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  • Advantages of cascading haircut
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Cascading haircuts are among the most popular and do not lose their relevance, despite the changing fashion trends. The secret is in their versatility. The female haircut is a cascade, it is also layered, it fits to any type of face, does not require special efforts to create a daily styling, makes it possible to experiment with hairstyles. The basis of many fashionable haircuts is a cascade technique, the peak of its popularity occurred in the 70 years of the last century.

Advantages of cascading haircut

Along with quads, the cascade is one of the most popular haircuts that have not gone out of fashion for many decades. And this is not surprising, because this is a very convenient option, with which you can not only emphasize the dignity of facial features or hair, but also hide the existing shortcomings. The main advantages:

  1. Cascading haircut emphasizes the natural density of hair and creates a three-dimensional effect on thin hair.
  2. Due to the ability to choose different options for laying, you can visually round or, on the contrary, pull out the face oval.
  3. Cascade fits any length of hair.
  4. Haircut can be done on both straight and curly hair of any length.
  5. The technique of cascade execution allows you to create hairstyles in a variety of styles, starting with a strict business and ending with an outrageous one.

How to perform a layered haircut

Variety cascade - a lot! Without a bang or with it, on long and average hair, with an equal cut or without it. But the basis is a general principle.

Technique for cutting a cascade is to create a "ladder", starting with short locks on the crown and ending with long ones on the lower part of the head. The transition from one length to another can be both soft and almost invisible( suitable for women of advanced age or business style), and contrasting - an ideal option for extravagant women of fashion.

Technique of cutting the cascade on medium hair - video

Cascade for medium hair

Layered hair cutting for medium hair length by popularity is not inferior to beans or quads. But, unlike them, the cascade is more universal. So, a square with which you can adjust the shape of the face, requires additional styling to create a volume of fine hair. With a cascading haircut for this effect, you just need to wash your head and blow it dry.

It is easy to create a romantic image, for which you only need to lightly wind hair with a curling rod. And the owner of a curly or wavy head of hair, a sheared cascade, will always look cute and romantic at the expense of curls or curls. A layered haircut will accentuate the structure of such hair, highlight femininity and the nature of the everyday image.

Cascade on medium hair with bang

Fringe not only emphasizes the individuality of the silhouette of the haircut. With her help, you can focus on the eyes, eyebrows, smooth out angular features. What kind of bangs to choose for this or that type of face, the barber will advise.

Knowing the features of your face and variety of bangs, you can simplify the task of the master. First of all, it is worth remembering that bangs are contraindicated in curly or wavy hair due to the peculiarity of their structure. Holders of straight hair can pay attention to the following types of bangs:

  • Arched. Hair is shortened on the forehead to the eyebrows and a smooth arch is compared with the side strands along the length. Such a bang visually stretches the face oval and hides the angularity, so it will suit the chubby girls. With the help of an arched bang you can also emphasize the subtlety and elegance of the features.
  • Classical, or "French".A straight fringe creates a contrast with the stepped silhouette of the haircut. With her help you can hide such nuances as a short forehead or an extended face, shifting the focus on the eyes and eyebrows. But this option is not suitable for a round face or a square chin.
  • Long. Intrigue, negligence, romanticism - all this helps to achieve a long bang. This option makes angular cheekbones more proportionate, visually rounds the oval of the face and even makes the nose more miniature and elegant. For fashionistas, gravitating to experiments, a long bang - the best solution. A dense or, on the contrary, torn, straight or oblique. By the way, the oblique bangs fit chubby girls and perfectly matches with the asymmetrical silhouette of a haircut.
    The huge advantage of a long bang - no matter, straight or oblique - is that if you need to refrain from shocking in favor of a more restrained style, it's enough to pin a fashionable "highlight" with a hairpin.

Cascade haircuts without bangs

A scaffold without bangs is the ideal and actually the only option for girls with curls or curls - those whose natural hair structure does not allow this hairstyle to be worn. But this does not mean that the cascade without bangs will not look and on completely straight hair.

