With what to wear female slips, trends of 2016

  • With trousers and jeans
  • Combination with dresses and skirts
  • How to combine slips with overalls and shorts?
  • With what to wear it is not necessary?

Slipons are strikingly popular shoes, similar to low sneakers without lacing. The name of these shoes was due to the ease and convenience in everyday wear( from English the expression "slip on" translates as "donning").A distinctive feature of such shoes is a rather thick rubber outsole and a variety of colors.

Despite their extreme popularity, not every fashionista knows with what to wear slips, and with what things they do not mix in principle.

With trousers and jeans

The slipknots fit perfectly into the youth and everyday street style. That's why they just perfectly match with a variety of pants, even the most bizarre cut. With what trousers and jeans should you combine such shoes in the first place?

  1. With jeans-boyfriends, slip-ons look especially stylish, fully responding to the existing fashionable canons.
  2. This shoe is suitable for combination with shortened trousers with an overestimated or underestimated waist.
  3. Slips look great with leather pants, which went into fashion two or three more seasons ago.

Based on your image on such a combination, the girl should remember that slips, coupled with jeans-boyfriends - is the pinnacle of fashion trends around the world. To somehow stand out from the crowd of equally dressed women of fashion, a girl should choose shoes with bright colors or an unusual T-shirt that will help look a little more stylish.

In addition to pants and jeans, a lady can choose a variety of light blouses with fancy prints or oversized sweaters.

This image will be relaxed and stylish at the same time, but a touch of sexuality in it will be present.

In addition to jeans with straight trousers in combination with such shoes, shortened pipes also look great. Perhaps, these pants are not at the height of popularity, but they are very flattering female figure, emphasizing all its advantages.

Combination with dresses and skirts

Another great option for combining with siphons is some styles of dresses and skirts. Here it is immediately worth mentioning that not every dress will look perfect with such a shoe, and sometimes it is better and better to refrain from experiments in this area. So, for example, evening dresses simply can not look stylish next to such shoes, because its youth spirit literally contradicts the elegance of the image.

If a girl wants to create a romantic, but at the same time a protest image, she should think about joining a dress-shirt with slips in one image. This ensemble looks very bold, but at the same time it adds fragility and romance. Also, slip can be combined with the following types of clothing:

  • with short skirts of the trapezoid style or tight fitting mini;
  • with denim short dresses;
  • with cotton dresses in the floor;
  • with midi skirts of bright colors;
  • for creating a bright office bow, you can combine a pencil skirt with slips.

20 years ago fashion critics condemned those who tried to mix styles, and now this trend is at the peak of popularity. That's why, playing on the contrast of femininity and youth, hooligan fervor, the girls create truly unforgettable images.

So, for example, a pencil skirt of bright blue or red color will look great in combination with a shortened top and slips. Of course, this bow is not suitable for the office, but to create a youth image in the style of "street chic" will be just right.

Another extravagant variant is the combination of similar shoes with dresses in the floor. That's only to choose is not fitted models of sarafans, and now trendy over-dresses with the length to the ankles.
Such an extravagant image will suit ladies with original views on fashion, who are not afraid to experiment with their own appearance.

If a girl prefers a leather skirt, then ignore slips are also not worth it. In combination with shoes on the heel, such a thing from the skin can look a little vulgar, but youth shoes on a flat sole easily counterbalance the impertinence of clothes.

How to combine slips with overalls and shorts?

How to wear siphons together with overalls is one of the most popular questions among fashionistas, because such a combination is considered extremely relevant and stylish. Immediately it is worth noting that this shoe looks great in complete with denim overalls. Regardless of the length of the pants, such overalls favorably emphasize the beauty of the female figure, adding to the whole image of youth arrogance.

Especially interesting slip-ons look together with overalls, in which the length of the trousers falls just below the knee. This image may look sporty in its own way, but this does not mean that it is devoid of sexuality.

Fashionable denim and leather shorts with an overstated waist can also be easily combined with this beautiful footwear. If the shorts are too short, they should not be worn with shoes on the heel, because then the whole image is screaming and defiant. Slipones literally come to the aid of ladies, because such shoes counterbalance the sexy clothes, making the whole bow balanced and harmonious.

Overalls, close to the sport style and having a free style, also look interesting in combination with trendy shoes. It's only the lady who understands that such a sporty, daring image fits exclusively for street bows and does not fit into the office or evening style.

Many fashion designers adore overalls precisely because they play on the contrast of classics and sports style. So, for example, a leather model in combination with slip-ons will look both sexy and sporty casually, which will help the girl stand out from the crowd of women of fashion.

With what to wear it is not necessary?

Of course, slip-ons, despite all their versatility and convenience, are not combined with any clothing. The following options should be abandoned immediately and irrevocably:

  1. Combining this shoe with sundresses or cocktail dresses.
  2. Use of slip ponies, along with sports suits and trousers with a low line of the fly.
  3. Use of this shoe in the evening style of
  4. Combining slips with long skirts in a gypsy manner.
Ladies who have impeccable taste, are able to combine the listed clothes with slip-ups, but here you need to be a master of fashion industry, so that the game of contradictions does not go too far.
If the girl is not sure of her abilities, she should immediately abandon the listed combinations, as they will not decorate the everyday wardrobe.

Do not forget about the proper use of colors. Now in fashion, colorful shoes that can dilute even the most boring onions, adding to his hooligan enthusiasm. Bright slicons should be combined with clothes of reserved shades( black, beige, brown).If a lady is very fond of color, then she can enter it through bright accessories, complementing the beauty of shoes.

Competent use of such fashionable shoes in your everyday wardrobe is the same science that many ladies have yet to understand. However, making a choice in favor of slips, the girl opens before herself practically limitless possibilities for their use in an everyday wardrobe.


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