With what it is better to wear leather trousers

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Leather pants stand apart from all other things, as they are a full unit of the wardrobe and are able to dictate the stylistic direction of the created image independently. Most often they are associated with glamor and sexuality. It is because of this that many girls have difficulties with the right and stylish combination of leather trousers with other things.

The whole problem is that by combining such a thing, it's easy to cross the line and give the entire audience a sense of bad taste and vulgarity. To avoid this and learn to skilfully compose a holistic image, you need to understand exactly what you can wear leather pants, and which duet should be discarded.

Varieties of leather pants

It turns out that leather pants are of several kinds. And that they really look beautiful on a figure, their choice should be based on the very model of trousers and on the features of proportions of one's own body.
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Due to the specific nuances of the material itself, the incorrectly selected style of this garment can completely spoil the collected image, no matter how successful the combination of trousers with other things has turned out. Therefore, the first thing to look at is the models of women's leather trousers:
  1. Skinny. Very tight silhouette, which suits the owners of slender and smooth legs. This model can easily be worn in a club or at a party, and also used for friendly shopping trips.

    Leather trousers.

  2. Shortened. Gives an image of grace and grace, as it nicely opens the ankle line. They are perfect for long-legged girls. But this model also assumes special shoes in the form of ankle boots or slippers on a thin hairpin.
  3. Scuffled. An excellent option for those who wish to hide full and uneven calves or balance a massive pelvis with the rest of the lower body.
  4. Fishing rods. Perfectly emphasize the figure and are the most common and popular option. This model looks very stylish and to some extent elegant.
  5. Wide. These leather pants are designed to visually reduce the fullness of the lower body. But at the same time, if you select a model that is too wide for a figure, then you can achieve the opposite effect: because of the gloss of the material, the volume of legs will increase even more.
  6. Halifeh. Undistributed and infrequent option, but still some girls prefer this particular model. Such pants are original and extravagant looking at the individuals with narrow hips.

Knowing all these features of the correct choice of models of trousers, you can go to their combination with other things of the women's wardrobe.

Classic and strict style

It's not going to be possible to create perfect office style with leather trousers, but you can still try to get closer to it and make a note of austerity and elegance. To do this, use the classic top options:

  • white blouse or chiffon sleeveless shirt;
  • fitted, shortened or slightly elongated dark jacket;
  • black velvet jacket with small ruffles along the edge;
  • dark blue or blue shirt of the male cut.

All these things harmoniously look with pants from the skin, giving the mind some form of officiality. It is possible to visualize how it will look in the finished outfit on the following examples:

  1. Gray satin blouse, tucked in narrowed leather trousers, lacquered shoes with a round nose on the hairpin. This is a wonderful way to fit a black and gray tweed jacket, casually thrown over his shoulders, and large sunglasses. In this outfit, do not be ashamed to appear at a business meeting organized in an informal atmosphere.
  2. Incredibly stylish looks a black light blouse with a round neckline and sleeveless, which slightly falls on the leather wide pants.
    As accessories in this image a string of large white pearls and the same shade bag-case, as well as dark shoes with a platform and a thick heel with some massive buckle, will suit you.
  3. Shirt of a straight cut in blue or lilac shade with tucked up sleeves and unbuttoned buttons, leather skins or trousers breeches, a huge carry bag with a light celestial hue and the same color of a ballet flap. Excellent outfit for country walks.

Options for the cold season

Leather pants are excellent in keeping heat, so they are recommended to use in winter, and also in dank weather. In spring or autumn, it is possible to combine such a garment with knitted cardigans of different lengths. But here we should take into account the fact that a wide model and pants flared with this top will look too bulky and multilayered, visually making the image large and disproportionate. In this case, it is better to stop on tight trousers. Such a model can afford even girls with magnificent forms, as in such an interpretation a cardigan or an elongated jacket will be able to conceal and mask all the flaws in the figure.

In this season of 2017 stylists suggest wearing leather trousers under shortened rabbit fur coats of white and red color, fur vests up to the thigh line, and also coats with lush fur collars.

As for the pants themselves, they can also be of different colors, gradually moving away from the usual black. Also an excellent addition to this garment are natural sheepskin coats or trapezium, covering the thigh area.

It is worth noting that the latter combination can take a note and men. Fashion designers for those male representatives who are not indifferent to leather brown pants, also advise them to wear with coarse, elongated sheepskin coats.

But from the warm volume down jackets, when in a dress there are trousers made of leather, it will be necessary to refuse. This is not the best option for combining.

Shoes and leather trousers

When it comes to the winter period, the question of what footwear such weather should be combined with leather pants comes to the fore. One of the best options are:

  • fur and suede ugg boots;
  • shortened felt boots;
  • massive boots, decorated with zippers and metal buttons;
  • half boots and ankle boots.

As for high boots, they do not fit well with leather pants, giving the image a cheap vulgarity. If you really want to wear a wardrobe for such a thing, then the trousers themselves must be very narrow, and on top should be worn a strict fitted coat in the length to the middle of the knees. Be careful with the patent leather shoes, they also do not always fit with such pants. An exception can only be shortened lace-up shoes.

In summer, shoes for leather pants should be an open type. It can be twisted sandals with high heels or clogs on wooden soles, as well as stylish sandals without unnecessary details. Create a sense of sporty style with leather pants will help the bright sneakers on the wedge. Also it is necessary to remember that wide and flared models should be combined only with low shoes on the platform, the upper part of which reaches the ankles.

Speaking of leather trousers and shoes suitable for them, you must also touch on the color combination. The best options are:

  • black;
  • white and milk;
  • leopard coloring;
  • dark blue;
  • lacquered orange and pale yellow.

Color shoes in this case should be ignored. The exception is sandals with geometric figures, which are executed in yellow, red and black tones. But turquoise, bright yellow and blue shoes, pink and red suede shoes do not fit the classic version of leather pants.

If a girl likes such pants made of artificial material of different shades, then the shoes should be selected in the same color scheme or approximate. Without observing this rule, the outfit will look cheap.

And finally

Stylists recommend choosing low-key and not too decorated things, without sequins, rhinestones and deep decollete. This will help not to make a mistake in the choice of accompanying garments to pants made of leather.
The fact that leather pants in themselves already attract the attention of others, interrupt that other things present in the image, is considered bad form. Add color can always be with accessories, and in clothes should be kept minimal.
Leather trousers. With what to wear?
With what to wear leather trousers
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