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  • Leggings are tight pants without fasteners and pockets. For many years now they are not out of fashion, nor was it the 2017th. However, before the acquisition of this trendy thing, many women ask questions about what to wear leggings with what items of the wardrobe they can be combined to look stylish and modern. We help to understand.

    As it was before and now

    1. Leggings were invented in the XVIII century as the front men's trousers and were designed to protect from the cold and stress muscular legs. They were made from the skin of an elk and worn in a wet form, since they were very narrow.
    2. In the 80s years of the last century the designer with the world name Karl Lagerfeld unexpectedly gave leggings a second chance to exist. These were rebellious years, a challenge to bourgeoisness, classics and the standard of life. Not surprisingly, the youth enthusiastically embraced the idea of ​​a great couturier. As a rule, synthetic, shiny, poisonous colors leggings wore with shapeless sweaters or t-shirts. They looked, according to current standards, funny and not quite aesthetically, but completely corresponded to the spirit of the times.
    3. Today, comfortable tight pants are in the wardrobe of almost every woman. In 2017 the interpretation of these peculiar trousers in their collections was presented by many designers. In their opinion, any woman can wear leggings, regardless of age and figure, the main thing is to pick them up in size, color and be able to competently make stylish ensembles. You can wear them with anything - with a skirt, dress, tunic.

    However, there is one unshakable rule that must be strictly observed: no matter how flawless the figure, long legs and thin waist the girl had, the outer clothing should cover the buttocks. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be not only vulgar, but also ridiculous.

    How to choose the right

    • Correctly selected leggings will emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the imperfections of the physique.
    • Short( up to the knee) models can afford only high slender women, full of girls this option is not suitable. The shortened trousers will visually make the legs even shorter.
    • Women with lush shapes are better off choosing non-colored, but one-color dark leggings long to the ankle.
    Today, manufacturers offer a variety of models: thin with a shiny surface, knitted, knitted warmed, imitation jeans.

    The color scheme is also diverse, the most popular are black, brown, gray, beige, and also colored, decorated with animalistic, vegetable or ethnic print.

    Which leggings to choose is a matter of taste. More dense ones are suitable for the cold season, bright thin ones for spring and summer. Products designed for wear in the winter, made of natural materials with a small addition of synthetics for elasticity.

    Fashion trends 2017 year

    This year, leggings have a different style direction.

    Main trends:

    1. For daily wear, trousers should be either long or short.
    2. For the office version( if the dress code allows) one-tone restrained models are needed. A bright floral carry to work is not recommended.
    3. For the release of light fit shiny leggings of dense Lycra, natural or artificial leather.
    In the trend - leggings with velvet, silky surface, lace.

    Rhinestones, various prints, openwork perforation are used as decoration elements. The most important are classic black leggings, they will fit any style and image.

    How to wear leggings in winter

    Most girls are happy to wear tight pants in the winter: they not only look stylish, but also guard against the cold.

    • Harmoniously fit in all the stylistic directions, but the most advantageous look in sports style, kazhual, military.
    • Most often they are used to create a spectacular everyday bow and are combined with large village knitted sweaters, cardigans, elongated jackets.
    • Very good image will be obtained if you wear leggings with a knitted dress, and emphasize your waist with a thin or wide belt.
    • As for shoes, in this case stylists recommend high-heeled models.

    With what to wear leggings

    These comfortable universal pants fit for all occasions. In them you can go to work and for a walk, shopping and to meet with friends, to the cinema and to a party, the main thing is to know with what and how to wear them.

    • With long shirt.

    Top covers the buttocks, which is the main rule of wearing leggings. From above you can throw a leather or denim jacket, a long jacket. The belt at the waist will give the image an inimitable chic.

    Shoes or ankle boots on heels, clutch on a thin chain - the image turns out harmonious and complete.

    • With short dresses.

    The shorter the dress, the denser the leggings should be. If the dress is monophonic, then pants can be with a variety of prints and, conversely, a monochrome bottom is chosen for the color top. To such an ensemble, both a long coat and a short jacket are equally suitable. From shoes - boots, ankle boots, shoes with heels.

