A good inhaler for the treatment of colds, especially coughing of various locations, will be a home inhaler. The main types, features of choice and available models are all the information in our article.

Each category of products is presented in the widest range, so it is possible to choose the device at a cost and technical specifications. Inhalers for children and adults how to choose one of the most important issues. The main selection criteria and a review of popular models are presented below.


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How to choose the right

inhalers for children and adults how to choose

How to choose an inhaler for cough and coryza? Buying an inhaler is a responsible decision, because you want to get the best. This is not a new electric kettle or microwave oven. With this device you will be treated yourself or treat your loved ones.

Also of great importance is the purpose of the purchase. Inhalers are not only able to heat inhaled air, new models disengage drug substance into tiny particles, which then enter the bronchi and lungs of a sick person. Before buying, you need to consult a pediatrician if you want to buy an inhaler for a home inhaler for children. And also his district therapist, if the device is intended for the treatment of adults. The best option is to buy a universal device.

The video tells how to choose an inhaler for a child:

The first priority in choosing any home equipment are the answers to the following questions:

  • First: is there a serious need for such a purchase, or did you simply decide to pay homage and buy a device that is absolutely unnecessary in your family.
  • Second: for what purpose and age category will the inhaler be used? If the prevention of pulmonary diseases in children, this is one thing, but for the treatment of severe emphysema in the grandmother - quite another.
  • Third: how much you expect. The steam inhaler will be the least expensive, but the newest models of ultrasonic devices will require a significant cost of the family budget.

Each of these questions can be classified in the following way.

Indications for use

  • Bronchitis( here it is described what can treat bronchitis in young children);
  • Tracheitis;
  • Laryngitis( read about the treatment of laryngitis nebulizer);
  • Pharyngitis( treatment of acute pharyngitis in adults is described here);
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Tuberculosis.

In the video - use of the inhaler for various diseases:

In addition to these, rather severe conditions, the inhaler can be used to relieve the following symptoms of respiratory diseases:

  • Swelling of the nasopharynx and larynx;
  • Bronchospasm;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • Cleaning of the respiratory tract from mucus and sputum;
  • Rapid elimination of allergens;
  • Normalization of blood supply to the affected organ.

Inhalers are also used for cosmetic purposes: steam models successfully help to make a preparatory procedure for steaming the face before cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

In order not to damage or aggravate the serious course of the disease, there are also contraindications to the use of an inhaler. This, above all, nasal bleeding and increased body temperature. Do not use the device for problems of the cardiovascular system and hypertension. It is quite natural that with any manifestations of allergic reactions to medications, inhalations with these substances are also prohibited.

Use of any of the above inhalers requires prior consultation with a physician. Do not prescribe medicines and solutions for inhalations. Each disease requires a comprehensive approach, therefore, completely to cancel the medication even the newest inhaler, unfortunately, can not.

The video tells how to choose inhalers for children and adults:

For different ages


In the photo - inhaler "Steam Engine"

There are no fundamental differences in these devices. The model can be equipped with different attachments, which can be selected for both children's age and adult patients. Thematic devices are very popular. Children's inhalers are often made in the form of toys, fairy-tale characters or just interesting objects of the world.

For optimum results it is necessary to select special nozzles on which the size of the sprayed particles will depend. Depending on this, the medicine is taken to the appropriate body. The smaller the particle diameter, the deeper the medication penetrates.

Inhalers can create the following particles:

  • 5- 0 micron: effective action on the nasopharynx, larynx and oral cavity;
  • 1-5 microns: reach the bronchi:
  • Less than 1 micron: the drug penetrates into the lungs.

Based on this information, steam inhalers with the largest fraction of inhaled particles will be practically useless for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the lungs, except to alleviate the accompanying negative conditions of the larynx and edema of the nasopharyngeal mucosa.

The opposite situation will be no better: treatment of the common cold and acute respiratory distress syndrome with an ultrasound inhaler will be just as useless. The smallest particles of the drug will fall directly onto the bronchi and into the lungs, bypassing the affected parts of the oral cavity and nasopharynx.

what to give a child 6 months to cough

What to give a child 6 months to cough?

Here you can see the composition of complex drops with genyantritis.

Reviews of drops in the nose for children Vibrocil: http: //prolor.ru/n/ lechenie-n / vibrocil-kapli-v-nos.html.

Features of use for the youngest

In addition to the nature of the diseases with which inhalations help to cope, there are also some nuances regarding the age of the patient. For adults, you can use absolutely all inhalers, which will help bring drug substances to the affected organ.

