The child organism is exposed to various infectious processes due to its weakening. As a result, children are prescribed a treatment regimen containing certain drugs. It is very problematic for them to take pills.

It's good when the child is already an adult, and can take the medicine in the right dosage without any whims. To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of a cold, doctors such babies prescribe pastilles with a pleasant taste, but at the same time no less effective. Today, this drug remains Faryngosept.


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pharyngosept for children

Pharyngocept is a preparation represented by the form of lozenges for resorption. It has an antiseptic effect and is used in the treatment of inflammation of the mouth and pharynx. The role of the active component is ambazone, and additional simple sugars remain.

Fyringosept should be used in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, which have both viral and bacterial origin. If the inflammatory process has arisen as a result of the penetration of viruses, then the tablets allow moisturizing the mucous throat and stopping unpleasant sensations.

In addition, they can help prevent bacterial complications. You can use the remedy either alone or in combination with other effective drugs in the treatment of colds. Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of complications.

If a child has been diagnosed with an acute bacterial infection, then alone Pharyngocept tablets can not be dispensed with. They should be used in combination with antibiotics. Even Tharyngept can be used in the treatment of purulent acute bacterial processes of the peri-toothed tissues, which includes the gum and mucous membrane of the oral cavity. In this case, one pathological process can be cured by one Pharyngocept. pharyngosept

The preparation can also be used as part of complex therapy for the treatment of chronic infectious and inflammatory processes that affect the oropharynx. Most often it is a chronic form of tonsillitis, laryngitis. But the treatment of these pathologies requires a preliminary examination to determine the pathogen and its sensitivity to antibiotics. So before applying Pharyngocept, you need to get advice from a doctor.

Not infrequently Pharyngosept is used for prevention. This is necessary in order to suppress the vital activity of the bacterial microflora before the operation on the ENT organs. For example, if the tonsils are to be removed, the doctor appoints the child Pharyngocept. Thanks to him, it is possible to prevent the development of postoperative complications.

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How to take

Pharyngoseptus lozenges serve for resorption. They should not be taken or taken with water. Reception is conducted after 20-30 minutes after a meal. When the tablet has dissolved, for several hours you can not eat and drink.

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If you increase the daily dosage of the drug, then get a powerful therapeutic effect of this will not work.

At what age does the

Pharyngosept in tablets be allowed for admission to children from 3 years of age. If the patient's age is 3-7 years, then give the medicine 3 times a day for 1 lozenge. Duration of admission will be 3-4 days. But for patients from the age of 7 the dosage does not differ from the adult. In a day you can take 3-5 lozenges. Duration of reception should not be 3-4 days.

There are physicians who prescribe Pharyngo seasonal troches to children only from the age of 14.So do not buy and take it alone. After all, the doctor selects the medicine taking into account the possibilities and condition of the child's organism. And if you do not adhere to these rules, then the treatment will have the opposite effect.


You can buy Pharyngosept tablets in a pharmacy without a prescription. The cost of the drug is determined taking into account the number of pastilles in the package. You can buy a plate with 10 tablets at a price of 65 rubles, but with 20 tablets - for 95 rubles.

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  • Eugene, 36 years old: "I gave Faryngosept to a child when he had pharyngitis. But the treatment was not just this medicine. We have a doctor appointed antibiotics. Improvement has come on 4 day. What the kid liked best was the pleasant taste of the pastilles. It is very simple to take them, but it seems to me that every child can agree to such treatment. All you need is just to rinse the pill before it completely dissolves. When the disease receded, the baby is now walking and pointing at the pills, so I give them instead of sweets. "
  • Svetlana, 31 year: "I use Pharyngocept in treating colds in myself and my baby. But I want to say that all tastes are pleasant. For example, the baby and I did not like the lemon flavor. But the classic approached. I give the baby pills as soon as he has a sore throat. If you miss this moment and give the drug a little later, then you will not get the proper effect from the therapy. For this you need to follow. The baby discusses 1 tablet a day. After a few days, there is improvement, pain, sore throat, it can normally eat, drink tea, since there is no unpleasant symptomatology. "
  • Mila, 38 years old: "I would like to say that Faringosept has been saving me and my son for many years. The fact is that when the son starts to fall ill, his throat is very sore. And this pain is so intense that it literally surrounds the throat. He can not eat, drink and even talk normally. But I already know what to do. I give him a pill of Tharyngept 3 times a day. They have a pleasant taste, which makes the treatment tasty. By the evening the pain in the throat is reduced, and the next day the child can at least eat something. As for the taste, we really like lemon. It is very pleasant and reminds the taste of candy. I give the child a drug until all the symptoms disappear completely. "

Tharyngept is an effective preparation that is released in the form of lozenges for resorption. This drug is great for treating throat disorders in children and adults. Give Faringosept immediately immediately after the first symptoms. This will provide a quick therapeutic effect and prevent inflammation from spreading to other organs of the respiratory system.