According to medical statistics, about 50 percent of all registered diseases account for various pathologies and ailments associated with the nasopharynx. Usually these are seasonal colds, but there may be infectious diseases that do not depend on the season. Virtually all diseases of the nasopharynx have similar symptoms and manifestations.

In their treatment, the main thing is not to start the disease, but try to get rid of it at an early stage. In the article, we will examine the peculiarities of nasopharyngeal diseases: find out their causes, and how to treat these diseases in adults, children and pregnant women.


  • 1 Species and causes
    • 1.1 Nose
      • 1.1.1 Hemorrhages
      • 1.1.2 Allergic rhinosinusitis
      • 1.1.3 Rhinitis
    • 1.2 Throat
      • 1.2.1 Tonsillitis
      • 1.2.2 Pharyngitis
      • 1.2.3 Laryngitis
      • 1.2.4
  • 2 Diphtheria Treatment
    • 2.1 Antibiotics
    • 2.2 Washing
    • 2.3 vasoconstrictive
    • 2.4 candies and lozenges
    • 2.5 Irrigation
    • 2.6
  • 3 Antipyretic Treatment of children Treatment of pregnant
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  • 5 Examples of folk remedies
  • 6 Prevention

Types and causes of

Diseases of the nasopharynx can cover both ailments associated with the nose and various inflammations in the throat. We will find out what types of diseases belong to the generalized name of "nasopharyngeal disease".



Banal nasal bleeding may be a symptom of quite dangerous diseases, especially if occurring with an enviable regularity. They can mean even pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, so you can not pay attention to them. nosebleeds

Rhinosinusitis of an allergic nature

In another way it is also called a deceptive cold. All manifestations here resemble catarrhal: a persistent cough, runny nose, general weakness. However, in reality, a person simply has an allergy. Most often this disease pr appears seasonally( with flowering poplars, southern ambrosia, etc.).This form of rhinosinusitis is treated with antihistamine medications selected by the doctor individually "under the patient".There is no great danger for the body, but its symptoms make life extremely difficult.


This disease is already infectious nature, and more often it happens in the cold season. Rhinitis or just a runny nose develops as a result of a cold, as well as severe hypothermia.



We are accustomed to call this disease a sore throat. However, in fact, tonsillitis has an acute and chronic course: and only the acute phase of the disease is called angina. This is the most common disease that affects the larynx. Tonsillitis brings severe pain in the throat, a tangible difficulty in swallowing, and other unpleasant symptoms. But how to cure chronic tonsillitis at home, described in this article.

In the picture - bilateral tonsillitis:


Angina in the vast majority of cases is caused by bacteria, so for its treatment you have to use antibiotics. Disease, if left untreated, or do it wrong, can lead to serious complications: including abscesses and cardiovascular damage.

why the throat itches from the inside And that's why the throat is itching from the inside, and what means, including medicines, should be used, is described in this article.

Why a child has a red throat without fever, is described in detail in this article.

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For those who want to learn about what,how to lubricate Lugol's throat to the child, and what effect this can have, is described in this article.


The disease also belongs to the area of ​​the nasopharynx. With pharyngitis, the mucous membrane of the throat becomes inflamed, which leads to its reddening, swelling, and sometimes to pain and difficulty swallowing. In contrast to angina, pharyngitis is treated much easier, and it passes - faster. For therapy with this disease, antibiotics are usually not needed.


In this case, we are talking about inflammation of the larynx. The disease is treated even easier than the previous one, antibiotics are not required.


This dangerous disease also manifests itself in the nasopharynx. In earlier times diphtheria led even to death, especially if the child was ill with it. Fortunately, now there are vaccines to help prevent this disease. However, if vaccination has not been done, diphtheria is quite possible. diphtheria

The disease is characterized by severe sore throat, high fever and other unpleasant symptoms. And the most dangerous thing is that diphtheria leads to the formation in the throat of asphyxiating films from mucus, sometimes completely blocking the access of oxygen. Diphtheria is treated with antibiotics, and requires compulsory medical supervision.


What should I do? Virtually all diseases of the nasopharynx are eliminated by complex measures. We will find out what means and methods will help to get rid of these diseases.


These drugs are an indispensable condition for the successful disposal of tonsillitis, diphtheria, and some other inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx. Antibacterial spectrum preparations should be prescribed by a doctor after a thorough examination and an accurate diagnosis. At this time, a good reputation was won by the inexpensive antibiotic Amoxicillin due to its complex effect and effectiveness. But whether it is possible to drink Amoxicillin for colds, and how effective it is, is described in this article.




This procedure is usually done in a medical office. Washing with special solutions removes infection from the larynx, has an antiseptic effect. Especially useful washing when a white coating on the tonsils.

At home, the throat can be washed with Protargol solution or Kollargola .The latter drug is more suitable for adults, and the first - for children.




