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There are a lot of stars in Hollywood, but not all of them become known literally to everyone. Someone does not like modern cinema, and some even prefer not to watch television. However, there are real divas that are so famous that it is almost impossible to find a person who does not know about them.

It's such a star - Angelina Jolie. About her know that she is an actress, many have heard of her love of charity. But the real popularity was determined by Jolie's showy appearance. Plump lips, a beautiful oval face, gorgeous eyes - these are the features that are familiar to everyone.

How beautiful is a star from nature, how does makeup help it to transform? Is it worth creating a similar image in her style, how to do it? We will try to answer all questions. Consider the makeup of Angelina Jolie, let's try to find out all the subtleties of its creation. And then we will get down to business!

You can not only make up your lips, smooth out the tone of your face and emphasize your cheekbones, but also make an amazing eye makeup, repeating Angelina's corporate style. This will indicate the natural sexuality, charm, make the look more vivid, deeper.

Features of makeup of Angelina

Angelina can be different. She is amazingly catchy and sexy, bold and modest, captivates the angelic appearance and image of a female fighter. Quiet notes are replaced by explosive chords, and chaste self-restraint is the fantastic charisma of the most liberated female cat.

And while Jolie always remains itself! In this it is helped not only by natural data, but also skillfully applied makeup. What always preserves the individuality of the famous Angelina? Let's consider some photos.

Strong Angelin

Here we have Angelina-fighter. She is strong, courageous, bold. The lips are slightly pushed forward, and the eyes are narrowed. We see a beautiful face oval, clearly outlined cheekbones, beautiful chin and high enough forehead.

  • Of course, in this picture you can not ignore the feminine neck of an actress, thin wrists, beautiful fingers. .. But make-up comes to the fore. It is as natural as possible, but all the accents are correctly placed.
  • Beige lipstick slightly "muffles" the effect of voluminous lips, although they do not become thin due to this. On the contrary, the actress perfectly marked the natural line of her lips with a contour. We can appreciate the chic form, the volume of the lips. Simply, they do not become the center of the image, since Jolie's main accent traditionally creates before our eyes.
  • Here they are! Cat's eyes Jolie, who without makeup do not look so flashy. A pencil, shadows are needed here to create a brand name. Bent arrows, a clear line in the lower eyelid, workshop shading. All this underscores the amygdala shape of the eyes, allows you to achieve an extraordinary depth and sexuality of look.

Jolie lifted one eyebrow of impeccable shape and as if asks if we were convinced of her makeup perfection. Of course, here cosmetics used surprisingly professionally! It is worth learning from Angelina so vividly to denote the natural beauty, without adding superfluous color and unnecessary accents. The image is harmonious, one-piece.

Daring Jolie

  • Here we see the sexy Angelina Jolie. The skin is well tanned, which has now become a rarity for the recognized snow white Jolie. Features of make-up are again traditional.
  • The actress has a perfectly defined lip contour, but the main accent is created before our eyes. While they are only with a hint of "cat", a strong arrows, we will not see here. And the eyebrows are contoured wonderfully spectacularly!
  • In addition, Angelina did not forget to take care of her eyelashes. With the help of make-up, she perfectly marked the growth line, made the eyelashes amazingly long, fluffy. Of course, there is no question of clumps or glued hairs. Everything is perfect.

Fascination of Youth and Cat's Eyes

In this photo, Angelina's corporate style is more clearly defined. The eyes are really "cat's", perfectly painted. Makeup is made with a pencil, shadows, there are arrows, shading.

It's easy to see that Angelina Jolie's eye makeup most of all refreshes her, gives her youth and unique energy.

Eyes with almost no arrows

Many women who refuse "cat eyes" note that they categorically do not like traditional folded corners, lines that are too far in excess. And it's not necessary to paint eyes that way! That with success confirms Angelina.

Here is her natural make-up, denoting the natural charm, attraction. The image is soft, feminine.

  • The eyes are "cat's", no doubt. But no long lines that extend beyond the corner of the eye, raised and bent arrows, we will not see here.
You can do eye makeup in the style of Jolie and at the same time do not draw "arrows"!
  • This brand image of the star is truly universal, it will suit almost everyone. It needs only to adapt a little, taking into account the peculiarities of its appearance. The task of make-up is to reveal the natural charm, and not to radically transform the image.

Fatal purple

Saturated red shades are also not alien to Angelina. Jolie with bright red lips is also irresistible! Certainly, the accents of such make-up are more suitable for celebrations, receptions, social events, and not for everyday life.

However, if a girl is going to a romantic date, this image will be quite appropriate.

  • Here, the star paid attention to her magnificent eyes, creating a firm make-up and taking care of fluffy thick eyelashes.
  • The lower eyelid is brought barely noticeably to emphasize the amygdala-shaped eyes. The upper arrow is shown brightly.

