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The coloring of the ombre has been very popular for a number of years both among famous Hollywood stars and fashionists from around the world. This way of transformation appeared in 2012, now it has changed a little. Modern ombre is characterized by more smooth and natural transitions and lack of bright contrast between flowers.

"Ombre" is a French term meaning "shadowed, darkened".The effect that is obtained with such a coloring, a bit like the overflow of burnt in the sun ringlets. Ombre for blond hair is a soft transition of colors along the entire length. In general, the ends are made lighter to eight tones, the transition color is up to four, the roots are left natural or, if necessary, darkened.

This technique looks natural, the hairstyle acquires volume and graphics. Other of its names: balayage, degradation, multitonal melirovanie, coloring.

Exterior type matters

There are four main types of appearance, of which two are cold and two are warm. Stylists and master hairdressers choose a shade of hair, based on this division. In the technique of ombre, too, these rules apply. For clarity, we will hold an association with famous women:

  • Sandra Bullock - winter;
  • Keith Blanchett - Spring;
  • Ornella Muti - summer;
  • Jessica Alba - the autumn.

Sandra Bullock and girls of color-type winter will suit cold silver, ashy and other similar shades. The contrast will look beautiful and harmonious. Courageous women of fashion can experiment by making strands of ultramarine, purple, maroon.

Keith Blanchett and representatives of the spring type will approach warm honey, golden, copper paints. Vanguard in the image will add strands of bright blue or green.

Ornella Muti and blonde summer girls should choose a wheat blond, which is better combined with a light chestnut tone.

Jessica Albe and the golden representatives of autumn can stay on warm colors: red, golden, chestnut - this is their native element.

Who needs a light ombre? Correct the shape of the face

First of all, this kind of coloring should be paid attention to women who do not want to radically change color, but do not mind adding new colors to their hair.

Ombre allows you to keep your color curls, but at the same time brighten, darken the roots or tips. This staining technique is suitable for very busy women who can not afford to frequent a hairdresser. Rooted roots look quite natural.

Also dyeing the ombre will help hide facial imperfections:

  • Lightening a little more curls that are in the face, you can adjust the round, square shape. So the face will visually seem longer.
  • The triangular face can be softened by applying warm shades.
  • The elongated face decorates the strands for two or three shades lighter than natural color.
  • Sharp cheekbones, which are inherent in the diamond-shaped form, can be rounded, dyed curls in the face in dark tones.
  • The face in the form of a trapezoid( chin wider than the frontal part) will well adjust the ombre with light roots.

Types of ombre

This styling style is universal, it can be used by girls with different types of hair, any length and color. It is worthwhile to approach this technique with curly-haired women.

The classic version of

Traditional painting is performed using two primary colors, creating a soft, fuzzy horizontal transition. The first shade, which is applied to the radical zone, smoothly flows into the second, dominating at the ends. For this, any colors that are in harmony with each other and with the appearance of the client are used. Optimal will be natural shades.

A new subset of the classic technique has recently appeared, in which the mode of shading has been changed. Roots and ends are made in the same color, the central part is painted with a different shade, which is as close to natural as possible. The boundaries of the tones should be imperceptible and soft. Using close shades will give the desired result.

Effect of overgrown roots

This variant of staining looks especially well on light strands. The basal area becomes darker than the bulk of the hair. To color the lower part of the master-colorists use the technique of bronzing. Sometimes the colors are on the contrary: the roots are painted with a light color, and the length is darker.

Kiss of the sun

The reception is very popular among fashionistas, in which the effect of burnt-out sticks is created. It is achieved by correctly distributing three or more similar colors on individual locks.

A light color is applied to the area of ​​the crown and temple, the back of the head is painted with darker shades. If the ombre is done competently and professionally, the color transitions are almost invisible, and the hairstyle looks as if its owner has just returned from a rest on the sea.


To bold natures you can try a color ombre, which will quite animate the image. It uses any combination that suits the client. It is possible to use contrasting colors.

When making a choice in favor of this method, it is important to understand that the result will be bright and unusual. Not always appropriate multi-colored head of hear.

Flame languages ​​

This method is sure to attract attention with its unusual. The ends of blond hair are painted in fiery red, copper-red, shining golden. The paint is applied with artistic strokes, the master literally draws flames.


This technique is one of the most popular, it combines sophistication, modernity and naturalness. A large number of shades and halftones creates a gradient effect, a vibrant color. Brond suits girls with any shade of skin. Excellent looks platinum coloration with the addition of wheat, honey paints. This combination will add volume and give the person a fresh look.

To obtain a luxurious and expressive overflow, special techniques are used that make it possible to get an inconspicuous transition. Choose a whole palette of similar shades.

Base is a natural color or selected another actual shade, which looks natural. The root zone is colored with deep colors: brown, chestnut, chocolate, coffee. The darkened zone can have different lengths. This factor depends on the shape of the face.


This method perfectly animates the natural color, highlighting individual strands. It is used on light and blond hair. The roots are left natural, and the locks are stained using a special technique.

Soft blush feathering along the entire length with a watercolor transition from darkish roots to light curls is called "shatush".California melting is done arbitrarily by brightening individual strands.

Highlight visually increases the volume of hair, with it locks acquire inner glow. Beige, sandy, golden-honey range perfectly highlights curls. Cold colors are better to choose ash-beige, pearlescent, platinum shade.

Scandinavian ombre

This kind of coloring is ideal for platinum blondes. Ombre looks very impressive and unusual. Use a combination of white blond on the roots and a cold muffled lilac color on the strands, or create a smooth transition to the dark brown tips. The result is a refined and laconic coloration.

At home, reproduce salon ombre will not be easy. Therefore, it is better to refer to a color master who will perform the coloring procedure qualitatively and professionally.

Pros and cons of ombre

Like any effect on hair, this type of staining has its positive and negative sides. Benefits include:

  1. No damage to the roots.
  2. Coloring can be performed less often than with conventional painting. Root growth is not so noticeable.
  3. Ombre on light hair makes the look more expressive.
  4. You can cut off dry tips without harm.
  5. It remains an opportunity to return its natural color without problems.
  6. Hairstyles with ombre look great with any styling. You can make large curls, straighten hair, collect in the tail, braid. The image will always be memorable, stylish and relevant.


  1. Not suitable for girls with short haircuts "for a boy".
  2. If the procedure is incorrect, then instead of luxurious overflow you will get a sloppy color, it will give the impression that you are not caring for the hair.
  3. Lightening tips can dry curls, so watch for their health.

Hollywood stars, popular feshen divas knowingly choose staining in the style of ombre. With him and you can easily create an unusual attractive image that will look fresh and fashionable. This technique of transformation is an indisputable trend of the year.

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