Ideas for decorating the hall to the graduation in kindergarten

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The organization of matinees in kindergarten is a matter of responsibility. Parents and pedagogical staff of the educational institution must prepare for it in advance. Especially it should be tried, if it is a question of the last celebration, which the children will celebrate in their native walls. Decoration of the hall at the graduation in kindergarten is an obligatory part of the preparation for the holiday. It is necessary to take into account and work out a lot of details to make the ball a success, remembered to the kids, their moms and dads for a long time.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

The first one is light, but more expensive: order decoration of the assembly hall specializing in the festive decoration of the company's premises. Agreeing with decorators, you will need to identify your ideas and wishes regarding the subject of the holiday, make an estimate and pay for their services.

The second version of the graduation in the kindergarten is less expensive, but time-consuming: to cooperate with the activist parents and do it yourself. Here you will need to either buy ready-made decoration items, or make them yourself and decorate the hall yourself and approaches to it accordingly, conceived celebration.

There are a lot of ideas for decorating the room, intended for holding the morning party in the kindergarten. But the most common and popular were and remain options with balloons and paper flowers. They can be used alone or as a combination.

Balls. Preparatory moments

Use for decoration of the hall at the prom in the kindergarten 2017 bright inflatable balls - a win-win option. Children of all ages really like balloons of all sizes, shapes and colors. And they perceive such elements of decor not so much as decorating the room, but as an object for the game, raising the mood.

Multicolored balls , filled with air or light helium, is a universal thing. With their help you can realize any, even the most unusual idea. Plus, the compositions of balloons are incredibly colorful, diverse, voluminous. An additional advantage is that it is possible to decorate the hall beautifully on the balloons quickly, without special expenses and difficulties. Dismantling scenery is also quite simple.

If the parents of the children and tutors of the final group of the kindergarten decided to decorate the assembly hall( music room) themselves, you need to pay attention to such moments:

  • In advance, buy balloons in sufficient quantities.
  • The form, size, colors( pastel or bright) should be selected in accordance with the chosen theme of the solemn event.
  • Large balls - the best option for creating large sculptures.
  • Small round and long balls are more suitable for lightweight, weightless decor elements.
  • In order to make complex installations, compositions, you need to use not only ordinary, but also special balloons. Their distinguishing feature is the long tails with which the individual elements join together.

To inflate a huge number of balls at the prom, do not involve many parents. It is enough to buy a mini-pump, with which 1-2 people can quickly fill all the balloons with air.

For hovering details of the scenery, you will need to purchase a special balloon with helium.

It is important to tie the knots very tightly so that they do not descend at the most inopportune moment, thus spoiling the composition with difficulty. It is best for these purposes to use not ordinary sewing threads, but special transparent threads made of capron or bright multicolored ribbons used to decorate flower bouquets. It is desirable to leave the threads more authentic: so it will be easier to connect the balls with each other, creating different compositions.

How to decorate the hall with balls: ideas for the festive decoration of the

The decoration option of the hall for the final matinee in the DOW is usually selected in accordance with the scenario written for the holiday.

  1. The theme of the scenery can be, for example, a summer lawn with a gentle yellow sun, green grass, trees, flowers, butterflies, or a clear spring day with a rainbow spread over the horizon and clouds floating across the sky.
  2. If the script is finalized for the upcoming graduates at school, balloons can be made with various inscriptions, numbers, letters, pencils, notebooks, schoolchildren figures, etc.
  3. It is effective and very elegant when decorating a hall in kindergarten large foiled balls lookin the form of stars. Variants of their application can be different: under the ceiling or to create wreaths, arches, garlands, versatile compositions.
  • Perhaps the most popular decorative design of balloons is a large arch. You can make it in the form of a single-layered or multi-layered rainbow. The second option is a huge wreath made of multi-colored balls of different sizes, collected in several pieces together in the form of bright colors.

Usually arch from balloons is installed near the wall in the depth of the assembly hall. On both sides of the composition for complete harmony put additional "air" sculptures. Small arches can also be used as a "portal" through which children will enter the hall.

  • Simple in manufacturing, but very elegant flowers from balloons with four volume "petals" and a contrasting color in the middle can be used for decorating the hall, as well as in the hall, corridors, stairs. You can fasten them on walls, curtains, handrails, furniture, or simply put on the edges of an improvised scene in the assembly hall.
  • It will be even easier to make a garland of balloons. The balls filled with air are tied alternately to a strong cord or a thick line, and then stretch it in an arbitrary direction or radially under the ceiling.

