Derinat is a remedy that has been produced for more than 20 years. But many people still do not know everything about its properties, actions and contraindications. Also this drug is referred to as domestic. Why is this drug called Derinat? There was a name from the active substance, which is in the composition - the sodium salt of deoxyribonucleic acid, i.e., DNA.And as everyone remembers, DNA is a carrier of information. A lot of research was conducted, as a result of which the Derinat preparation was launched in 1994.Even abroad, studies were conducted that proved that this drug is highly effective and safe. The drug acts as a stimulator of hemopoiesis, immunomodulator and radioprotector. Derinat instructions for the use of a drop in the nose is required to study at the beginning of the procedure.

This article indicates whether Miramistin can be dripped into the nose.


  • 1 Composition
  • 2 Action
    • 2.1 Indications
  • 3 Usage method
    • 3.1 In pregnancy
    • 3.2 Duration and storage location
  • 4 Price
  • 5 Physician's reviews
  • 6 Patient Reviews
  • 7 Analogues

Composition of the preparation

derinat instruction on the use of a drop in the nose

As mentioned above, the main substance for action is saltDNA.Auxiliary substances are sodium chloride and water for injection. The industry produces 2 types of the drug:

  • as a solution for external and internal use;
  • in the eye drops.

The drug is colorless, there should not be any foreign inclusions.

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The action of

for 10 years has lasted the studies that proved the effectiveness of the drug. In the field of pediatrics, most of the research was carried out. It was studied how the drug works with bronchitis, respiratory diseases, ARVI.Positive effect of Derinat was noted in purulent inflammations and chronic form of adenoids.

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On the video - drops in the nose and instructions for use:

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The drug acts on cellular immunity and humoral. But at the expense of what is possible such an action?

  1. By activating the B-lymphocytes of , which are capable of reincarnating into cells that produce antibodies.
  2. T-helpers are able to increase immunity by additional activation of monocytes, B-lymphocytes, NK cells.

As a result of the fact that Derinath increases immunity, the body can cope with viruses and bacteria. Another drug is able to accelerate the healing and recovery process.

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The action of a drug that is able to normalize the number of white blood cells, that is, leukocytes and various forms of monocytes, is highly valued.

After application of the drug, it begins to be distributed evenly throughout the body. It's impossible to say exactly how long the drug is taken out. Most of the matter accumulates in the bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes. But so it is able to integrate with the cells of the body, then it does not carry a threat. In the digestive organs the drug accumulates to a lesser extent, which is proved by qualitatively conducted studies.

On the photo - drops in the nose Derinat:

Derinat drops in the nose for adults


When are the drops prescribed in the nose Derinat?

  1. If acute respiratory infections occur, bacterial diseases.
  2. Inflammation in the nasopharynx. Such diseases include rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis.
  3. Inflammation in the nasopharynx.

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The drug can be used in the fight against viruses, as the only means, as well as in combination with other drugs. It all depends on the severity of the disease.

Method of use of

burying a nose to a child

In the instructions for the drug description it is said that Derinat is used for children from birth. But if there is no strong need, then it is better not to use medications.

Organi baby is very poorly adapted to the world around, so you need to be cautious about taking Derinat. Taking any medication can cause an allergic reaction, especially if such side effects are indicated in the anamnesis.

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  1. If you need to apply drops for prevention, then drip 2 drops in each nasal passage up to 4 times a day. The course of prevention is 1 or 2 weeks.
  2. If the cold has already caught you off guard, then you need to drip 3 drops every half hour for the first day. Further it is necessary to drip 3 times a day. The course of treatment is a month.
  3. The resulting anti-inflammatory process in the sinuses of the nose should be eliminated by instillation of 3 or 5 drops into the nasal passages. You can also insert cotton swabs impregnated with the product, about 4 times a day. This course of treatment will be about 10 days.
  4. If inflammation of the oral mucosa occurs, rinsing should be performed. One bottle can be enough for 2 rinses.
  5. In rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, you can use Derinat as an additional remedy for the treatment of the disease. In this case, you need to drip from 3 to 5 drops in the nose 6 times a day. The course of treatment is about a week, but there may be more.

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No side effects were observed after application of these drops. The only thing that very rarely can manifest individual intolerance in the form of urticaria or a small swelling.

No other adverse effects were detected. The drug is absolutely not dangerous, does not cause any addiction, but does not stay in the body, and, therefore, does not accumulate.

