Crafts for Easter - simple, own hands

  • Beautiful postcards for Easter
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  • Easter egg with our own hands
  • Original crafts from eggs
  • Decorating the eggs with artichoke ribbons - video
  • Sewing and knitting Easter crafts
  • Easter bunny from the sock - video
  • Even more original gizmos toholiday

Doing crafts for the holiday - a great way to recharge your mood, taking yourself and all household members an exciting hobby. To create many homemade things, there is not even a need to stock additional materials: paper, cardboard, pieces of fabric, pencils and paints are most likely in every house. Let's get down to creative self-expression and create interesting crafts for Easter with our own hands.

Beautiful Easter cards

Among the handicrafts Easter cards are the most popular and easy to make. However, the result of the work can surpass the ready-made magazine versions.

Here are some ideas how to make a greeting card for decorating an interior or for a gift:

  1. Postcards -applications. On a folded sheet of paper or cardboard, contrasting colors of tissue, wallpaper or paper clip are pasted. Get a nice picture with a rabbit, egg or basket.
  2. Postcard with embroidery. Very original and beautiful looks embroidered pattern on paper. To do this, you need to fold twice a white sheet of paper of arbitrary size. Then on the front side to paste a rectangle of a slightly smaller size with a pattern( in polka dots, with flowers or any other) that will act as a frame. The next layer is a one-toned notch of an even smaller area, on which a pencil sketch is preliminarily made and an ornate Easter egg is embroidered with multicolored threads of mulina.
  3. Scrapbooking. To make a holiday bouquet on a postcard, you will need scrapbooking paper, willow branches, cut out patterns of colorful eggs, lace ribbon and glue. We put all this beauty into a magnificent bouquet - and the Easter gift is ready.
  4. Three-dimensional postcard. Fold the paper or cardboard sheet in half. We prepare the oval pattern of the egg and, attaching it to the center of the future postcard, we draw a pencil. Then cut the sides with a clerical knife( on the centimeter from above and from below leave it to fix the egg on the base).After all this, we decorate the egg, as you please: sparkles, asterisks, hearts, decorative strips. To the front side we glue a strong cardboard base.
  5. Postcard from shells of pistachios. Do not rush the shells of your favorite nuts into the garbage. They will be very handy for crafts on the theme of Easter. They need only to be painted with gouache and paste on paper, add a cut out basket pattern and fluffy straw.
  6. Paschal with the Easter cross. An excellent alternative to the usual eggs, rabbits and chickens. Cut out the pattern of the Christian cross, attach it to the front side of the sheet folded in half, and then paint over the entire surface with paints, wax pencils or gouache. Remove the template - and on paper will remain the silhouette of the Easter symbol.

Paper handicrafts for the holiday

In addition to making postcards from paper, you can build many other fakes for Easter:

  1. Stand under the egg. On the day of the Bright Sunday, the usual egg stands really want to be replaced with festive ones. To realize the idea, you need standard sheets and a color printer. Download templates for supports on the Internet, print, cut and paste - you will get a wonderful piece for the Easter holiday. You can also glue the stand yourself from scraps or corrugated material, it's quite simple, if you connect the fantasy.
  2. Easter baskets made of paper. There is an unthinkable variety of options: weave a basket of old magazine covers, glue the box and add a paper handle, make a rounded cardboard stand with a handle, cut out the base of a plastic bottle or a glass. You can even use packaging from under the eggs: glue improvised green grass on the outside - crumpled strips of colored paper, as thick as a handle thick wire, wrapped in linen thread.
  3. Easter chickens and rabbits. These cute little animals will perfectly set the festive mood, and also these are the best components of Easter craft for children. Now it will be than to take the child: scissors, glue, a lot of colorful paper - and there will be wonderful homemade lawns with chickens, three-dimensional figures of eared rabbits and bright Easter eggs.
  4. Birdhouse-packing for Easter eggs with own hands. We form a box - a small house with a round window, paste a pattern of a bird and a flower, we put there Easter gift.
  5. Garlands. This hobby for Easter is decorated with windows, walls in the rooms and the front door. The paper birds, suspended in the air, will look best - very elegantly and in the Easter way.
  6. Festive envelope for sweet gifts in the form of a hare's face.

You can even make voluminous Easter handicrafts from napkins:

  • you need a base of colored cardboard, yellow napkins, eye and beak shapes;
  • we roll small balls from torn pieces of yellow napkins;
  • on the carton draw a pattern of the future chicken, grease with glue, pour the prepared balls;
  • we finish the composition, pasting a cut out white shell, eyes, a beak and a flower.

Easter egg with your own hands

Easter eggs do not happen much! And this is not only a delicious food, they can perfectly decorate the house for the arrival of the desired guests.

