The remaining two pigtails from the harnesses also go up and with the help of small beautiful crabs are laid out in zigzag, and their ends are hidden under the created volume on the vertex.
  5. Before the exit, the curls are untwisted, they are slightly disassembled by the thinner curls. Then you can sprinkle your hair with varnish.

Greek style

When it comes to such a dress as a tunic, worn on one shoulder and decorated with paillettes, as well as gold and silver lacing, then you can stay on the Greek hairstyle.

This option is suitable for long and medium hair, does not require long laying, special skills.
  1. First, the hair is divided into two equal parts and on both sides are braided into two pigtails of medium thickness.
  2. As a result, behind should remain loose curls that gather in a bundle and rise up, but under the braids received. There they are fixed by invisible objects and fixed with lacquer.
  3. The braids themselves that frame the head can be neatly twisted with a satin ribbon that repeats the color of the dress. Then the image will be stylish and concise.

Hairstyle in Greek style at the prom - video

Universal hairstyle for graduation party

To create a fashionable hairstyle that can be suitable for almost any outfit, you need to prepare the following accessories:

  • round ployka;
  • hairpins and invisibility, combined with the hair color;
  • hairspray strong fixation.

The process of creating the most hairstyle looks like this:

  1. Around the circumference of the head, it is necessary to twist large strands, retreating from the roots about ten centimeters.
  2. The next step is to hair nasles at their base. This is done with the help of a brashing machine or a comb with rare teeth. The combed part can be fixed with invisible devices.
  3. Then the hair is divided into two parts, large and small. In this case, the dividing line should pass just behind the ear and a smaller part is thrown forward.
    The rest of the hair is tied in a low tail to the end, forming a kind of loop, which should also be fixed with studs.
  4. Curls that look out from behind the hinge must be casually tossed. And from the hair, thrown forward, plait the pigtail "waterfall".Then it is thrown to the loop in such a way that it smoothly frames the temple and the tip of the ear.
  5. The end of the French pigtail is fixed in the loop area of ​​the hair and all together is fixed with varnish. At the very end, you can fix your hair with your hands.

Short and medium hair

With the help of short and medium length hair, you can create a light hairstyle and at the same time festive. After all, a girl may not have a long and magnificent head of hair, but on her prom night she will still be able to somehow decorate her head by making something original on her.

  • An interesting option for a short length will be "cock feathers".To do this, the hair should be treated with a good layer of gel, then using your fingers to start on your head to make jerky movements, as if pulling the tips of hair forward. Such manipulations should be done until the gel is completely solidified. Then, closer to the forehead, with equal intervals in the hair can be inserted miniature hairpins, peas, which in color will be in harmony with the outfit.
  • Another original solution can be a hairstyle using a rim. The hoop must be unusual. It is better if it is decorated with flowers and leaves, gypsum berries or butterflies. Such a bezel is put on the head, and all the hair that is behind it rises to the hairstyle of the "fussy hedgehog" with the help of fine brashing and varnishing.

Curls of medium length

. On the average length of hair, very large and feminine waves will look feminine and cute. To create them you will need an iron with a special wavy nozzle. The hair is combed on one side and first pulled out by a flat iron. Then a small amount of foam is applied to them, and a nozzle with waves is taken for the job.

When all the head of hear gets the necessary waviness, it must be fixed with lacquer. Another, combed, side of the head is decorated with a three-dimensional tissue flower. This hairstyle perfectly fits to dresses in the style of the 80's.

Curls and waves with ironing - video

Also for the average length is a charming styling, which will give the girl finesse and mystery. It is very suitable for young people, emphasizing their young age and freshness.

Its creation consists of several stages:

  1. The hair must be combed on the top of the head and tying the tail-mulvochku, leaving a raised area in front.
  2. On both sides of the head, closer to the base of the tail, one small detachment should be separated. Each must be twisted into a flagellum and tied such a peculiar tail. They will end up with two, on both sides.
  3. The tail is divided into three parts, each of which is braided into regular pigtails. They stretch their hair a little, so that the necessary openwork appears.
  4. These pigtails are laid out around the rubber bands, slightly grasping the tails of the harnesses and creating a pattern like a three-dimensional flower.
  5. Other curls are wound and remain loose, and the haircut obtained above is decorated with hairpins with beads. Everything is lacquered.

Beautiful and original hairstyles at the graduation can be done by yourself. If you can not create a complex version, you can always do with simple curls and a ponytail, but at the same time add unusual festive details to the image:

  • multicolored strands,
  • string of pearls braided around the tail base,
  • bright and shiny hairpins,
  • painted volumetric bezel,
  • small hat with a veil.

Ponytail with plaiting braids - video

The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and try to create something new from your hair.

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