Herpetic infantile angina is an acute infectious process that can affect infants and older patients. For ailment is characterized by damage to the lymphoid tissue of the pharynx and tonsils. If you do not start treatment of herpetic tonsillitis in time, then there is the possibility of severe complications, which are manifested in the form of a rise in temperature and the occurrence of ulcers in the mouth.

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Diagram of medical care

Therapy for angina in children should be made only by an experienced specialist and provide for constant monitoring of pain and high fever. For this, the antipyretic drugs are necessarily involved in the process. To eliminate pain in the throat, oral antiseptics should be used.

In the photo - herpetic sore throat:

herpetic sore throat in children

To achieve maximum effect, the child should be kept bed rest, his room must be filled with fresh air. As for nutrition, it should be ruled out rough food.

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Treatment of herpetic sore throat in small children should be strictly controlled by the pediatrician. It is very important to understand the scheme of therapy that all actions should be aimed at both elimination of symptoms and causes of the disease.

For the treatment of herpetic sore throat, the child does not use antibacterial drugs, nor does the vaccine. For prevention, you must follow the rules of hygiene and limit contact with infected people.

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The video tells about the treatment of herpetic angina in children:

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Medication Therapy

Therapy of this type of ailment is based on the elimination of symptoms and has its own distinctive features. When a doctor prescribes medicines to his small patients, he must take into account the following factors:

  1. Presence or absence of allergy to certain medications.
  2. Immunity status.
  3. The patient's age.
  4. Weight.

Great demand for the treatment of herpetic sore throat in a child using such drugs:

  • Suprastin;Suprastin in case of angina in children
  • Peritol;Peritol in case of angina in a child
  • Claritin;Claritin
  • Diazoline. Diazolin from a sore throat in a child

Their reception is conducted in combination with antipyretics, since more often this kind of angina is accompanied by a rise in temperature. It involves Talpol, Tylenol and Efferalgan.

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As far as topical preparations are concerned, they should not be used for more than 9 days. If the ointment is used for a long time, the mucous throat experiences severe irritation. It is for this reason that most doctors refuse such remedies, replacing them with pills.

Local treatment is based on the use of solutions for throat irrigation. But they can not always be applied. It is forbidden such treatment in the case when the baby has bronchial asthma. In addition to special solutions, aerosol antiseptics, antiviral medications, pain medication may be involved in the process.

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Amoxiclav in angina in children

Topical in this matter are the following drugs:

  • Tantum Verde;Tantum Verde
  • Ingalypt;Ingalipt with angina in children
  • Hexoral. Hexorhal

All the medications presented cover the area affected by the disease and prevent the virus from spreading further.

On the positive side, liquid antiviral agents, or rather leukocyte interferon, proved themselves. It is actively digested in the stomach, causing damage to all pathogens of infection in the body. But the use of liquid medications should be conducted in combination with aerosols and tablets. Only in this way the doctor will be able to speed up the process of recovery considerably.

Is it possible to treat acyclovir with

? Acyclovir is prescribed for treatment of sore throats by both adults and small patients. It is advisable to use it in the case when the inflammation of the tonsils has arisen because of the herpes virus. Dosage and duration of therapy depends on the development of angina, the age of the patient and his body weight.

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If, during treatment, the child has had side effects, you should immediately notify your doctor about it. The active components of the drug are introduced into the cells in which the herpes virus is concentrated, terminating the DNA chain.

The drug is excreted by the kidneys in a practically unchanged form. The intestine affects only 1/3 of the applied dose. This drug has an effective effect on the viruses Herpes simplex and Varicella zoster. But, like all medicines, Acyclovir has its side effects. They can arise because of non-compliance with dosage or during prolonged therapy. They appear in the following:

  • skin rash;
  • feeling of nausea, diarrhea, occasional colic in the abdomen;
  • drowsiness, dizziness, attention disorder.

The view of Komarovsky

According to Komarovsky, herpetic sore throat is very similar in appearance to catarrhal or purulent. It can be detected only during a thorough examination. It is characterized by blistering rashes on the surface of the glands of affected tonsils. An experienced doctor will send the patient to a diagnosis, during which it is necessary to confirm or disprove the data on bacterial sticks in the mucus of the nasopharynx, and also to determine the number of enteroviruses in the lymph.

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On the video - Dr. Komarovsky talks about the treatment of herpetic sore throat in children:

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Therapy of small patients should only take place under the supervision of a physician. Only he, after comparing the results of diagnostics and the severity of the disease, will be able to prescribe effective therapeutic measures. They can be performed both in a hospital and at home.

During the treatment, the following methods are used:

  1. Antiviral medication intake.
  2. Use of drugs with analgesic and antipyretic effect.
  3. Use of medicines, whose action is aimed at improving immunity.
  4. Flushing of the tonsils with antiseptic and anti-hypersaline solutions.
  5. Compliance with proper diet and plenty of alkaline drinks.
  6. Application of physical procedures, during which the influence of UV rays is used.

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If all the prescriptions of the doctor were observed accurately and correctly, then all symptoms of herpetic sore throat will pass in the child after 1-2 weeks.


  • Maria, 34 years old: "Her daughter had diagnosed herpes sore throat for 3 years. It's good that we go to the doctor right after finding the first symptoms. She had a very sore throat, fever. The doctor after a thorough examination appointed us therapeutic measures, which suggested the use of antipyretics, a solution for irrigation of the throat. In addition, I began to give my child a decoction of medicinal herbs, the positive influence of which I was familiar from the action. Already after 3 weeks we managed to defeat the disease. I believe that this result was obtained in the course of an integrated approach to treatment. "
  • Anastasia, 26 years old: "I have two sons and everyone has had a sore throat. One infected in the kindergarten, and the other during walks in the street with an infected child. But the disease was mild, there was a slight increase in temperature, a swelling in the throat. Treatment of the disease included medications. The doctor prescribed anti-viral medications, diet, bed rest, plenty of drinking. Also a prerequisite for a successful recovery is fresh air in the room. All recommendations we carried out in good faith, so now my children are healthy. "
  • Christina, 35 years old: "Her niece's gingival angina was very bad: high temperature, sore throat, hoarseness. After diagnosis, the doctor advised us to take Acyclovir. Dosage of this medication is prescribed taking into account the age and weight of the patient. We performed the treatment according to the scheme and the long-awaited relief came. Also in therapy, antiseptic solutions for rinsing, pills for taking therapy, antihistamines were used. "

Herpetic tonsillitis is inflammation, for which there is an intrinsic temperature. To treat such an ailment is necessary at once, as soon as the child had the first manifestations. To achieve maximum results, all therapy should be integrated approach. With all the recommendations of the doctor, your baby will be able to defeat the disease and enjoy life again.