We offer a list of ideas on how to make or decorate Easter eggs with your own hands for children and adults:

  • Lovely muzzles. We plant children at the table, we give them cooked eggs, felt-tip pens, paints with brushes. Let the guys draw funny faces on the shell, fantasize over the hair and face.
  • Amazing roses. Older children and adults will like to paint shells with picturesque patterns. Find nature - a real flower or picture - and get down to business. Get a wonderful hand-crafted gift for loved ones.
  • Easter odery - egg from beads. Fans of beadwork will be able to show all their skills in Easter at Easter this fine art. You will need a line or a strong thread with a needle, a different color and the size of the bead, a scheme of weaving and a bit of zeal.
  • Eggs in the quilling technique. This new word for some means the creation of voluminous compositions from twisted thin strips of paper. Invent in advance a pattern or borrow ideas, select the colors of the paper, cut out the same width of the strip, twist them and glue them one by one on the base. To realize the idea, you need a foam base in the form of an egg, you can find it in the shops for drawing and needlework.
  • We work with plasticine. Easter eggs with children's hands are best obtained from a multi-colored plasticine. Find among the children's toys empty containers from under the kinder-surprises - they are just bright yellow color, and this will be the trunk of the future chicken. Let the children build wings, beak, paws, eyes from plasticine. Plant a cute sunny chick on a round lawn - cut it out of green cardboard, decorate with paper daisies.
  • Culinary art. A great edible item made from eggs for Easter: separate the shell, cut off and lightly separate the top of the protein with broken lines, like a chopped shell, and the yolk - a hatched chick;attach a small spout from the carrot and eyes from pieces of raisins.

Egg in the papier-mache technique

Required: air balloon, newspaper and colored corrugated paper, PVA glue, trimmings of felt fabric and satin ribbons.

  1. Inflating for started a small ball.
  2. It is better to grease it with a fat cream( this will make it easier to take it out).
  3. Pull the paper into small pieces and glue it overlapping the ball. First - newspaper, colored yellow - after.
  4. Day we wait for drying and blow off the ball.
  5. We finish our chicken: legs - from ribbons, and from felt we cut out paws, eyes, scallop, beak and wings.

Original souvenirs from eggs

Easter eggs can be decorated not only with paints. Try the following ideas for handicrafts for Easter:

  1. Decoration with croup. Egg shell can serve as an excellent canvas for demonstrating your artistic abilities. Grab any cereals and grains: beans, peas, rice, pearl barley, coffee. The PVA glue will cope with attaching the decorations to the base. In the choice of patterns there are no restrictions, try to lay out flowers and various ornaments.
  2. Decor of pasta. We paste small pasta on the shell and cover it with aerosol paint: the silver and gold coating looks very beautiful.
  3. Paper application. Cut out from the colored material grass, cherry branch or buds, add to this vegetation living creatures - paper birds and ladybirds. We glue the applique on the egg and put the finished composition on the stand. Sugar glaze and mastic. Easter eggs will become festive, like sweet cream cakes, with naleplennymi floral patterns of sugar icing and whipped cream.
  4. Mosaic. The surface of the shell is smeared with a universal PVA glue, and the remains of already eaten eggs are attached to it - finely chopped shells of different colors.
  5. Cuttings from napkins. There are such large celebratory napkins with set of various drawings. So, we cut out on the contour the most liked motifs: these can be flowers or other symbols of Christ's Resurrection. We glue these pictures on eggs with the same glue. Excellent, if the background of the napkin is white, then the application sits imperceptibly on the white shell.
  6. Mulina, ribbons, lace and braid. We disassemble grandmother's chest with needlework and get all of the above listed goods. Thread the contrasting colors in an arbitrary way pasted an egg or tied it with a beautiful braid. Such an article is a real Easter miracle!
  7. Foil. Of course, you need to take not an ordinary silver, but textured or with drawings. Just wrap it with a shell - and a holiday dress for the egg is ready!

Do not forget that the shell can also be used instead of small pots to create bouquets of spring wildflowers.

The eggs for handicrafts do not have to be edible. The workpiece for decoration can be artificial, crafts made of wooden eggs. On these practical bases it is convenient to make embroideries. There are also blanks of foam and boxes from kinder-surprises.

Decor eggs with ribbons in artichoke style - video

Sew and knit Easter crafts

No less love and popularity is used for crafts for Easter out of cloth. What to sew for a spring holiday?