Children before the year can not use any model of steam inhalation, because sensitive mucous is not able to withstand hot steam. Modern inhalers - ultrasonic and membrane type nebulizers are recommended from birth, so it is best for a baby to buy just such a device. inhaler Children up to a year old

Compression inhalers much better design and can without interference to split the active substance into small particles, do not affect it thermally. This is a big plus of this model, because under the influence of high temperatures many components are destroyed or lose their effectiveness. The drawbacks of compression models will be considerable noise at work and rather cumbersome dimensions. This will make it difficult to store the device, and can also frighten the child and create fear and aggression to such treatment. Compression Inhalers for Children

All this was taken into account by the manufacturers of ultrasonic inhalers , which created a unique device, ideal for children. The disadvantage of this equipment will be a considerable compared with previous versions of the cost, as well as uselessness when introducing antibiotics or hormonal drugs. ultrasonic inhalers for children

Diaphragm-type electronic inhalers are today the bearers of the most "advanced" technologies. Unlike all the previous ones, the "mash" inhalers are almost noiseless, can be used in early childhood and are effective for the administration of any types of medications. On the way to such perfection will still be a high cost, but if you expect to use the inhaler permanently or for medical reasons, one of the members of the family needs regular inhalations, you better not find the device. Electronic inhalators for children


How to choose the best inhaler? Which one to cope with the task more effectively? It is not entirely appropriate to compare instruments of absolutely different effects, therefore TOP - the 5 best instruments open steam models of modern inhalers.

The best steam inhalers

No. Manufacturer. Features. Application. Cost.
1. MED 2000 SI - 03 "Burenka". Function for adjusting the particle size of steam. Children's + adult mask for cosmetic procedures. From $ 66.
2. Chamomile. Reset of steam, nozzle for steaming the face. Inexpensive inhaler plus face sauna. From $ 91.
3. Vega SI - 01. Automatic shutdown, a wide range of used drugs. Complete with an additional nozzle for cleaning the face. From $ 29.
4. First FA -8105. Auto power off, power indicator. Suitable for inhalations and cosmetic procedures. From $ 23.
5. Beurer FS 50. Nozzle for inhalation of oral and nasal cavity, as well as for the face. Inhalation, steam facial cleansing and aromatherapy. From $ 64.

TOP - 5 Compression Inhalers

No. Manufacturer. Features. Application. Cost.
1. MICRO LIFE NEB 100 B There is a nasal mask. Universal, easy to use. From 55 $.
2. Omron compaire C 28. Good performance and spray speed. Universal, there is a special nozzle for children. From $ 50.
3. B. Well WN 115K. The bright design is very pleasant to children and distracts from the procedure. Universal, suitable for the treatment of the whole family. From $ 45.
4. Omron compaire C 24 kids. Quiet operation and compact dimensions. There is a small nozzle for babies. From $ 57.
5. AND CN - 231. Simple operation, portable dimensions. Universal, there is an adult and children's mask. From $ 67.

Rating of the best ultrasonic inhaler models

Part No. Manufacturer. Features. Application. Cost.
1. Omron U 17. Overall and powerful device, more suitable for a clinic or hospital. Professional equipment. 2550-2560 $.
2. Little doctor LD 250 U. Can be used for two patients simultaneously. There are removable attachments for children and adults. Universal compact device for home use. From $ 76.
3. Frei( Gamma) Compact. Adjustment of the aerosol flow, silent operation, compact dimensions. There is an adult and children's nozzle, suitable for the whole family. From $ 37.

Diaphragm type inhalers

Part No. Manufacturer. Features. Application. Cost.
1. Frei NE - SM 1. Suitable for inhalation of a sleeping child and in the "on the side" position. Universal, easy to operate, noiseless operation. From 131 $.
2. Omron NE-U 22 Micro A.I.R. Super compact size, only 97 g. Universal for the whole family, can work from batteries and through the adapter from the network. From $ 159.
3. Little doctor LD 207 U. Economical drug consumption, noiseless operation. Three masks are included: for children, for adults and for babies. From $ 91.

Home inhaler - an excellent portable device for self-treatment and alleviation of many serious ailments. Having chosen a suitable type of device among the presented assortment it is possible to successfully cure colds and bronchitis at home. Here you can read about the use of a nebulizer for the treatment of cold and cough.

On the video - how to choose an inhaler for a child says Dr. Komarovsky:


  • Nikolay, 51 years old: " Son with daughter-in-law for his birthday gave a small but very convenient device. For a long time he suffered from a cough after two years ago bronchitis. To the polyclinic for warming up to go far, but at home I do almost every day. I like the opportunity to do the procedure lying down and not stopping, for example, from watching TV or reading a book. Cough from bronchitis was almost immediately, now I'm doing a general strengthening course of immunostimulating drugs. "