With what it is customary to wear a summer coat

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Cool summer evenings protect fromcold or rain will help a light coat. Depending on the model, you can wear it with clothes of different styles. With its help you can create both elegant and everyday image. Let's take a look at what it is customary to wear a summer coat, with the objects of the wardrobe of which styles it looks appropriate and harmonious.

Topical models

Summer coat is one of the variations of an elongated jacket, made of light material without the use of a lining. It can be made of knitwear, bolognese fabric, suede, jacquard, cashmere, leather, etc.

The presented kind of outerwear enjoys comparatively high popularity among the fair sex. He not only gives comfort and warmth to cool evenings, but also looks pretty and elegant. This product can be of different styles and colors.

In 2017, natural juicy nuances are popular, such as turquoise, mint, soft blue, coral, lemon yellow, etc.

Topical models for the current season:

  1. Overcoat coat. It is characterized by a free cut and a three-dimensional silhouette. Outwardly it looks as if this piece of outerwear is a couple of sizes bigger than it should be. However, the overtake coat, despite this characteristic, looks quite harmonious and stylish, especially if it is right to choose shoes and accessories for it.
  2. Coat with short sleeves. There are many variations in the length and shape of the sleeve, so that every girl and woman can easily choose a model for her liking. Such coats can have a bright color, be decorated with various elements, decorated with a beautiful print or simply have a monochrome coloring.
  3. Coat with floral print. This is an ideal option for the summer. Such models are bright and beautiful. They give the image femininity, tenderness and charm. They can be combined with the items of the wardrobe of everyday, classic and romantic style.
  4. Summer coat in retro style. Such models often appear in the collections of famous designers. They look feminine and stylish. In such outer clothing you can go on a date, visit a fashionable restaurant, appear at business negotiations, etc.
  5. Coat in stripes, cage or polka dots. The presented models harmoniously look with different styles of clothes. In addition, they can be adapted to any season. Therefore, they have enough fans among real women of fashion.
  6. A classic summer coat in Chanel style. As a rule, it has a fitted silhouette, a beautiful turn-down collar and a neat belt at the waist. Most often, these models are made in monochrome colors.
  7. A trimmed midi coat. This is an elegant option in the style of the 70's. It looks great on tall and graceful girls and women. Such a coat can be safely worn in everyday life and worn at solemn events.

Models of summer coats come without a collar or with it. Both options have their own merits, so each of them has enough fans among the fair sex of different ages.

How to wear a summer coat

Let's look at how to wear a coat so that it looks effective and harmonious.

  • Before buying a certain model of such outerwear, find out what you will wear it. For example, if you like sports and informal style, it will be difficult enough for you to combine it with a classic coat. In this case, you should choose a model of free cut, overuse.
  • The summer coat is sufficiently self-contained and bright. Therefore, it is not necessary to put on it the bright objects of the wardrobe.
  • As a rule, to create a harmonious and complete image under the coat, you should only choose the right shoes and accessories.
  • Under the summer coat will look harmonious dress mini, shorts or a short skirt.

Can I wear a summer coat without pantyhose? This question can be answered with an unambiguous yes. You can and with them, the only condition - pantyhose should be thin and have a flesh color, so as not to be too noticeable on the female legs.

In addition, many girls are wondering whether it is possible to wear a summer coat in the room. According to the rules of good taste, while in the room, it is customary to take off your outer clothing. Exceptions may be shopping centers and supermarkets.

Let's figure it out also when putting on a summer coat. This version of outerwear, as a rule, is made of light and materials. Therefore, it is most appropriate to wear it on rainy and cool summer evenings, as well as in early warm autumn and late spring.

With which to wear the overdose model

Similar models of the summer coat, despite its rather rough cut, are very popular among the beautiful half of humanity. The fact is that over-the-top clothes give so desired comfort and freedom. It is very easy to move in it.

Overlay coat can be absolutely any color. Among the actual options are pastel as well as juicy natural colors. In summer it is very interesting and appropriate to look a coat of tender pink, mint, blue, turquoise and lemon color.

With what you can wear an overture coat:

  • Narrow pants or skinny jeans. They will balance a fairly simple top and help create a balanced and stylish silhouette. If the coat has a bright color, it is best to choose dark jeans or black trousers.
  • Ragged jeans-boyfriends. They help create a very brave and daring ensemble, which attracts the attention of surrounding people.
  • Various colors of leggings. They can be supplemented with stylish tunics, elongated blouses or dresses-sweaters.
  • Dresses of different styles that should not be longer than a coat, since the hem of the article looking out from under the outer garment will not look very nice. With the overcoat overcoat harmoniously look elegant dresses-cases or models of direct cut.
  • Mini skirts and pencil skirts. This is a very successful and harmonious combination that balances the silhouette and gives the image femininity.

With what to wear a summer coat with short sleeves

A similar model of outerwear is present in the wardrobe of many women of fashion. It is characterized by femininity and romanticism. It looks beautiful with classic and graceful wardrobe items and accessories.

With what to wear a summer coat with short sleeves:

  • The presented model of outerwear should be worn only with beautiful and elegant shoes on the heel. It should in no case be combined with shoes and sandals on a flat sole or platform. A similar image turns out to be rather rude and indicates a lack of taste.
  • With fitted sleeveless dresses. Please note that this product is not longer than outer clothing.
  • With light kerchiefs and scarves around the neck, the color scheme of which is in harmony with the color of the coat.
  • As accessories, you should choose small handbags or clutches.

With what to combine a coat in polka dots, a cage or a strip

  • A summer coat in stripes is recommended to be worn with monochrome things of dark colors. It is advisable to select clothes with a simple cut, since the coat itself is bright and attracting attention. Beautifully look under the coat trousers-skinny, leggings, short-fitting dresses and elegant blouses. Shoes should be selected on heels. At all it is not necessary to give preference to shoes on a platform.
  • The pea product is quite an interesting and charming option that attracts romantic and tender girls. Just like the previous model, it is recommended to combine it with clothes of monochrome and muted colors: black leggings, dark skinny jeans, gray or black pencil skirts, beige or white blouses, office dresses, etc.
  • The product in the cage is a universal model, which is very well combined with clothes of different styles. For example, looks like this outer clothing with dresses of natural and juicy colors, jeans, monophonic leggings and high-heeled shoes.

With what to wear a model in the style of Chanel

This type of outerwear is an extended version of the jacket, created by the cult brand of fashionable clothes "Chanel".It is characterized by a straight silhouette, false pockets, the length just above the knees. The color of the product and the length of the sleeves can be absolutely any.

Top clothes in Chanel style can be worn with:

  1. Dress-cases of various colors and patterns. To a bright coat with a print one-tone products are suitable, and, conversely, to a monophonic coat of muffled and calm color, you can choose dresses with a bright print and color.
  2. Straight trousers. Such an ensemble will look stylish, elegant and refined. The image can be supplemented by a strict cut with a blouse tucked into the waistband of the trousers.
  3. A skirt with a pencil, the length of which should correspond to the length of the outer garment.
  4. Office sarafans and elegant blouses of monochrome color.
  5. As for shoes, you should prefer sandals or shoes on heels.

Light summer coat has long been an integral part of the wardrobe of many girls and women. It is very relevant in the cool summer, early autumn and late spring. Depending on the style and colors, it can be combined with the objects of the wardrobe of different styles. Successfully and harmoniously with this outer clothing will look stern pants, jeans, light dresses made of air materials, skirts, pencils, blouses and office sarafans.

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