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The problem of the tips of the tips is familiar to women, not by hearsay. What they do not do to cure hair: apply restoring masks and nourishing oils, use whey, special shampoos and rinse. Alas, these measures can only delay the emergence of the ill-fated, spoiling the general impression of the stylish hairdos of the tips, but certainly not cure them. Here it is to the aid and comes such salon procedure, as a haircut with hot scissors, which gives a combination of health and cosmetic effect.

What does this haircut give?

More and more women, who appreciate the thermotrik, appreciate the usual scissors. The procedure has its pros and cons. So, the clients who tested the magic effect of hot scissors, notice a significant improvement in the condition of the hair, namely:

  • preventing the washing of useful micronutrients from hair( this can be seen from the state of the strands);
  • reducing the cross-section of tips;
  • adding volume to the hair;
  • giving shine to hair;
  • facilitates combing and styling of curls;
  • long preservation of the shape of the hairstyle.

Professional reviews indicate that the use of hot scissors protects the tips from the negative effects of the environment.

The disadvantages can be attributed except that the high cost of haircuts, but the result justifies the costs.

What is the difference from conventional scissors?

Often, cutting hair with hot scissors causes distrust in women. Why, as they say, reinvent the wheel, if you can use the old good tools. However, modern technologies are rapidly developing, introducing in feshen-industry all new methods of hair care.

The difference between conventional mechanical and hot scissors is enormous:

The first damage the natural structure of the curls. The tips become porous, which means they are more susceptible to aggressive influence of external factors: natural conditions, coloring preparations, frequent use of a hair dryer, curling iron, ironing. If you look under the microscope the pointed tip of the hair, you can see that it visually resembles a shaggy, torn brush.
  • But when using hot scissors nothing like this happens, the hair remains strong and healthy. The effect lasts not less than three months, while after cutting the usual hairdresser's tool - only one month.

Hair can be treated long and carefully, using all kinds of expensive cosmetic and medical products. But resorting to the help of hot scissors, you can not only heal your hair and make a stylish haircut on them, but also save money.

What is a hot scissors

In appearance it is the most common hairdressing tool used for hair cutting, connected by an electric wire with a socket. The metal heating parts are covered with special thermo-plates.

The device has a battery and a mini-computer, it sets and maintains a temperature that is set based on the condition, length and thickness of the hair. For light thin hair, the minimum temperature regime is applied, for dark and thick - high.

Spectacular model haircuts can be created with the help of a hot shaver, which is included in the kit.

How does it work?

Tool-heated blades, the hair melts at the cut and seals, thereby retaining its original shape. The keratin sheath on the tips immediately becomes firm. Thus, each hair is sealed, protected and hidden from external stimuli. Shevelura is sufficiently moistened and does not lose nutritional components. The hot cut stimulates hair regeneration and activates their growth.

Cutting hot blades is a useful procedure, it can be done every time you visit the salon.

The result is pleasantly impressive after the first session: the curls become shiny, elastic and strong. However, one procedure is not enough to restore the hair to its former beauty and health. On average 2-3 sessions are required, in advanced cases - 4-6.After the course, the hair looks great. They cease to be cut, there is a revitalization of the head of hear.

Hairdressing with hot scissors - video

Indications for use

Women will undoubtedly be pleased with the fact that there are no limitations to the use of hot scissors. The procedure can be performed on any hair: natural, stained, fine, thin, thick, straight, curly, long, short.

Thermotrip is indicated for prophylactic purposes. If you perform the procedure before the chemical wave, curls will become more elastic. It is not superfluous, this procedure will be before hair coloring, pigments will be washed less.

Hair that has been dyed or waved also needs to be treated with hot blades. After these procedures they become brittle and lifeless, the haircut will restore their strength and beauty.

Especially useful thermo-strike for girls during hair growth. After using hot scissors, the hair will be less cut and look neater, which means that the waiting period, when the head of hair reaches the desired length, will not be so painful.

You need to know!

If a woman decides to try her hair with hot scissors, she should know some nuances, this will save her from unpleasant consequences.

The procedure requires high skill, concentration of attention. Mowing is done without haste and takes at least an hour to process normal hair. But the medical cleansing with hot scissors of very neglected hair, as well as thick, curly ringlets requires a great time - up to three hours. Therefore, expect that the master will bring his head in order for about 20 minutes, not worth it.

It is not superfluous to inquire about the beauty salon, get acquainted with the feedback of customers, ask the master who will perform the procedure. Do not hesitate to ask him where he went through the training, what device he will use. Spoil the hair can even in an elite place, and throwing away a lot of money to the wind( an average of 20 to 60 dollars) is simply insulting.

Do not trust your head to an inexperienced newbie, only the real professional is available all the subtleties of this procedure. The corresponding skill level of the master is a guarantee of quality.

Thermotrip is an expensive pleasure, not every salon currently provides this service. Be careful, do not be tempted by various profitable offers. Thermotrip by Chinese "hot scissors" can give the opposite effect to what you expected, so at home, the procedure is not recommended. Remember that, as the well-known proverb says, the miser pays twice.

The leader in the production of hot scissors is the German firm Jaguar. It was this manufacturer who presented his product to the cosmetic market, which is currently in high demand.

Before performing the thermal strike procedure, the master can offer a computerized hair diagnosis that resembles an ultrasound examination. This measure is not necessary, but it is desirable to undergo a survey. This makes it possible to assess the condition of the hair, find problem areas and determine the temperature regime.

Thermotriction procedure

The hot scissors the master can use as his main professional tool or as a therapeutic device. The first option involves a thermotrip from the beginning to the end, the second - giving the hair the desired shape and length with traditional scissors with hot tips. This step is mandatory.

In the process of cutting the scissor blades can be heated up to 180 degrees, but the procedure is absolutely safe, as only the cutting surface heats up. The risk of a neck or scalp burn if used properly is excluded.

It should be noted that the thermotrip assumes the entire spectrum of action performed by conventional scissors. If the master suggests cutting the hair with a pair of hot scissors in part, and cutting the bangs and profiling the tips with an ordinary mechanical tool, this means that your hairdress is occupied by a layman. The procedure makes sense only if the ends are processed with hot blades, that is, sealed.

What includes the procedure of shearing and cleaning with hot scissors:

  1. Hair washing.
  2. Design of haircuts.
  3. Drying and treatment with a special spray.
  4. Separation of hair on strands, twisting each of them into strands.
  5. Sealing the tips, cutting hair, which hamper.
  6. Final styling.

After several haircut procedures hair will be hard to find out! They will become healthy, well-groomed, stop splitting and breaking, hair will gain volume and shine.

How to care for your hair after thermal cutting

  • To avoid the effect of thermotriching longer, experts do not recommend using a hair dryer, preferably hair drying naturally. If you can not do without a hair dryer, you should choose cold air, gentle mode.
  • Tongs, curling irons and ironing are also not allies of hot scissors, since, acting on the structure of the hair, they make them brittle and weak. It is undesirable to use them.
  • After a haircut, to improve the hair from the inside, experts recommend drinking more liquid, taking vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • It is useful to use professional shampoos and balsam-rinses.
  • It is worthwhile to monitor the condition of the ends of the curls, prevent their cross-section, and, if necessary, shear.

Haircut with hot scissors is an ideal way to improve hair, make it beautiful and strong. And most importantly, with the help of this procedure you can forget for a long time about what are the tips of the tips.

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