Inflammation of palatine tonsils and pharynx physicians is classified as a sore throat. The disease is considered quite complicated, it can have unpleasant and even life-threatening complications, but if the angina is diagnosed in time, then simple sores of the throat with soda and salt will help in alleviating the condition of the patient. How effective is this method of treatment of sore throats and how to carry out the procedures correctly?

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  • 1 Symptoms and diagnosis of sore throat
  • 2 Sore throats with sore throat
  • 3 How to properly rinse
    • 3.1 Recipes
    • 3.2 Rinse mode
  • 4 Efficiency of soda / hydrochloride rinses

Symptoms and diagnosis of sore throat

Doctors distinguish three types of the considered disease:

  • catarrhal;
  • is follicular;
  • lacunar.

How to make a solution for rinsing with salt in angina For each of them, the following symptoms are common:

  • high temperature, which developed rapidly;
  • marked malaise - drowsiness, weakness;
  • irritating cough;
  • pain when trying to swallow even your own saliva;
  • increased sweating.

The first symptoms of angina may be associated with an unpleasant sensation in the ear( especially during swallowing), an increase in the pharyngeal lymph nodes, a pain in the muscle tissue, an "aching" in the joints.

Diagnostic measures are not complex - the can determine the sore throat even the patient himself at home. First, there is severe pain in the pharynx when swallowing;secondly, you can use your fingers to reveal significantly enlarged and painful tonsils;thirdly, before the mirror with an open mouth you can see reddening of the throat( hyperemia).With a more thorough examination, the type of sore throat will be determined in the medical institution - festering follicles "scattered" along the tonsils and the sky will be characteristic for the follicular, but with lacunar physicians only a loose coating will be seen.

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If the sore throat is started by a sudden increase in temperature to critical levels, the patient is clearly experiencing symptoms of intoxication( nausea and vomiting, dizziness), then you should urgently seek medical advice. In this case, self-administration of medicines or use of methods of traditional medicine is inappropriate.

Sore throat with sore throat

Recipe for gargling with soda and salt in angina The appearance of the above signs is a reason for going to the doctor. But even at home, you can quickly get rid of the puffiness of the tonsils, and from painful sensations. The most effective way is considered a folk remedy for sore throats - rinsing. Even ordinary warm water will help cleanse the plaque, "wash off" the pathogenic bacteria and bring relief to the patient, removing the irritation of the mucous throat. Similar procedures are approved by both official medicine and traditional healers, but you need to know both the recipes for rinsing and the rules for carrying it out.

You can prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs( sage / camomile / chamomile / chamomile), you can use to make a solution of medications. But the simplest and most effective recipe is rinsing with a solution of soda and salt. In this case, soda will have a beneficial effect on irritated pharyngeal mucosa, and salt "pull" pathogenic microorganisms, remove puffiness.

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How to properly rinse

It is only at first glance to rinse your throat with angina easily and simply. But if within 2-3 days the symptoms of the disease do not disappear and there is no relief, then an error has been committed either in the preparation of the solution or in the procedure.

Recipes of

Soda for rinsing throat proportions There are only two recipes for the preparation of soda and salt solutions, which will be effective in treating angina and at the very beginning of the disease( when the first symptoms appear), and with a clear clinical picture. So, how correctly to make a solution of soda for a gargling of a throat?

  1. Dilute 15 grams( incomplete teaspoon) of soda( food) in a glass( 200 ml) of warm boiled water.
  2. A teaspoonful( 15 grams) of sea salt is dissolved in 200 ml( a glass) of warm boiled water.

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The rules for preparation of the above solutions must be observed:

  1. Too hot solution will damage the mucous throat and tonsils - this will bring additional discomfort to the patient.
  2. A large amount of soda dries up the mucous membrane - it is not worth breaking the proportions of the soda solution to speed up the treatment. Notice how much soda is needed for the solution.
  3. For children, take half the specified proportion of soda and salt.
  4. When pregnant rinse with soda should be done carefully, especially in the first months - the procedure provokes a vomitive reflex.

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If there is no sea salt in the house, it will be replaced by combining in one glass of warm water of rock salt and baking soda( a teaspoonful).Dissolve the dry components and add 1-2 drops of iodine - there will be a complete identity to the solution of sea salt.

Rinse mode

How to rinse with soda with sore throat

To cure sore throat, you need to gargle with soda and salt every hour!

To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to gargle with the above solutions as often as possible - for example, every 60 minutes during the day. You can not limit yourself to two or three rinses - each time the procedure should be held for at least 5 minutes.

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Soda, especially in combination with salt and iodine, negatively affects the gastric mucosa and therefore can not be swallowed by a rinse! If the child is sick with angina, then treatment in this way can be done only at the age when the patient can independently perform the rinsing process and completely spit out the liquid.

After the procedure, you should refrain from eating food and any liquid for 15-20 minutes, it is advisable to gargle immediately after eating.

To prepare the solution you need specifically for the next rinse - the cooled solution will need to be heated, and during the heating process, useful properties are lost.

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The effect of rinses of soda and brine solutions with angina occurs quickly if a patient spends at least 10 procedures per day. The duration of such treatment is 5 days minimum. Even if all the symptoms have disappeared, you should continue rinsing for another 2 days - the result is "fixed".

Efficiency of soda / hydrochloric rinses

Proportions of gargling with soda, salt and iodine

Iodine will enhance the effectiveness of salt / soda throat rinses

According to statistics, 70% of bacteria are washed out of the throat if rinses begin to occur when the first symptoms of sore throat appear. If only this method of treatment of the inflammatory process in the pharynx and tonsils is used, then the recovery comes in a maximum of 5 days, often the period is reduced to 3 days.

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In no case should it be done exclusively with rinses, if the patient has signs of intoxication - the doctor should prescribe antibacterial drugs( antibiotics) and antiviral agents, and carry out symptomatic therapy.

Soda and salt are non-allergenic products, so you can use them for the treatment of angina absolutely for every person. The effect of the procedures will not take long to wait - the mucosa is cleared of plaque, puffiness is eliminated, the microtraumma of the pharynx is healed.