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A bright and interesting hairdo bun goes to almost all the girls. The hair, taken back, makes the look open, gives the image a touch of romance, grace. The bundles can be either strict or more frivolous. Various variants of such packing emphasize the advantages and hide the imperfections of the person. This article presents the most versatile and popular options, as well as useful tips for creating a beam.

It's interesting to know

The bun is a simple, but very elegant hairstyle originally from Greece. This laying does not require skills. Any girl can do it. If necessary, the bundles are decorated with ribbons, hairpins and invisible objects. Such hairstyles are very popular with celebrities, and stylists every season offer all the new options.

You can make a bundle in a few minutes: just collect and arrange the hair at will. More festive styling takes longer, but also looks very solemn. Several advantages of this hairstyle:

  • The curls removed back refresh the image and open the face. Thanks to this, the look becomes clear, and the image is sweet.
  • If the strands have already become dirty, it is better to remove them in a high hairstyle. This disguises the fatty roots.
  • High stitches open the neck, make it longer, pay attention to the decollete.
  • The bunch is the most spectacular solemn styling.
  • This hairstyle can be done for school and work.

On average hair

Strands of medium length often do not obey, get out, climb into the face and eyes. This length is convenient, but it is always boring to wear curls that are loose. You can remove them back using universal versions of the bundles.

  1. Of braids. If the strands are difficult to lie in one spit, it is worth braiding several at once. To do this, the curls must be divided into three parts, and then of them braid plaits. Each folds into a bundle and fits at the base. It is fixed with hairpins.
  2. From the tail. Such a haircut is easy: you need to collect the hair in a ponytail, and then gently lay at the base. Secure with studs. This option is ideal for everyday life.
  3. For solemn occasions it is worth making curls that are then stacked with beautiful curls. You can use curlers, curling irons or tongs. It does not need to make the beam too neat: its charm is just in disheveled curls.
  4. At work it is better to walk with a smooth hairdo. Ideal in the form of a shell. To do this, the strands need to be combed well with a comb with small teeth and apply foam to them for styling. You can pull with ironing. Then make a tail, but until the end of the hair through the elastic band does not push. A loop is obtained. Slightly stretch this loop, and gently close the rubber with the tip of the tail. Pin up with a hairpin.

For long hair

From the long hair, you can build a lot of interesting hairstyles. However, such locks are very heavy, so they may fall out of the hairdo. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use fixing means, as well as large staples. They will not let the hairdresser crumble. Below is an overview of universal and effective beams.


Such a hairstyle looks beautiful. It will be appropriate in the office and on the holiday. To build a similar styling, you should straighten your hair well. This can be done with ironing or smoothing serum. If you do not smooth out the curls, the styling will turn out sloppy, since the hairs will stick out in different directions. Variants of creation.

  1. Out of braid. The easiest way is to braid a beautiful smooth braid, and then fold it and fasten it to the base. Such a bundle looks good on the crown and neck. Separate hairs, knocking out of the hair, you can tame with hairspray.
  2. Using a roller. A special bagel, which can be purchased in the department of hair products, is the basis of a very popular hairstyle. With the help of such an accessory, you can acquire an elegant styling in 10 minutes. It is enough to take the hair in the tail, and from above put on a bagel. Curls carefully spread over the entire surface of the donut, and the tips can be hidden inside with the help of hairpins. This option also requires fixation, especially on very long hair.
  3. Using the loop. This option will require effort, so it is more suitable for solemn occasions. Hair is well stretched with ironing. Useful and smoothing serum. Then the curls are collected in a high tail and carefully placed at the base of the rubber in the form of a roller. Here, the hair should be perfectly smooth, otherwise the styling will not work.
  4. Shell. Make the shell simple. First, ringlets should be combed and a little wet. Then they spread the hair on one side and collect it in the hand. Begin gently folding into the shell. Then the resulting roller is fixed with pins. This laying is great for work: it is neat and discreet. At the same time it goes well with a business suit.


Similar options are irreplaceable for walks, parties. They can also go to study or work. The peculiarity of the disheveled beam is the lack of accuracy. So do not try to create the perfect hairstyle. Disheveled tufts are well combined with romantic dresses, shirts in a cage, jeans. With them you can go to the gym.

