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When choosing an outfit for the prom, many girls are guided by the thought of "it is necessary to amaze everyone with its beauty."As a result, the Internet is full of photos of yesterday's schoolgirls in breathtakingly ridiculous clothes. In order to avoid undesirable fame, it is important to know how to choose a dress at the prom dress so as to conquer those around with an irreproachable taste.

Important rules

Women's fashion in 2017godu gravitates towards simplicity and comfort. However, for such a solemn occasion, you can depart somewhat from these trends, replacing them with refined restraint.
Which rules should be followed:
  1. The chosen image should match your temperament. Think carefully not only the color and style, but also the appropriate hair style, make-up, manicure and accessories.
  2. Choose natural fabrics. Give up heavy velvet or brocade: on a young girl such materials look inappropriate. Also inappropriately come and frankly expensive jewelry.
  3. Not in fashion will be a deep neckline, a radical mini, an abundance of small details, bright colored eye shadow, sparkles in the hair and "oak" from the varnish ringlets.

    You need to take a very serious approach to choosing a prom dress.

Adhering to the above uncomplicated conditions, you will not become the object of ridicule and snide comments. Now back to the first item in the list and look at the actual images.

Hollywood retro

The manner of dressing our grandmothers and even great-grandmothers in their youth is still in fashion. So, in the trend there will be vintage dresses on the graduation ball in the spirit of the 60's, 50's or in the style of the first half of the last century.

Which image is most suitable for your character - the graceful femininity of Grace Kelly, the brooding and slightly mischievous tenderness of the heroines Audrey Hepburn or the merry chic "a la Great Gatsby"?Have you chosen? Then we'll see how to maintain the favored style of those or other years.

  • Wishing to emphasize femininity and elegance, pay attention to the trendy and now dress without straps with a detachable at the waist, a heavily flared skirt the length of a palm below the knee. This model looks especially impressive, made of dense silk of black, red or blue color in small white peas. Pick up to him white boats on a hairpin, a thin strap, a handbag of woven leather on short pens, draw thin hands on the upper eyelid and tint your lips with red lipstick.
  • No less luxurious dress of skillfully embroidered jacquard, but simple A-shaped silhouette, perfectly suited girl of any temperament. The character can be indicated by the length just above the knees, the height of the stable heel of sandals with a closed round nose, bright or pastel color of the attire and appropriate make-up.
  • Style in the spirit of the gangster "dry law" or cheerful NEP is perfect for a girl with a daring temper. Choose a straight cut model with open shoulders on thin straps or a cutout-boat and a cut-off on the hips with a pleated skirt below the knee. Add shoes with a thin jumper on the rise, smoky eye makeup, bright lipstick, an elegant handbag - and the image is ready.

When choosing a vintage dress and wishing to withstand impeccable style, it is necessary to take into account that the fabric should be of the highest quality, and this is difficult to find and buy expensive. So let's see more budgetary, but no less beautiful images.

Young Princess

Which girl in her childhood did not paint fairy-tale heroines in luxuriously decorated outfits? With age, tastes change, but the dream remains. An excellent, and often the only, way to translate it into life is the opportunity to put on a gorgeous dress at the graduation party at school. In this case, as mentioned above, you want to look not only elegantly, but also fashionable. So let's see what prom dresses with a fluffy skirt are recommended by the leading stylists this year:

  1. A red gradient dress promises to be a hit of the season due to the numerous lower skirts with a color about three fingers above the ankle.
    Cover the open shoulders with a white translucent shawl, put on the boats in tone and decorate the wrist with graceful watch.
  2. If you do not want to emphasize the waist, but do not want to give up gorgeous dresses, try on another gradient hit of the spring-summer season - a pearl-gray, turning to an almost black model, with a cut-off palm below the chest with a multi-layered skirt on the floor. Add on the neck and hands ornaments from coral or turquoise, put as much open sandals on the hairpin and take an elegant silvery clutch.
  3. To get confused in a long hem is too unusual for you, and a short skirt is unacceptable? The style of the mallet will help to solve the problem. A special glamor will be to choose a dress with a tight bodice and a cut-off pair of fingers above the waist with a flared bottom. The luster of the skirt will be provided by the protruding( five in front and three centimeters - to the side seams) layers of contrasting color or a larger print.

Since it's about convenience, let's talk about the most familiar image, and therefore, comfortable for young girls.