Nasal drops in rhinitis and other diseases help to quickly get rid of an annoying and unpleasant symptom, eliminate mucus, have an anti-inflammatory effect.



However, to use more than five days, these funds can not be: after the adaptation of the mucosa to them, these drugs are useless.

Lollipops and lozenges

The absorbents have a local antiseptic and soothing effect. We recommend using such drugs as Strepsils and Dr. MoM ( and here's how to use and apply the ointment Dr. Mom, described in this article)




The use of various aerosols for sore throat is an excellent solution for nasopharyngeal diseases. Sprays with medicinal solutions have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. sprays for irrigation

And besides, they also soothe irritated mucous membranes. Irrigation is good because they help the medicine to have a direct local effect even on the most inaccessible "nooks" of the larynx.


If the temperature in diseases of the nasopharynx has exceeded 38 degrees, without such drugs can not do. It is forbidden to use antipyretic if the temperature is low: by this you violate the natural course of the struggle between the body's defenses and infection.

Treatment of Children

antibiotics for children

We learn what is the specificity of getting rid of nasopharyngeal diseases in pediatrics.

Antibiotics for children are also prescribed if the severity and specificity of the disease requires it. In this case, "adult" drugs may be used, but in a reduced dosage.

Children are categorically needed bed rest for almost all diseases. The child's body is not yet strong enough to bravely resist weakness, fatigue and malaise. In a calm position, the child's recovery will occur much faster.

If there is no heat and suppuration in the throat, for the treatment of colds in children it is good to use warm compresses on the neck. Even an ordinary woolen scarf will do a good job, help to warm the supercooled throat, reduce pain.

Nutrition of the child during diseases of the nasopharynx should be gentle. Since swallowing difficulties are possible, rubbed porridges, soups, more liquids, and broths are welcome. Do not give anything hard, sharp, annoying.

The intake of vitamins and immunomodulating drugs will benefit the child's body. Increasing immunity naturally will speed recovery.

Sometimes you need to take antiviral drugs. Children are especially suitable preparations based on the protein interferon, for example - Anaferon .



Treatment of pregnant women

During the waiting period of the baby, it is especially dangerous to get sick: a woman risks not only her health, but also the health and proper development of the baby. Let's consider, what methods of treatment of diseases of a nasopharynx are admissible in this case.

Antiviral drugs may be prescribed if necessary. Preference in this case is given to safe means with the content of interferon.

Antibiotics are prescribed in case of emergency. Most often, Amoxicillin and some other drugs are prescribed to pregnant women. But how to take Amoxicillin for a cold, is described in this article.



To safely arrest a respiratory infection in the nasopharynx, it is acceptable to take homeopathic remedies in a precisely measured dosage.

Pregnancy is especially suitable for the use of folk methods of treatment, since they are all natural, and when used correctly, they are safe. However, it is necessary in any case to consult a doctor before using each home prescription: during pregnancy, any probable risk should be excluded.

Examples of folk remedies

beetroot and carrot juice

It is good to use beetroot and carrot juice from raw vegetables to rinse the sore throat. Juice is prepared in a 1: 1 ratio, and a glass of juice is diluted before using a tablespoon of 9% vinegar.

Also it will be useful to rinse your throat with chamomile broth. Chamomile is known for its pronounced bactericidal and soothing properties. Sage with eucalyptus is also suitable.

Romashkovym broth is possible if necessary and wash your nose. This tool will help get rid of germs, and speed up the withdrawal of mucus.

Warm milk with honey is an ancient folk remedy, helping to relieve sore throat. In addition, this drink will also strengthen immunity. warm milk with honey

In diseases of the nasopharynx, it is good to use inhalation with potato steam. This safe treatment is very effective, but it can be used only in the absence of temperature. But how to use the juice of aloe with honey from cough, is very detailed in this article.


What measures will help us prevent nasopharyngeal diseases.

Hard physical exercise and hardening will help maintain health in the order, and strengthen immunity. With a high level of body defenses, many diseases will bypass you.

Proper nutrition also plays an important role in preventing nasopharyngeal diseases. Fill the diet with vitaminized and healthy food, and the body will thank you with excellent health.

During seasonal colds in crowded places, it is recommended to wear a mask, and also to restrict communication with carriers of infection.

Regular airing of the apartment will help to get rid of many microbes that are in the air, dust, and also improve the overall microclimate of the room.

Regular intake of vitamins will help maintain health, and provide the body with an essential set of useful trace elements.

Do not overstrain the vocal cords: loud singing in a karaoke bar or conducting conversations on high tones can lead to throat diseases that are difficult to treat.

We examined the peculiarities of nasopharyngeal diseases. As you can see, the spread of probable diagnoses is quite large, therefore, when you get alarming symptoms it is recommended to consult a doctor: to conduct an examination and learn how to be treated properly. And the information in this article will help you better navigate the choice of treatment methods.