Tips on how to quickly cure ARVI in pregnancy

Most people face such a disease as ARVI( acute viral respiratory infection), annually. Infection of the body can lead to serious complications, if not treated. One of the most difficult cases is if a woman develops ARVI during pregnancy. In addition, this ailment in the early stages of pregnancy has serious consequences, including for the child, and therefore it is worth knowing how to properly organize the medical process in this period.

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Symptoms of

It does not matter if ARVI appears early in pregnancy or not, the symptomatology of this disease is the same and manifests itself in the form:

  • general malaise;
  • weakness;
  • of sinus congestion;
  • is a common cold;
  • cough;
  • headaches;
  • elevated temperature.

Symptomatology may be incomplete, for example, in some cases there is no increase in temperature, but this does not mean that there is no infection in the body. It is best to begin treatment in the first hours of the detection of symptoms and poor health, so it will be easier to get rid of the ailment.

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Possible consequences of

The occurrence of a viral infection during pregnancy can lead to various unpleasant consequences:

  • Miscarriage. This is the case in the case of a virus infection at the earliest possible date, in which, perhaps, the woman herself does not know about her interesting situation. About 18% of cases of infection with ARVI in the first two weeks resulted in abortion.
  • Developmental flaws. If the infection has entered the body in the 2-3 months of bearing the fetus, then this can lead to the appearance of a baby with malformations. This period is characterized by the laying of tissues and organs of the fetus, and therefore any intervention in this process is dangerous.
  • The inability to carry. Infection that enters the body of a pregnant woman becomes an obstacle to free development and bearing of the fetus. Plus, during labor, infection increases the level of blood loss. In addition, there is a possibility of the onset of an inflammatory process in the genitals, which significantly worsens the condition of the baby.

Depending on the period of pregnancy, the degree of complications varies, as well as their orientation. If a viral infection begins to manifest itself during the labor period, then after birth you can also face complications.

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Treatment of

It is important to visit a doctor, this is a prerequisite. In the first trimester of pregnancy, a specialist is called into the house.

The doctor must:

  • correctly diagnose, because it is possible not a viral, but a bacterial infection or allergy;
  • correctly prescribe drugs according to the individual characteristics of the pregnant woman and minimize harm to the child;
  • to control the process of recovery, if it is not observed - to place a woman in a hospital.

Treatment of ARVI in all trimesters of pregnancy is carried out using the following procedures:

  • Required bed rest .You should save energy and be warm. In addition, the room should provide regular airing.
  • Rinses and inhalations .To get rid of the inflammatory process in the throat and its edema can be through various inhalations. To do this, it is good to use boiled potatoes, essential oils, herbal infusions or furatsilin.
  • Expectorants .A good effect is honey, which is mixed with a glass of warm milk and a slice of butter.
  • Rinsing of the nose .To do this, use a saline solution, and drip your nose better with aloe juice, taken from fresh leaves of the plant.
  • Wiping .The temperature can only be knocked down by rubbing. For the solution, this procedure uses cool water or a mixture of it with vinegar.
  • Diet. In addition, that it is necessary to start eating vegetable and dairy products, you should provide the body with the intake of a large number of vitamins. So the recovery will come sooner.

With regards to preparations for medical procedures, the following are allowed during pregnancy:

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  • Aquamaris and Aqualor. These remedies will help eliminate the common cold .Also use Pinosol or Nazivin. These drugs do not contain any aggressive components, only natural and sparing.
  • Paracetamol preparations( Panadol, Efferalgan) or ibuprofen( Nurofen and analogs) can be taken. They have an analgesic effect and reduce the temperature of .
  • For to eliminate the pain in the throat of and to remove puffiness, you can apply Geksoral, Ingalipt and Cameton. Inflammatory processes terminate under the influence of these funds very quickly. In addition, they contain substances that have an analgesic effect and do not affect the baby's body.
The most easily tolerated and cured ARVI in the third trimester of pregnancy, because in this period allowed the use of a larger list of drugs.
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It is worth very carefully and responsibly approach to your health, especially in the period of bearing the fetus.

What could be better than not facing diseases at all? To make it real, it is only necessary to pay attention to preventive measures:

  • Rinses. After each exit to public places, after returning home, gargle with any herbal decoction. Calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus will be suitable for these purposes. You can use infusions, add which you need 30 drops per 200 ml of water.
  • Hand hygiene. Try as often as possible to wash your hands with soap, this significantly reduces the risk of contracting ARVI.
  • Airing. No matter what the weather outside the window, the room should always be ventilated. This should be done 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Viral infection likes to develop in a warm and humid environment, which appears in the room with a long blockage of windows.
  • Vitamins. It is worth from the very first day of pregnancy to purchase specialized vitamin complexes for pregnant women. They contain a double dosage of vitamins, which will strengthen the protective functions in the body.
  • Risk reduction. This event involves strengthening the immunity of all who live with a pregnant woman. Despite the adoption of personal preventive measures during pregnancy, there is always a risk of contracting ARVI from someone close, so you should take this moment into account and take all possible measures for this. You can take advantage of this drug Derinat, which provides immunity barrier against the penetration of viruses.
  • Exclude the possibility of infection. If it happened that one of the family members still caught a cold, then you must buy a sterile mask, which you need to wear when you are in contact with the sick person. In addition, stop using one of the cutlery and start using onions and garlic. Also, these plants can be placed in a sliced ​​form throughout the apartment, they will remove the infection from the airspace.
  • In the period of epidemics, whenever possible, limit travel by public transport, visiting places of large crowds.
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