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It's not enough to say about Asian eyes that they are beautiful. They are unique, mysterious and tempting. Such eyes are also called languid, because the lower eyelid is strongly lowered, thus, the sight turns out to be open. However, not everyone is happy that they have such dignity in their appearance.

Because of their special form, it's quite problematic for some girls to create a beautiful make-up on these eyes. Makeup for Asian eyes, carried out according to all the rules, is able to highlight the exotic beauty of the girl's face and make her look clearer and more bottomless.

General tips for creating makeup for Asian people

Professional makeup artists do their best to keep the natural shape of Asian eyes while doing makeup, but they make them visually great.

  • For this, a white pencil is used, which is fed by the lower eyelid.
  • But the eyes will not be beautiful, if not to make up eyelashes. Due to the fact that most girls of this type have short eyelashes, it is advisable to use mascara having an extension effect( better in 2 layers).

Heavy eyelids

Often girls are interested in how to deal with the impending eyelids. Such a eyelid can be visually raised - this will help easy adjustment of the eyebrows: you need to remove the "falling" tail.

After removing the lower hairs and drawing the upper hairs, you will notice that the Asian makeup looks fresher, and the drooping eyelids become less noticeable.

Eye makeup with impending eyelids - video:

How to use shadows for Asian eyes

In applying shadows, the main rule is to maintain a game of two colors: white and dark.

White shadows are applied under the eyebrow, whereas in the upper eyelid, the transition from light to dark is performed.

To create an attractive makeup for girls with Asian appearance, choose matte textures and avoid sharp transitions.

By imposing dark shadows on the fold of the eyelid, you need to make an easy and natural transition to the white shadows under the eyebrow. In this case, there must be a feathering.

How to make makeup for Asian-type eyes, faces - video:

Using "arrows"

Very often you can see how Asian eyes are tinted with arrows. In this form of makeup, eyeliner is the most important element. Thanks to her, you can make your eyes more vivid and beautiful. For execution of contour lines, you can use either a black-and-black pencil or liquid liner.

The wide contour strip of the eyeliner, applied over the upper eyelid, will help to increase the narrow eyes.

Makeup for Asian eyes with a curved shape with semi-raised corners can be slightly adjusted, giving the eyes a more rounded shape. To do this, draw the outer corner of the eye with a pencil right up to the middle of the century.

To paint the lower eyelid and lengthen the line beyond the corners of the eyes is not necessary - this will give the opposite result.

By the way, eyeliner and pencils are required for the eyebrows. Applying them, you can make your eyebrows expressive and give them a perfect look.

Additional cosmetics for a yellowish complexion

Makeup for Asian women is always done with a foundation. But pick it up carefully, because these girls do not fit all the shades of the product.

The skin tone of Asians is often yellowish, so it is best to use light brown, yellow-brown, golden, and also honey-colored tonal products.
  • To refresh and create a more appealing image, makeup artists recommend applying a little rouge of peach, pink or bright coral shades to the face.
  • Lips can be tinted with lipstick saturated bright or, conversely, natural light color.

Daytime Makeup for Asian Face Type

Daytime makeup is usually performed in light and restrained colors, so it is perfect for every day. Often in this case you can see such shades as peach, light gold and the like.

Features of daytime make-up:

  1. The eyelids in daytime make-up are completely covered with the basic tone of the shadows until the eyebrows grow.
  2. The line under the lower eyelashes is formed by the same base.
  3. In the upper eyelid, a thin contour strip is drawn at the base of the growth of the eyelashes.
  4. Eyelashes are inked in 1 coat.
  5. Rare eyebrows can be brought in pencil of non-dark shade - they will get a more precise shape.

Performing a light make-up, you should not put aside a tonal basis. Daytime makeup for Asian eyes is necessarily performed with the participation of this tool.

Shadows are better to choose from those that most closely resemble a natural blush, but it looks darker than the color of the cheeks. Picking up mascara, it is necessary to abandon the effect of thickening - in daytime make-up it does not need anything.

Ways to apply a light make-up for an Asian face type:

  • Without changing the original shape of the eyes.
  1. Apply a white eye shadow to the mobile eyelid.
  2. We impose dark shadows on the outer corner, this will give the look a certain volume and depth.
  • To increase the size of the eyes.

Draw an imaginary crease on the upper eyelid, due to this it "will rise" above the eye.

In the daytime make-up, you can use the following shades of shades: green, pearl, dark gray. It is best if they are matte, as mother of pearl is more suitable for the evening version.

In some cases, you can not at all apply shadows when creating makeup or make a very small accent on the outer corner to make the look more expressive.

From what should be avoided, these are shadows of red shades. Because of them, the eyes will appear swollen and tear-stained.

Smokey-Ice is a perfect everyday variant of makeup for girls with an Asian face type.

How to Make a Smock-Ice - Step-by-Step Instruction

For girls with dark skin, shadows for such make-up should be olive brown, and for light skin - bright blue, cornflower, lilac or purple.

  1. Extremely close to the ciliary contour, starting from the outer corners of the eye, we apply a charcoal-black pencil line over about 2/3 of the mobile age.
  2. Apply the shadows of dark colors to the pencil base in the corners of the eye and properly shade the border.
  3. At this boundary, we apply white shadows. Also shading.
  4. To make the smoke more effective, you can add white eyes under the eyebrows under the eyebrows.
  5. Using a black pencil draws the lower eyelid, reducing the line in width closer to the iris.
  6. We apply a thin line of dark shadows to the lower extremity of the eye. Feathering.
  7. White shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye and the wire to the middle of the upper and lower eyelids. Feathering.
  8. To give the look of the feeling of large eyes, you can draw on the mucous eye with a white soft pencil.
  9. At the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid we carry out a black eyeliner, thickening the line to the outer corner of the eye.
  10. Ink well stain the eyelashes. To enlarge the eyes, you can glue the bundles of false eyelashes to the outer corners.
Makeup for the eyes of Asian eyes - video:

Evening make-up for Asian eyes

When creating make-up for an evening out, it is best to use a palette of shadows with a variety of color variations. Specific shades need to be selected depending on the skin tone of the face and color of the dress.

Eye makeup for the evening can be done in this way:

  1. On the eyelids and the area above them, the selected shade of shadows, for example, lavender, is applied. They will serve as the basis for creating an attractive evening make-up.
  2. Then, in the form of an angled arrow, an outer and inner corner is formed( outside the eyelid).
  3. Coal-black pencil very close to the line of growth of eyelashes is a thin, neat contour line.
  4. For mascara, apply mascara, which has the effect of weighting and elongation, in 2 layers. You can apply false eyelashes.

In the same way it is possible to realize Asian makeup for European eyes.

Unusual beauty should not be hidden, it must be allocated, but correctly, focusing only on the main advantages of appearance.

  • A narrow cut of the eyes, short eyelashes, drooping eyelids and a yellowish shade of the face can easily be hidden thanks to a sophisticated evening make-up.
  • By increasing your eyes and making them more open, you can create an easy and casual look that will become an important accent in the whole image.

There are many more options for an evening makeup that can make a girl with an Asian type of appearance a real beauty.

Any lesson on creating makeup for Asian eyes can also be found in video format. Beginners can also use step-by-step photos.

Evening makeup for Asian face type - video:

Only by training and experimenting with different colors of decorative cosmetics, you can achieve amazing results.

Asian eyes are beautiful for their unusual, so do not immediately correct their shape - and with them you can create a magnificent image, filled with mystery.

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