    • With a cardigan.

    For a cold period, the ideal combination is a knitted cardigan or a warm tunic, tight leggings.

    Shoes can be both on an elegant high heel, and on a comfortable flat sole.
    • With fur vest.

    Leggings should be monophonic and dense, no bright, cheerful colors - this is not the case. The waistcoat should be elongated and covering the buttocks, shoes - on high heels. Stressing the waist with a wide belt, we get a stylish expressive bow.

    • With short skirt.

    The most advantageous combination is leggings and a short skirt, many girls prefer jeans.

    • With warm multi-colored dress.

    Looks spectacular ensemble consisting of a bright dense dress and monochrome dark leggings, boots, jacket, coat or fur vest. Wearing a short dress and thin leggings is a bad form.

    What shoes can be worn with leggings

    1. In winter with leggings wear high boots with heels or flat soles, ugg boots, boots, ankle boots.
    2. In spring and autumn they are worn with moccasins, loffers, oxfords, heels and ballet shoes.
    3. Sports girls are boldly worn with leggings sneakers or conversions.
    In summer, you can choose any shoes with or without a heel, but you must avoid too much open shoes: it does not look very nice.

    How to wear the popular models of leggings

    • Leather leggings.

    They look impressive and sexy. Can be made of soft matte or patent leather, attracting everyone's attention. Colors: black, burgundy, green, cherry.

    They can be combined with lace elongated tops, loose tunics, silk and brocaded blouses, velvet jackets, corsets and fur vests. Of course, in this form you should not go to work. This is a purely evening, provocative image.

    Very popular leggings, stitched in the technique of patchwork of shreds of leather in different colors, which are worn with long sweaters of large mating.

    • Lacy leggings.

    Also do not belong to everyday clothes, it's an evening style. They look great with a cocktail dress or an exquisite tunic, matching in color with the trousers. Do not choose things of the same texture, otherwise leggings, which are the highlight of the image, just lose their chic.

    • Juggies.

    These are trousers made of elastic material, imitating denim. A real find for girls who adore jeans and strive to emphasize the ideal figure.

    Representatives beautiful half of humanity look in jeggings very impressive and tempting.

    Undoubted advantage of the model is its comfort and versatility. In addition, leggings with an overstated waist emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws, for example, bulging belly.

    Wear them with loose white blouses, t-shirts, colorful tunics, checkered shirts.

    • Leggings with prints.

    Models with predatory leopard or under the skin of reptiles print look defiant and even somewhat aggressive. In no case should you choose a similar top, it should be monotonous and restrained. Effectively with these pants will look free black chiffon or golden silk blouse.

    Tight pants with a pattern of "peas" continue to remain in the trend. Large peas look shockingly and boldly, small - restrained and even to some extent touching. The popular shades are black and white.

    The real sensation in the fashion world produced leggings with a print "galaxy" and "space."Trousers with the image of stars, nebulae, constellations look unusually stylish and beautiful. Alas, they are suitable only for long-legged young ladies. Wear such leggings with monochrome black or matching in shade with a pattern on trousers( blue, purple, lilac, pink) tops.

    • Leggings with a metallic tint.

    Presented in many designer collections. The most popular are golden and silver shades. To pants looked perfect, it is desirable to put on them pantyhose of the appropriate color. Such models are also not designed for daily use, but for the evening they are an ideal option.

    • Classics

    And yet, despite the variety of models, the most relevant are still plain leggings. Girls prefer them for their versatility and convenience.

    You do not have to puzzle how and with what to wear, they perfectly match almost all items of the wardrobe.

    Stylists tips

    • Although most designers claim that leggings are suitable for all girls, it is worth remembering that the wrong model will relentlessly highlight the shortcomings of the figure of a woman with magnificent shapes.
    • There are pitfalls for slim, slender girls. So, for example, they should avoid leggings with a bright plaid print( Scotch).This model rarely sits on anyone perfectly and can disfigure any legs.
    • Thorough drawing up of kits require lacy breeches. They can make the image both chic and vulgar.

    Leggings - a stylish fashion thing. Experiment and stay in trend!

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