In pregnancy,

treatment of pregnancy with pregnancy

How droplets work during pregnancy, little has been studied, so the instruction says that consultation with a doctor is necessary. This should be done to avoid the risk of poor effects on the fetus. To this day it is not known to what extent Derinat affects the fetus. But since the drug acts as a means of repelling various foreign bodies, it can also do the fetus. To a greater extent this refers to intramuscular injection of the solution.

But there is also an opinion that taking Derinat locally or externally will not cause any side effects. Dripping 3 times a day drops, the common cold and flu will be much faster. In any case, everyone makes the decision himself. You can consult a doctor and listen to his opinion, you can study the instructions yourself. There are women who are dangerously concerned with immunostimulants, so they will not use Derinat either. But, in general, this drug is well tolerated by the body.

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Date and place of storage

A bubble with droplets that is stored at room temperature will lose its properties. Therefore, the best temperature at which you need to store the drug is from 4 to 20 degrees. After opening the bottle, drops can be stored for about 2 weeks. After this time, the drug can not be used.

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How much is it? In Russia, the lowest price for drops is 180 rubles on average. But usually in pharmacies their cost is more than 250 rubles .In Belarus, the price is about 300 rubles or 60,000 Belarusian rubles. In Ukraine, drops cost about 60 hryvnia. This price is assigned for 10 ml of 0.25% solution for external use.

Reviews of doctors

reviews of doctors about the drug Derinat

  • Andrew, 33 years old: "Patients often turn to me for help with nasal congestion or with colds. So many of them ask to choose a remedy that would help to strengthen immunity, while not harming the body. So I suggest using Derinat drops. I experienced them myself, I can say with confidence that they are highly effective. Symptoms of colds go away quickly enough, and they are very convenient to use. "
  • Elena, 40 years old: "I'm a pediatrician. Many mothers come to the polyclinic with children, whose immunity is weakened. Before you start to prescribe a lot of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, you need to strengthen the immunity of the child. For these purposes, I prescribe Derinat drops. The instructions to the application say that they can be prescribed from birth. And the composition of the drops confirms this. "

Patient Reviews

  • Anna, 27 years old: "My son used to be very sick often. Disease us overtook both in winter and in the summer, could hurt several times a month. And here a few years ago we tried the Derinat drops. So the effectiveness of the drug was noticeable from the first day of use. Usually the child appeared snot, which took a very long time, the son constantly sniffed his nose. But after the drops the child's condition improved significantly. Previously, all SARS lasted more than 10 days. And Derinat was able to reduce this gap by 2 times. And, of course, what is very important is the reduction in the number of diseases. If I notice that children start to get sick in the kindergarten, I immediately dribble Derinat. The child continues to go to the kindergarten, even if the sex of the group is ill. But if the virus still overtakes, then it's much easier and faster to fight it. The only dissatisfaction is the price. But compared to the health of a child - it's nothing. "
  • Alina, 25 years old : "Once I was ill, I went to the pharmacy. She asked for something from the stuffiness of her nose. The pharmacist convincingly explained that Derinat is a very effective remedy. Arriving home, dropping drops, I did not feel any relief. As a result, the runny nose did not pass, and the drops remained standing in the refrigerator. "
  • Maria, 32 years old : "I have been using such drops for a very long time, I use them as a prophylaxis for mucous membranes. Earlier, when we went out with a child to a crowded place, we were sure to catch the virus. And, in general, we are very often sick. The doctor recommended us drops Derinat. Now this is our salvation. In the period of illnesses and viruses, before we leave for a crowded place, we are dripping this remedy. "


All drugs have their counterparts. And Derinat is not an exception.

  1. Deodoxinate - this drug is the most common analog. This drug quickly restores the mucous membrane. But its main advantage is that it does not cause allergies. drops Deoxynate
  2. Sodium deoxyribonucleate - the drug is able to increase immunity, restores the circulatory process and stimulates this process.
  3. Panagen is another well-known immunomodulator that can replace Derinat.
  4. Oksolinovaja ointment - perhaps, the cheapest agent which can be used at ORVI and cold. Also used as a preventative against influenza. Oksolinovaya ointment
  5. Acyclovir - also used as a preventive agent, as well as in the early stages of nasal mucosa damage. Acyclovir

In any case, as soon as you feel that the nose is pawning, abundant discharge from the nose began, you need to take action. And Derinat belongs to those drugs that can help.