The variant without a bang allows to create a romantic framing of an oval face, to emphasize thin cheekbones, to give an additional volume of hair. This haircut also gives an opportunity to choose different types of evening hairstyles - with magnificent locks or a pair of coquettish curls. This versatility makes the cascade without bangs widely sought-after and fashionable. No wonder many celebrities - models, actresses, secular lionesses - make their choice in his favor.

Two-in-one carousel and cascade

Technique of cascading haircuts underlies many fashionable hairstyles, among which are graded quads. This version is a synthesis of two popular models and is one of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair.

Due to the classic silhouette of the quads a shape is created, and thanks to the stepped structure - the volume. This option is best suited for those who want to keep the average length of hair and give them shape, leaving themselves able to go beyond the classics.

Ordinary classic penalty - is the constant severity and even a certain shade of conservatism. Graduated quads with a stepped structure - the ability to create a fashionable hairstyle or original styling, in particular, the now popular effect of light negligence.

The key moment in choosing such a haircut is the decision in favor of the presence or absence of bangs. On the graded square, it will be very stylish and organic to look melioration or coloring.

Hairstyles for a medium-length cascade

A medium-length cascading haircut is good in that it allows you to create hairstyles for all occasions, whether it's a business dinner, a romantic date or a youth party.

  • Everyday laying requires no effort. After washing the head with shampoo and drying with a hair dryer, you can get the natural volume, which if necessary is fixed with a small amount of hairspray.
  • To create a strict hairstyle, it also does not take much effort and time. Hair gathers in a tail, there is a bang or lateral locks curled in curls or, on the contrary, completely straightened irons. If desired, you can braid a braid or use a chignon.

The stepped structure of the cascade haircut allows you to experiment with styling, creating the most unusual and bold images - everything depends on the imagination of the master stylist or directly the owner of the head of hear.

What hair looks best?

Cascade is one of those haircuts that look good on almost any hair, regardless of their length, structure, color and type. There are no specific standards. Especially today, when hairstyles and haircuts, made on the basis of cascade technology, are full of variety.

However, there are some features of the hair that make the stepped silhouette more or less suitable for these features.

  • For example, on thin hair or a medium-thick cascade will look much better than on thick and thick.
  • Most strikingly, this haircut looks on straight hair from light-brown to dark-in these cases the stepped texture will be seen better than in all the others.
  • On wavy hair, the cascade will look as natural as possible, complementing the natural texture.

In what cases does the cascade not fit the

  1. Specialists do not recommend cascading haircuts to owners of unruly hair. Short hair on these hair will hang untidily.
  2. It is also believed that a layered haircut is not suitable for those who are going to grow their hair, because it has an uneven structure.
  3. The cascade limitation is a certain type of face. However, all these limitations and contraindications are rather arbitrary. If a girl with unruly hair tends to experiment and extravagant hairstyles, then the cascade of medium length is ideal for such experiments. The shape of the face and cheekbone is also not an indicator, considering that today the number of varieties of cascading haircut allows you to choose an option for any type.
  4. There is one unconditional contraindication to the stepped silhouette: fragile, weak, split hair. The cascade not only does not disguise, but, on the contrary, emphasizes this problem.

How to care for a cascading haircut

Hair requires daily proper care, no matter which hairstyle their owner chooses. But in view of the specificity of cascading haircuts, it is necessary to ensure that the head of hair keeps health and beauty not only visually. It should be remembered that the fragility of the hair and the tips of the tips are incompatible with the layered silhouette.

To maintain hair in good shape, you need to use the appropriate type of shampoo and conditioners, as well as not to disregard the masks. You can either buy them in ready-made form in specialized shops, or make them yourself using popular recipes.

To ensure that the hairstyle has always been voluminous and pleased the owner, it is necessary to periodically adjust the length of the haircut as the hair grows.

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