Stylish mini

The strict school regulations did not allow you to show your slender legs too openly, and now you are considering short dresses for graduation party, intending to recoup the full program? It is important not to overdo it with epatage. So, what mini for graduates will be relevant this year:

  1. The most courageous girls with long legs and a slender figure can dress up in a bright dress with a lush underwear from organza with a skirt-tutu to the middle of the thigh. The style of the bodice in this case should be extremely simple and preferably not corset.
  2. The trend will be A-silhouette with an American armhole.
  3. Always fashionable case can be revived by careless styling and impertinent ornaments.

For the image in a short dress, there are fashionable taboos: do not wear gladiator sandals, refuse fanciful hairstyles, plentiful cosmetics and bright manicure. Remember that the dress on the graduation should emphasize your youth and freshness.

Fashionable novelties

If you prefer exceptionally comfortable clothes and the prospect of putting on studs is not at all pleasing, choose a trendy shirt this year, up to heels. The elegance of this model is provided by a delicate pink thin silk and several times wrapped around the waist, carelessly tied with a spaghetti girdle. Pick up to him white sandals or sandals on a wedge.

Another fresh fashion trend for graduates is jewelry from fresh flowers. Wearing a prom dress with a flower, you can create almost any image.
But there are conditions:
  • The fabric should be without a print.
  • The image is not overloaded with small details.
  • No flashy jewelery.

Especially impressive are the white flowers on the belt of a black or red satin dress with a lush skirt.

Lovers of country and eco in 2017goda will be pleased to be able to put on a prom dress from a perforated, artfully embroidered floral motifs, flax. Designers recommend that graduates wear outfits that are strongly fitted, with a cut flared skirt and lush lace tops, with the most open sandals on the platform. In this case, colors are offered the most diverse. The only condition is the effect of powderiness. To this image fit jewelry from matte stones and leather handbag on a long strap.

We choose the color of

. Surely you have often encountered the situation when clothes are sitting perfectly on a figure, emphasizes all the advantages, masks defects, but still does not go. The question is, why? It's a wrong color. Therefore, when deciding on the color of the dress for the prom, forget about the fashion trends for a while. The blind desire to copy the outfit "just like that movie star" may not justify the hopes.

First of all, determine whether you have a cold or warm color:

  • If you have reddish or light blond hair, green or blue eyes, a creamy or pinkish skin, then you are a spring-summer girl. In this case, give up aggressively bright, contrasting colors. Give preference to a delicate floral print or fabrics of green, blue, lavender, plum, light pink, coral, melon and ivory.
  • To "cold", autumn-winter type are girls with brown eyes, swarthy skin tone, chestnut or black hair. Owners of this color will go the richly spicy shades of blue, red, golden orange, olive, gray and black. A warm "powder" pastel scale will also be a good choice.

Selecting this or that shade, stock up with paper, usual watercolor paints or gouache. Then cut the rectangles about 10x15 centimeters, color them in the desired shades and try on face in natural light. So, with what color of dress to choose for the graduation party at school, you will be dismantled. Now it's time to move on to another archival issue.

The shape has the value

How to choose an outfit for girls with the figure "apple", "pear" and "inverted triangle" so that at the prom ball look no worse than classmates with immaculate proportions:

  1. Graduates with narrow thighs and undeveloped waist can safely wear topicaland this year's silk dress in Greek style. A good choice will be the outfits "a la Josefina Beauharnais" with a cut off under the breast skirt and long drapes.
  2. The owners of a thin waist, wide hips and voluminous zone breeches will suit dresses A-shaped cut or with flared skirt. To divert attention from the problem zone will help to throw a bright shawl or decorations in the décolletage area on the open shoulders.
  3. A boyish figure with broad shoulders and narrow hips more feminine will make models with multi-layered skirts and asymmetrical, one-shoulder, upright.

When choosing the style of a prom dress, do not forget that you will have to spend a lot of time in it. Therefore, a spectacular, but inconvenient long year "mermaid" makes sense to wear only to graduates involved in the gala concert program.

In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in June it is cool at night. If you prefer a dress with open shoulders or back, do not forget to bring a silk or thin cashmere shawl or a smart jacket. Selecting the style of country is not forbidden to throw on his shoulders a stylish short coho of the right color.

For graduates in the image of "retro" it is permissible to warm up under a fashionable fur boa out of mink, fox or fox.

Take a dress for rent, buy ready-made or order custom tailoring - each girl decides on her own. It is important only to carefully work out the smallest details of the image, and at the graduation ball you will not feel Cinderella, but a princess.


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