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  • Enhanced nails - a great opportunity to give beauty to nails

Healthy and well-groomed nails, being the pride of every woman, give the opportunity to always feel confident. The beauty of nails is largely determined by the shape of nails from nature, their strength and health. This is also imposed the regularity of care for them, which largely determines the overall appearance of the nails.

Consider how to care for your nails.

How to nail properly?

Since only healthy nails can be beautiful, you should pay special attention to the health and strength of nails. Nail care consists of carrying out certain cosmetic procedures and correcting nutrition. To maintain their health, one must adhere to the most rational and healthy diet.

Food to maintain the beauty of nails

The menu should include such products that positively affect the condition of the nails:

  • Dairy products - milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheeses. The calcium contained in their composition helps to strengthen the nails from the inside, eliminates their fragility and allows for rapid growth.
  • The use of products rich in fiber and coarse fibers - thanks to them, the work of the intestines improves and the accumulated slags are eliminated from the body as quickly as possible. Such products include fresh vegetables and fruits, berries and fruits.
  • The use of the required amount of fluid - per day this rate is about one and a half liters, in conditions of heat the rate increases to two liters of liquid per day. Thanks to this, a natural cleansing of the body also takes place.

Cosmetic procedures for nails

To improve the condition of nails, it is also necessary to regularly carry out such procedures as timely processing, which prevents nail breakage and too rapid formation of the skin around the nail. If this is not done, as a result of untimely processing, the nail acquires not only an untidy appearance, but also lacks the ability to fully breathe and grow.

To do the usual manicure we need: a nail polish remover, a glass nail file, a bowl with warm soap and salt water( for this you can use liquid handwashing and ordinary or sea salt), a towel, cotton-wool discs, a wooden orange stick, base lacquer, nail polish( if needed), top nail cover

1) Use nail polish remover and cotton swab to clean the nail plate. To process the edge of the nails and give them the right shape, use a glass nail file.

2) An excellent tool for preserving the health and beauty of nails will be the use of baths with soap and salt water, which nourish the nail plates and promote their growth. Keep them in water for about 3 minutes. And then wipe dry with a towel.

3) Use an orange stick and gently move the cuticle.

4) To remove the dead skin - cuticle, use a liquid to remove the cuticle. With an orange stick, remove the remnants of the skin.

5) Massage after the bath also makes it possible to increase blood circulation in the skin of the hands and fingers, thereby enabling nails to be supplied and supplied with oxygen. For massage, nutritious creams should be used, which will eliminate dry hands and give them smoothness and elasticity.

After the massage, it is recommended to degrease the nail plate with any nail polish remover, apply:

  1. Base lacquer - it firmly bonds the lacquer with the surface of the nail.
  2. Primary lacquer ( any color lacquer if necessary),
  3. And then apply top nail cover - to fix the lacquer.

So your nails will look nice and neat.

Enhanced nails - an excellent opportunity to give beauty to nails

One of the methods to improve the appearance of nails is the use of nails.

Such nails will be an undoubted plus to the appearance of a woman and will always be in the spotlight. After all, such nails have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Duration of maintaining a beautiful and attractive appearance - on such nails the varnish lasts longer than on natural ones. And at the same time, you can safely wash, wash dishes and do other housework without using household gloves;
  • Always the perfect state of nails - accrued nails require very little care, because the nails look great for a long time;
  • Correction of such nails is required infrequently, approximately every three weeks or even a month, so spending time on maintaining such nails in order gives you the opportunity to always have excellent looking hands.

How to care for your nails?

Care for nail extensions is not complicated and consists in timely correction. In this process, the skin around the nail is processed, which gives a neat appearance to the entire nail, as well as the correction of the accreted plate.

Conducting manicure with accretion of claws is no different from manicure operations on natural nails:

  • First, the skin is peeled around the nail with the help of a bath with the addition of salts;
  • Then the soft skin is cut with manicure scissors;
  • After that, a skin massage with cream is performed.

A correction of the expanded plate can be carried out either by completely replacing it, or by additional build-up. In this case, the shape of the nails can be given any, depending on the wishes of the woman. Also, at once, the accented nail plate can be decorated with varnish, rhinestones, sequins and other decorative materials.

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