Red shoes: what can and can not be worn

  • Fashion trends 2017 year
  • General rules for combining
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  • With which you can not wear bright shoes

Red shoes are bright, trendy shoes that attract attention, sonot every woman will dare to purchase them. They oblige to impeccable style in clothes, because an improperly composed ensemble can create a feeling of total lack of taste and make the image vulgar. With what to wear red shoes to look fashionable, sexy and at the same time not too provocative?

Fashion trends 2017goda

In the coming year, the heroes of fashion reviews were exactly red shoes. In the design collections they are presented in a wide variety. Here are charming lacquered and suede models with a stud or a wide, stable heel, and elegant leather products with a neat round nose and an ankle strap, and shocking shoes, generously decorated with decor elements - rhinestones, bows, stones, feathers, intricacies of lace.

Expressive bright color, elegant shape, unique design solutions suggest that a pair of delightful red shoes is an undeniable mast-hev of the spring-summer season. A real fashionista can not resist them and instead of the usual black or white boats will fill up her wardrobe with stylish red shoes, making them a tool for seduction.

General rules for combinations of

The red color and all its shades are a very loud statement of a woman about herself. All models of red shoes, whether they are shoes with an open nose or sandals, suggest that the woman's legs will be in perfect condition. The feet on which fire shoes are adorned attract attention and are automatically judged by others, regardless of what the girl is wearing. The legs should be perfectly smooth, the pedicure is mandatory, and preference should be given to the non-stick varnish.

  • With what pantyhose to wear red shoes? For fashionistas this issue is very relevant. It is best to look shoes on tanned legs, but in cool weather without pantyhose will be uncomfortable, and even about going with bare feet to a solemn event, and there can be no talk.

Pantyhose or stockings should be a noble beige shade, silky texture, the smaller the den, the better.

  • Shoes made of red leather or suede are a spectacular thing that does not require additions, so it's superfluous to include bright, catchy things in the image that will be able to shift attention to oneself. Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes that the bag must always be the same color with shoes, with red shoes it is not necessary. Moreover, the red bag will overload the image, break the harmony and give onion a hint of screaming on the verge of bad taste. And if, in addition, the shoes are made of patent leather, then you can forget about good style in general. The maximum that is allowed, if a woman likes red so much, is a small ornament on a bag, combined in shades with shoes.
  • According to the stylists, it is best to wear red, black, white, beige and blue clothes. These solutions are classical. Good looks with red are also things of beige, pink, lemon, turquoise and creamy colors.

Red shoes and business style

Many women are sure that the office and red shoes are incompatible concepts. The truth is there: male colleagues can perceive your enchanting appearance at work in red shoes as a sexual call. However, if the dress code does not dictate extremely strict shades in clothes, then why not experiment and make variety in a boring business image?

The most important thing is that the red shoes are the only defiant element of your outfit: no decollete, seductive cuts or short skirts.
For work unreasonable clothes are unacceptable.
  • The skirt should be no shorter than the knee, ideal if it is gray or black. So beloved by women a small black dress in the spirit of Mademoiselle Coco is best left for the evening. However, the duet, consisting of a black dress with a geometric print and red shoes, will be quite appropriate in the office. The bag should be a restrained universal shade, preferably dark.
  • Superb red shoes will look with a black pencil skirt, white or gray monophonic blouse with a frill. As an option: trousers with arrows, white strict blouse, jacket and stylish shoes.
  • The traditional color scheme, suitable for office, is a combination of red and gray.
  • It is better to wear red leather pumps for work, since varnish and suede are more festive versions. The hairpin looks aggressive, so it is better to give preference to a high stable heel.

Red shoes and casual style

1. Denim! Here is the texture that looks great with red shoes. This can be a narrow skinny or overalls, a mini skirt or loose gloves. Whichever jean product you wear, it will look with scarlet shoes in an original and stylish way.

One condition: denim should be either classic blue or white, on the background of blue pants red shoes simply fade. With jeans pants look great models on a wedge or a low heel, but no one prohibits and studs.

2. In a hot period to open red sandals you can choose a light long sundress from flowing fabric. It can be either monophonic, or decorated with ornaments, for example, floral. Soft print will soften the aggression of scarlet shoes and make the image harmonious.

3. Very stylish shoes of red color look with black and white or blue-and-white things in a large strip. Marine images - the trend of 2017goda.

4. Great combination in retro style: black or blue dress in large white peas and red shoes on heels.

5. Red ballet flats are ideal for everyday style. They look very stylish, besides, more than models on a hairpin, are suitable for a long walk in the shops.

Red shoes and evening image of

To create a vivid and expressive evening image, red shoes will be irreplaceable. When making a festive bow, you should always remember the sense of proportion, so you can not combine red shoes with defiant outfits. Red suede or lacquer, but it is to these textures that stylists recommend giving in this case a preference, in themselves are an ornament and attract attention.

  • Suede shoes of all shades of red perfectly fits both in everyday style, and in the evening. The shoes of reserved tones( wine, burgundy) are very beautiful and aristocratic with trousers or a black dress on the floor.
  • One of the trends of the spring-summer season was the combination of red shoes on a very high hairpin and clothes with an animalistic print. Such a combination will appeal to brave, determined women, who love to shock the people around them. However, it is important not to cross the thin line separating the style from vulgarity and bad taste. Red shoes and leopard print - a risky combination, so the image must be flawless, even in small things. The slightest mistake - and failure is assured.
  • And here is a black small dress with a short sleeve and red patent leather shoes, on the contrary, guarantee success. This is a win-win option for both a party and a romantic date.
  • Can I wear red shoes with a red dress, or is it overkill? At the party - quite. But there are some rules: the shoes should be darker than the dress and not screaming bright red, but with an admixture of brown or burgundy. You need to choose classic, strict models of leather, no decor elements.

With what you can not wear bright shoes

Red shoes are spectacular, but also insidious. Many women, not knowing with what to wear such shoes, make gross mistakes that destroy the image. There are some rules that can not be violated under any circumstances. It's time to find out what you can not wear red shoes:

  • with black pantyhose( they are allowed in exceptional cases for an evening out);
  • mesh stockings, dense tights of "cheerful" colors or decorated prints( not allowed ever!);
  • with many red ornaments and accessories, just one large bracelet or beads - fashionable, refined, tasteful;
  • with poisonous green, orange, yellow outfits;
  • with a very short skirt;
  • with leggings( if they are also with cuts, it's just awful);
  • with dresses made of lurex and shiny fabrics;
  • with blue or ragged jeans;
  • with short shorts, more reminiscent of panties;
  • with golf and gaiters.
Red is an expressive color, therefore it is preferred by confident women.
It not only allows you to demonstrate your flawless taste, but also secures from the crowd, attracts attention. Do not be afraid to change, experiment with different images and bravely try on red shoes!

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