  1. The easiest way is to collect the strands in the tail, twist them in a tourniquet and place them effectively at the base of the rubber band. Release individual hairs. It is not necessary to fix a hairdress with a varnish, it looks well disheveled.
  2. Option for 5 minutes. Strands gather in the tail, but do not reach out to the end. The resulting loop should be slightly disheveled and fastened with studs. This laying looks directly and carelessly. It creates the impression of naturalness.
  3. Careless bundles perfectly combined with the weave. For example, you can make spikelets. To do this, strands near the forehead are plaited into a neat spikelet, and then all the hair is collected in a bundle. This option is universal: curls do not interfere, do not climb into the face. At the same time, the whole image looks neat.
  4. Bant. The young women look great with a bow of hair. To do it simply: the hair must be gathered in the loop, which was mentioned above. Then it is divided into two parts and stretched in different directions. The tip of the loop closes the middle of the bow. The construction is fixed with pins.
  5. For better effect, you can just brush the strands, and then lay.

You can make beams on the vertex, occiput, from the side or below.

Elegant hairstyles

Beams - an excellent choice for weddings, graduation parties, other celebrations. They look smart, and thanks to jewelry helps create an amazing image.

Beautifully taken hair at the wedding can not do without the creation of curls. First, the strands should be wound, and then laid on the head.

Step-by-step instruction for creating a spectacular wedding hairstyle:

  • Wash and comb your hair well. Curl them with a curler, forceps or ironing. You can control the width of curls: make soft curls or large waves. Preliminary it is necessary to put means for stacking.
  • Go to create a beam. To do this, you can use both the finished roller and your own curls. It all depends on the imagination: you can put the curls of a beautiful mop on the back of the head or the head, or you can just pick them up.
  • Stacking will take time and patience, as you need to lay each curl separately.
  • The design is fixed with small studs and sprinkled with varnish for fixing.

If the hairstyle is chosen for a wedding, it is worth using the following tips. They will help pick up a bunch to the wedding dress:

  • Models with an open back look great with high styling. They open the neck and back, which makes the image complete.
  • If the dress is decorated with stones, rhinestones, ribbons, it is worth putting some accessories on your hair. For example, the same flowers on the dress and hairstyle will look good.
  • A small neat dress and lush high styling look ridiculous. The rule is this: the wider and lush the dress, the greater the volume at the hairdress.
  • Models of strict simple cut are better complemented with the same modest smooth hairstyles.
  • If the dress has a complex cut, decorated with a lot of stones, flowers, accessories, it is worth making the hair a little more modest.

Useful tips for creating a beam

  1. If a simple bundle bored, you can decorate it with hairpins, hairpins or flowers. This option is suitable for a festive atmosphere. The fashion includes ribbons, they can also decorate your hair.
  2. Stylists offer a bold solution: paint a few strands, braid them in a braid, and then lay at the bottom of the beam. It's unlikely that there will still be such a styling. It is better to use simple quick dye or crayons for hair.
  3. It's difficult to make yourself an evening styling. A master class of evening hairstyles with a bunch will help here. Such events are taught to make original complex hairstyles that are rarely found.
  4. It is not necessary to stop only on one beam. You can do two at once. For this, the hair is taken in two tails, and then they are laid at the base. Get a spectacular and fussy option.
  5. Wonderfully combined with high hairstyles braids, curls and curls. It's enough just to braid the hair or wind on curlers, and then put it in your hair.
  6. You do not have to wash your hair before creating a hair, but it's worth it to comb your hair well. Stylists advise using a brush made of natural bristles: it not only combs, but also cleans from dirt.
  7. Often girls complain of naughty tips, which are knocked out of the styling. In this case, it is necessary to twist the ends so that they do not spoil the structure.
    And it is better to visit periodically the hairdresser who podravnivaet tips. After all, it is the split locks that cause so much trouble: they lie badly, they quickly lose their appearance.
  8. Get a beautiful high styling immediately from the first time can not work. Therefore, it is better to practice several times.

Any girl at least once twisted her hair in a bun. Thanks to the many options to choose the style of clothing, profession, the event will not be difficult. Success in creating hairstyles and an ideal image!


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