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It's hard to imagine a stylish spring or fashionable autumn 2017 without such an element of the upper wardrobe, like a female cloak. Moreover, the variety of models and presented styles allows you to choose exactly that garment that perfectly fits into the already created image. But in order to really create a holistic image that does not contradict the basic canon of beauty and style, it is necessary to clearly understand and know what to wear a cloak with, and with what details of the wardrobe it is absolutely not worth combining. And before proceeding to the basic and acceptable combinations, one should get acquainted with the existing types of this garment.

Variants of the

raincoat Not many people know that a cloak habitual to all has several interpretations. The most common of these are the following models:

  • Mackintosh is a raincoat made of waterproof fabric, which is most often represented as a multi-colored product with some interesting pattern or ornament.
  • A cloak similar to a military jacket is characterized by a constant length up to the thigh line, is made of cotton and processed with special wax. This model is very popular in the UK.
  • Classic version of the cloak shortened and elongated style.
  • Trench is a product made of poplin and leather, as well as woolen or cotton fabric, which is previously impregnated, decorated with cuffs, epaulettes and a cut from the back.

Also the cloak can be framed with ruffles and flounces, sewn with a collar and without, having different sleeves, double-breasted and single-breasted, fitted and straight, with a belt or a massive strap.

As for color solutions, the most popular are:

  • beige raincoat,
  • models of all dairy and coffee shades,
  • universal black,
  • elegant white,
  • khaki colors.

However, recently such calm and muted tones begin to displace bright shades and colorful colorful patterns, which are increasingly beginning to predominate in the tissues for this garment.

After having figured out the existing models and styles, you can proceed to the options of their combination with other clothes.

Short cloak and combination with it

Cloak, which ends at the level of the thigh, is great for girls of short stature, as it visually stretches and lengthens the figure.

  • Such models perfectly coexist with straight classic trousers, slightly flared jeans and corduroy pants, as well as dresses and skirts of medium length.
  • Ignore in this case should be too short a bottom: miniskirts or woolen shorts. Otherwise, it will create the impression that under the raincoat there is absolutely no clothes, and this will put the wrong opinion about the girl.
  • As for shoes, high boots, boots that reach the knee or slightly lower, ankle boots and heels or wedge boots, but those that cover the ankle line, will suit this product.

Fashionable rubber boots, decorated with a pattern of butterflies, chamomiles, poppies and miniature roses or geometric figures, will look very original and unusual. As for low shoes, for example, shoes or moccasins, they will be more appropriate to look under trousers or jeans combined with a short cloak, but not with skirts and dresses. If the task is to create a harmonious ensemble of such outerwear and some dress and you really want to add shoes to the hairpin, then the cloak itself must be fitted and slightly flared and must be tied to the girdle.

The most successful and interesting options for combining a short cloak with other things from the wardrobe are the following:

  1. Black raincoat of straight cut, wide light gray pants of dense material, chiffon blouse of free silhouette in red shades. On the feet in this case, put on shoes-boats of black color on a low heel. Bag for this along can be picked up in gray-asphalt tones. The original solution will be to tie around the neck a red and white satin shawl.
  2. A short white trapezoid cloak, the sleeves of which are slightly tucked up, perfectly blends in with light, straight jeans. Under the bottom you can put on a muted blue or purple hue a shirt with a strip or small squares. On the feet in this case, wear sports shoes of a milky shade on the lacing, and on the shoulder you can hang a small lacquered backpack in a light palette. The resulting image is perfect for city walks in the spring sunny day.
  3. More elegant version will be a pale pink cloak without a collar, a snow-white fitting skirt of medium length and a slightly narrowed cut, as well as a transparent lemon-colored blouse with a high playful collar. Under such a set, you can put on the yellow patent shoes on the hairpin, and in hand take a narrow white clutch of rectangular shape.

The combination of maxi cloaks and midi

The top product to the knee gets along with many things:

  • You can wear short dresses, elongated pencil skirts, narrowed trousers and jeans.
  • Quite unusual and stylish solution for such a dairy leather cloak with a ¾ sleeve can be brown or beige breeches tucked into high leather boots of chocolate shade. Here you can add a voluminous bag-bag and long gloves, closely resembling the color solution of the raincoat.
  • Another stylish and somewhat extravagant solution can be a cloak of medium length dark blue hue, tweedy wide shorts with arrows, a thin cashmere peach sweater. Mandatory ensemble is complemented by tight black pantyhose and suede boots with a metal buckle.
As for the long raincoat, this option is not very suitable for low girls and those with a magnificent figure.
But the high figures with a figure such as "hourglass", this style will be just right.
  • The long model of outerwear is not categorically combined with wide trousers and voluminous skirts, especially if they consist of collapsed frills.
  • The best option in this case are leggings, skinny jeans with locks and zippers in the ankles, as well as strict dresses just below the knee.
  • As for the additions to the long cloak, the shoes should be chosen on a low heel or absolutely flat sole, prefer bulky bags of large sizes.
  • Stylists allow a raincoat to be straight cut and the length to the hems sometimes combined with sneakers and low sneakers. This outfit is preferable for dry and sunny weather, and, therefore, it should be made in light dairy, turquoise or yellow tones.
  • Excellent with sporty and coarse shoes will look like a product with a short sleeve. And under the bottom you can put on an ordinary white jersey with a bright print. She can be on straps or also have a sleeve that does not have to look out from under the cloak.

Color combinations

Designers in 2017 presented a large number of cloaks, made in bright and colorful colors. And, of course, looking at such a riot of colors, many girls begin to experience the complexity of choosing clothes that harmoniously fit into such outerwear. Therefore, special attention should be paid to color combinations.

1. Cloak of pink color will add to the image of freshness and lightness, the following options are good for it:

  • lilac, coral and crimson;
  • milky and beige tones;
  • is muted yellow;
  • the color of the sea wave.

2. The red cloak is a self-contained unit, so it should be balanced with gray, black or saturated blue. But to give the image of solemnity will help a snow-white outfit( blouse, dress, trousers), put on in alliance with scarlet top. It should also be noted that such a juicy and defiant color is more suitable for midi models, and long raincoats in this color look too aggressive.

3. The yellow cloak, the shade of which is slightly muted, will be in perfect harmony with the turquoise and pale blue tone. In this case, attention can still be drawn to the color of the egg shell, orange and deep blue, white and red.

4. Short cloaks of light green tones are successfully combined with olive and fresh greenery. But its slightly muffled and pale shade can be safely combined with the whole range of brown.

5. A blue raincoat of medium length can accentuate the gray and blue eyes and give the image an enigmatic romanticism. As for the colors, it best suits with such options as:

  • sky blue;
  • black with a bluish tint;
  • white.

Add to the blue cloak notes of piquancy and fervor will help the color of lime and fuchsia, as well as red and lemon yellow.

In any case, choosing the style and color of the cloak, you need to consider the individual type and the basic wardrobe that the girl is going to combine with him.
Only in this way it will be possible to create a beautiful and strong image that all the surrounding will appreciate.

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