These are classic "cat's eyes", although very thick eyelashes slightly reduce the effect of curved arrows.

Classic "cat's" eyes

In this photo we can perfectly consider the classic "cat's" eyes of Jolie. Such a make-up effect is simply amazing!

  • The elongated curved arrow is clearly visible, the outline of the lower eyelid is clearly guided.
  • In the upper eyelid, the lining extends considerably from the middle of the century to the outer corner, which visually makes the eyes more visible, giving the look expressiveness.
If you want to make the eyes more elongated, avoid unnecessary rounding, boldly run the eyeliner directly into the inner corners. Just make it thinner, more natural.

You can use a gray or brown pencil. Let your eyes be almond-shaped, as in this picture of Angelina.

Secrets of makeup in the style of Jolie

Do you want to make yourself a makeover in the style of Angelina Jolie, find out its main features? Remember a few nuances, simple tips! You will create a catchy image without difficulty.

Perfection of the skin

Of course, to achieve this color, the smoothness of the surface will not be immediately possible. It is extremely important to address with any problems to the cosmetologist, dermatologist, to take care of the skin every day. But you can make a tone with the help of make-up, make the skin of the face as attractive as possible.

Before this, it is necessary to prepare the skin, clean it well, apply a cream on it, and carefully moisturize it.

Use light tonal bases, creamy powders.

Sensations of severity, discomfort after application of tone should not be.

The shape of the face and cheekbones

Angelina's cheekbones are pronounced by nature. Not everyone was lucky enough to have such a flashy features, but the cheekbones can be clearly identified with the help of makeup. Just "hover" them just below the cheekbone line.

Remember that to create makeup in the style of Angelina Jolie, do not use too bright, dark blush. Strive for naturalness.

Also it is necessary to plan a nose, to allocate a chin and a forehead. If the nose is a bit large, it needs to be given special attention, highlighting the central part and the bridge of the nose, putting light shadows on the wings of the nose.


Large lips of stunning form have already made Jolie a true legend. Many girls dream of such lips, and someone is even ready for a plastic surgery. It is worth remembering that in Angelina the main thing is naturalness. And the best solution is to emphasize the beauty of your lips, make them visually a bit fuller.

Secrets of the makeup of the lips , which you will find useful:
  1. Use a light foundation to apply to the lips of the base.
  2. Clearly outline the contour, but do not try to wind it beyond the natural line of the lips. Go exactly along the natural line.
  3. When the tone is applied, the contour is directed, proceed to apply the lipstick. Choose a soft shade, beige or pinkish.
  4. After that, cover the lips with a special glitter that increases the volume. In the middle of the lower lip, you can apply a little pearl translucent lipstick and shade it. Visually, all this will allow you to enlarge your lips.

Eye makeup should be given special attention. To do this, you will need a step-by-step tutorial. Make eye makeup Jolie!

Eye make-up of Angelina Jolie. Step-by-step instruction with photo

Angelina Jolie's eye make-up is invariably admired. You can learn how to do it right now, using a visual lesson with the photo. Everything is set out simply and understandably, step by step.

  1. First of all, cleanse the skin, moisten it. Apply a mother-of-pearl under the shade. It must cover the entire mobile eyelid.
  2. Take the green shadows. It is advisable to choose shadows with a grayish tint, as they look as natural as possible. Apply a thin layer, shade them.
  3. Take a light shade with a pearl shimmer and apply it to the upper eyelid. Movements should be driving, the layer must be made the thinnest. You mute the green color a bit, making it natural.
  4. Now bring the upper eyelid and create branded arrows. The dash should go right up to the line of eyelash growth. Raise the tip of the arrow a little. Remember that from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye the line is noticeably thickened.
  5. Now it's time to make the look more expressive. Pearlescent shadows of a brown shade will help in this. They must be applied over the arrow, and then shade well. When the shooter loses the sharpness a little, makeup will immediately become more natural.
  6. Now we need to work with the upper eyelid. Exterior refresh with green shadows. Lead the line through the lower eyelid from the outer corner to the middle.
  7. The lower eyelid should be refreshed with light pearly shadows. This will create an excellent contrast. This make-up really visually rejuvenates.
  8. The inner lower eyelid should be brought near the outer corner, but only until the middle. Almond-shaped eye shape will be perfectly underlined!
  9. The final touch! We paint eyelashes. Use extension mascara. When you apply the first layer, you need to gently comb the eyelashes with a brush. After that, apply a second layer.

Now you know how to make makeup in the style of Jolie! Magnificent Angelina conquers those around her with naturalness, charm, skillfully emphasizes femininity with the help of make-up.

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