Inflatable balls filled with helium, with long shiny ropes are ideal for decorating the hall for any holiday in the garden. They can simply be "let go" under the ceiling, and twist the strings with a scroll using scissors.

Get a very elegant, bright, soaring in the height of serpentine. At the end of the holiday, children can "catch" flying balls, take them home with them as souvenirs or let them go to the sky together, as a symbol of farewell to the kindergarten.

For a variety of helium balloons, you can create beautiful waving compositions, sculptures, "fountains" or "corridor", through which children will pass. To do this, by the end of each rope, you need to tie a small load so that the balls are held in the given position, and the structure does not disintegrate.

Ornaments from paper

Paper decor elements for graduation in kindergarten - simple, bright, original. In addition to balloons and various compositions of them, decorative items from colored paper were and still are actual for decoration of the assembly hall for the final matinee in the kindergarten. You can use any elements: flowers, bright fluffy pompons and figures "accordions", fans, honeycomb structures, etc.

Some of the offered options can be purchased already in ready form in specialized stores, others will have to be done by oneself.

However, making paper ornaments for decorating a hall for a holiday for children is not a burdensome occupation, but a positive and very pleasant one. Certain knowledge, skills and skills, of course, will be needed, but everything can be learned very quickly and easily.

As scenery look great at the final in the garden paper balloons-honeycomb or folding "accordions."They make them out of thin paper of different colors on a cardboard basis. This work is very painstaking, delicate, so it is better to buy in the store already ready-made decor elements of this kind. Both honeycomb and accordions are sold in a large assortment, in any color, shape, size. It will only remain to reveal this miracle and use it for its intended purpose.

Tips and suggestions for the design of

The options for decorating a children's holiday with honeycomb balls, accordion figures can be very different. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Lock in a certain order on the walls, window curtains, in the depth of the hall, on the back of the stage.
  • Expand in the corners of the hall on the floor.
  • To include in the composition of festive thematic compositions.
  • Weigh light colored balls at different heights on the ceiling of the room.
  • Make hanging garlands, combining products made of paper with balloons of different colors.

The same ideas work on pompoms from colored paper.

  • The "fluffy" balls look great both under the ceiling of the hall and in the form of scenery on the stage.
  • If you show a fantasy, from pompoms of different colors and sizes, you can create a variety of installations on the theme of the holiday scenario. White or sky-blue paper pom-poms can be arranged in several pieces together in the form of a cloud-lamb. This decoration of the ceiling in the hall of the kindergarten looks amazingly good!
  • Pompons, like other complex decorative products made from thin colored paper, it is better to buy in the store. On sale they are presented in a wide range of colors, with a diameter of 15 to 60 cm. You can, of course, make pompoms with your own hands. But this work is not for everyone, because it requires patience, accuracy, experience.

It's a great idea to decorate a kindergarten on a graduation with a colorful fan of colored paper.

Like balloons, they are almost weightless, so that fans can easily be attached to the ceiling or cornices, glued with double-sided tape to any vertical surface.

The fans of all kinds of colors and sizes, with different patterns and patterns, are sold in every decor store. The color scale is the broadest one, which makes it possible to realize any idea for the festive decoration of the hall for a children's morning performance.

For example, cut out a circle and paste pictures of graduates in the center of small fans, on large photos of teachers, nannies, teachers. Then hang the fan-portraits on the wall in the hall or on one of the walls of the assembly hall. Both kiddies and parents will be pleased to admire this photo gallery.

Very beautifully and solemnly look at the children's graduation in the kindergarten paper flowers. Harmonious addition to them will serve as carved or glued from colored paper figurines of fairy-tale characters, birds, trees, butterflies, etc. Many of these decorative elements can easily be done by the caregivers and parents of children-graduates.

For example, for the production of flowers of different types, shapes and sizes, you will need special paper, glue, and a stapler.

Variants of colors for a children's matinee with their own hands:

  • From cigarette or corrugated paper. The easiest way to make a flower is to fold the paper with an accordion and lock it in the desired position. From corrugated and tissue paper, the flowers turn out to be voluminous, lush and very light. You can use large flowers to decorate the hall, small ones to decorate tables with treats.
  • Made from plain colored or foil paper. Flowers are made by folding paper sheets with a pouch with a lapel of the upper edge. Such decorations are captivated by their refinement, refinement, elegance.
They look great in the back of the stage, on the railing of the stairs, in the hall.

Remember! When combining different decor elements, combining products from paper with balloons, it is very important to observe a sense of proportion. Decorative elements should be in harmony with each other, and the overall picture should not be oversaturated, too variegated and oppressive.

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