Bioparox is today considered a very popular drug in the treatment of viral diseases. The reason for this fame is that the drug contains an antibiotic. It allows you to eliminate viruses and bacteria that caused tonsillitis, sinusitis. In addition, to use this magic tool is allowed even to the future mother and children. Let's try to understand more in detail, in what the secret of a spray?

This article reviews the use of Bioparox in angina.


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The present medicament in the form of a spray is actively used in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It not only allows you to remove nasal congestion, but also to alleviate the general condition of the patient. But not in all cases it is allowed to use this medication. If you carefully read the instructions for use, it states that it is necessary to refuse such treatment for people who are hypersensitive to individual c

omponents of the drug.

In addition, the use of spray is not recommended for patients who are less than 2.5 years old. If these tips are resorted to, then laryngospasm may occur.

On the video - instructions for the use of the spray Bioparox:

In case of improper use or excess of the required dosage, the drug may have a negative effect on the body. As a result, the patient will have abundant lacrimation and frequent sneezing. Often on the mucous membranes there is swelling and redness. This all indicates the presence of local allergic reactions. In severe cases, there is laryngo- and bronchospasm. Such symptoms most often affect the body of people who are predisposed to allergies. Therefore, before using Bioparox it is necessary to consult a specialist. If there is at least one of the presented side effects, then immediately stop treatment with Bioparox.

Bioparox instructions for use for children, as well as specific uses are indicated in this article.

The effect of

The role of the main component is an antibiotic, the name of which is furafungin. It is he who helps to eliminate the inflammatory process by reducing the concentration of tumor necrosis factor and inhibiting the production of free radicals.

When the spray was injected, this antibiotic begins to spread over the entire surface of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. It is practically impossible to detect furafungin in the blood, and if it is present, it is in a small concentration. Based on this, we can say with confidence that Bioparox is a safe drug. spray for the throat and nose bioparox

In addition to removing inflammation, the drug also has a bacteriological effect. Its essence is that it does not destroy bacteria, but merely stops the process of their reproduction. For this reason, Bioparox can not be used in combination with certain antibiotics. These include:

  • Augmentin, Flemoxin;
  • Zinnat, Supraks;
  • Digital.

So why should not this be desired? The reason is that the action of antibiotics is that they destroy bacteria at the stage of their reproduction, but Bioparox protects microbes from antibiotics, as a result of which they can not reproduce. Since Bioparox is released in the form of a spray, it envelops all mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, penetrating deeply into the paranasal sinuses.

After this, the drug may be in the nasopharynx, larynx and even in the bronchi. But in this area it is distributed through the mucous membranes, as a result of which it is able to suppress inflammation only on the surface of mucous membranes.

And then this is possible provided that there is no purulent discharge on the surface itself. Otherwise, the active ingredients of the drug will not penetrate it. Hence, we can conclude that when purulent inflammation Bioparox is ineffective.

How to use

Bioparox Spray is used as an inhalation through the oral cavity. For adult patients, the number of inhalations will be 2 in each nostril. Doing such events is necessary 4 times throughout the day. For children older than 2.5 years, perform 1-2 injections in the nose, and throughout the day. Such procedures should be done 4.

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The medication is allowed only after the nasal sinuses have been cleaned. This can be done with a salt solution. You can prepare it yourself( a glass of water a teaspoon of salt) or buy ready-made in a pharmacy. After this, install the necessary nozzle on the can, insert it into the nose and inject the drug into the cavity. During these actions, you need to close your finger with the opposite nostril.

On the photo-instruction on the use of Bioparox:

bioparox spray instruction

To achieve maximum effectiveness from the use of the drug, all prescribed dosages and rules for the operation of the existing attachments should be strictly observed. If you wish to obtain a stable therapeutic effect, you must observe the duration of the treatment, which is specified in the instruction.

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Do not end therapy if you feel some signs of relief. If before the term to finish the therapy, then the return of the disease is possible. Bioparox during a viral illness is always with itself. For these purposes, an attached case for portable carrying is provided.

The duration of therapy is 7 days. Use the drug is not recommended. The reason is that it is an antibiotic, and it is not recommended for long-term use. If after this period you did not feel any relief, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor for more effective treatment.

When all the symptoms of the disease persist, and even the body temperature rises, and this all happens against the background of Bioparox application, it is necessary to notify your doctor immediately. If there are severe symptoms of bacterial infection, the therapy will include a combined intake of Bioparox and systemic antibiotics. As analogs under certain conditions, one can use Hexoral and pharyngosept.


You can buy Bioparox at any pharmacy. There is a medicine 400 rubles.

The effectiveness of Bioparox is proved by numerous reviews in which people were able to overcome their ailment in a short period of time. But there are cases where the presented medication was powerless. Each person has its own individual characteristics, and the disease in all proceeds in its own way. If you do not want to risk your health, consult a doctor before using the drug.