  • Gift bag in the form of a rabbit. Form from the fabric of long ears, and the head will serve as a receptacle of gifts, on it you need to embroider a muzzle of a rabbit.
  • Bucket made of fabric for Easter colors. It will look like a very original Easter hand-made article. It will take a cardboard base in the form of a children's bucket, which is lined with a linen, cotton or other kind of fabric. Finally, sew the tissue handle.
  • Pillow case for Easter. Make colorful appliqués with rabbits on sofa cushions to transform the interior.
  • Easter eggs from fleece and felt. We sew these unusual souvenirs and hang them around the house, like Christmas toys in the New Year.
  • Basket for Easter gifts. Two types of fabric are sewn onto the cardboard cylindrical base: inside is white cotton, outside - colored or patterned material. Make a basket gracefully with lace and a bow. The handle is made of a strip of cardboard wrapped in tape.

Try to sew Easter toys yourself:

  1. Rabbit made from socks. Only a pair of long socks can cut a full-fledged toy.
  2. Easter Hare. Need any multi-colored material. Sewing everything is unusually easy: patterns are cut out, three points are sewn on the muzzle - eyes and nose, the front and back of the trunk stuffed with cotton wool are sewn.
  3. Toy-fingertips for the youngest. You will cut out bunnies in the form of a finger, so that you can arrange home plays on the theme of Easter with the participation of these dolls.

Easter bunny from the sock - video

Unique knitted Easter handicrafts, at first glance, it is not so simple, but for lovers of this kind of needlework there is nothing difficult. Let's proceed:

  • We knit an item "Easter cake".Need a brown yarn for bread and white for glaze. On the icing point we sew beads of different colors: round and elongated.
  • We knit an Easter composition consisting of a basket, Easter cake and painted eggs. From the outer part of the basket we sew bound flowers.
  • We make knitted baskets in the form of eared rabbits.
  • MASTERIM crochet or knitting easter ornaments for eggs - knitted hats with ears, pompoms, patterns. They look unusual and charming.
  • If knitting for Easter with your own hands will enthrall you, do not deny yourself the opportunity to tie the children's blanket with the appropriate motifs: with fluffy and eared rabbits and their favorite delicacy - carrots.

Even more original gizmos for the holiday

Do not stop on handicrafts for Easter crochet. There is a sea of ​​non-embodied ideas. Easter is a wonderful chance to do drawing. Moreover, the drawings for Easter will be an excellent hand-crafted gift. What to draw? All appetizing contents of the festive table, beautiful domes of churches, Easter little animals. The child will like the coloring on the theme of Easter, there are a lot of them on the pages of the Internet.

Organize with the home crafts contest on the theme "Easter joy".Whoever builds the most solemn preparation for the holiday, he will have to rely on the prize.

In general, the theme of Easter handicraft competitions is very common. And it is not surprising, because such a character of the event contributes to a greater effort to prove itself and to present the finished product in the best possible light. This real competition of talents is encouraged in kindergarten, school and home.

  • Try to make an artwork "Kulich" for the contest. Tip: you can implement the idea with the help of tissue, paper, plastic bottle or polymer clay.
  • The next name for the Easter craft is "Chicken Family".Make a large leaf from the white leaf of the chicken and glue only hatched chickens with shells on their heads.
  • Another hand-crafted article by for Easter is paper flowers. The execution of the bouquet will appeal to fans of the Japanese origami. Vazochka is also made of cardboard. The flower composition is finished with a bow from a satin ribbon.

You can make children's Easter hand-made articles from disposable cups and plates:

  1. A white glass will be a rabbit: attach the nose, antennae, eyes, paper ears from white and pink material and stuff a glass with pink straw.
  2. We make a chicken out of a yellow glass: we glue orange paws, beak and eyes, put yellow straw into the interior and stick a few feathers into it.
  3. From the plate we make the rabbit mask: cut out the holes for the eyes, fix the fluffy spout on the center, on top - the ears, draw a charming smile and make holes for the ribbons from the sides.

A wonderful article on the theme of Easter is a wreath. It is made of twigs, straw, flowers and beautiful ribbons. For decoration, artificial nests, dried flowers, spiral ribbons, wheat sprouts and willows and figurines of birds are taken. The wreath is traditionally hung on the front door.

  • An unusual idea is to use a wreath as a candlestick. To do this, you need a large candle and a nest of twigs, and on them you can attach artificial dyed eggs.
  • Classics of the genre are Easter napkins. They are prepared long before the onset of the long-awaited bright holiday. They embroider the words "Christ is Risen" and all the other attributes of this day.

All Easter handicrafts, simple and complex, are charming in their own way. Undoubtedly, everyone on this day will be able to find creative work for himself, and the joyful mood given by this fascinating handicraft will be preserved until the next bright Easter. So, safely open the master classes and do not be afraid to experiment, making a piece of your imagination when you make it.

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