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We can not imagine a single day without make-up. Do you think this is inherent only to modern women? Not at all, the use of decorative cosmetics is deeply rooted in the past. Proof of this mass, for example, during the excavation of one of the burials, dating back to three thousand years before our era, was found a cosmetic set of pure gold. At all times women have found faithful allies in these jars and tubes, because they are the best help to emphasize the most beneficial features and to hide what seems less attractive to us.

However, make-up is a kind of art that can and should be learned. Having mastered some simple tricks, you can feel confident in any situation, whether it's a day-to-day exit or a solemn event. How long are you willing to spend on your makeup daily?2, 5, 15 minutes? And maybe 30 seconds? By gaining experience and improving your skills, you will achieve an amazing change in appearance in the shortest possible time. It does not matter how old you are, what style you prefer and in what mood you wake up.

Over time, you are so thoroughly organizing the process of creating beauty, so that it takes as little time as possible, and results bring the best possible results. But this will require practice. Therefore it is necessary to allocate somehow a free evening and, armed with all necessary, to try new methods of make-up. First of all, carefully study your face without makeup. Think about what a line to emphasize. Perhaps you are the owner of beautiful eyes and long fluffy eyelashes? Or plump sensual lips? Or maybe you have elegant cheekbones and an amazing bend of the eyebrows? A unique highlight is always present in the face of every woman, you just need to find it.

Quick makeup can be not only everyday, but also elegant. In any case, it should look natural and not cause a sensation of a "layer of plaster".So you can maximize your dignity and feel self-confidence.

Quick make-up: video

Quick make-up for 5 minutes

Quick morning make-up for 15 minutes

Quick make-up for 10 seconds( humor =))


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