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Pancakes are a delicious, satisfying dish, which the hostesses cook with pleasure not only for Shrovetide, but every day for breakfast. It's a dish for every taste. Sweetheads like recipes with honey, jam, condensed milk. People who limit sugar in their diet will have a taste for chicken pancakes.

Pancakes Slavs love a long time. Initially these were small flat cakes cooked with the addition of:

  • flour;
  • milk;
  • of eggs.

Gradually our grandmothers improved the recipe by experimenting with different products. They put in the dough dried fruits, jam, vegetables and invented a variety of ways of cooking.

The recognition that this is a traditional Russian dish is that it is prepared for Shrovetide along with pancakes. This cheerful holiday is celebrated for a whole week and every day they prepare various delicacies. One of these days my mother-in-law invites my son-in-law's guests and treats them with pancakes. If the son-in-law has got good, the mother-in-law shows it, having put on a table a dish with ruddy oladushkami.

Features of cooking chicken pancakes

Over the years, many new recipes have appeared. Pancakes made from chicken are very popular now. Delicate bird fillets are useful for adults and children. It is quickly cooked and delicious.

  • Added in the dough for pancakes in the form of minced meat or finely chopped pieces, the fillet gives the dish a unique aroma and juiciness.
  • Chicken fritters are an excellent substitute for cutlets. The dish can be prepared for a normal family breakfast and to surprise the friends who come to visit.
  • Pancakes from chicken fillet will be a good treat for kids. For the youngest, it is desirable to grind the meat with a blender, then the pancakes will turn out to be especially soft.

To smooth the frills of chicken meat with frying, the flour must be sieved before kneading the dough. A delicious dish of is obtained by combining in equal quantities wheat, corn and buckwheat or oatmeal. In order for the dough to turn lush and airy, after adding all the ingredients, let it brew for half an hour. Do not leave any metal spoons in it and do not mix. After the specified time, start frying pancakes, and you will see how fluffy they are.

If you want to make chicken pancakes that the whole family likes, try the recipes listed below. You will appreciate them for their ease of use, availability of ingredients and taste.

Fritters from chicken breast

In white meat, a lot of protein, so it is desirable to include it in the diet daily. Delicate pancakes with chicken pieces, served along with a salad of fresh cabbage, will be a perfect addition to a satisfying supper.


  • Breast, 500 g.
  • Flour, 4 tbsp.spoons.
  • Eggs, 3 pieces.
  • Mayonnaise, 4 tbsp.spoons.
  • Onion, 2 pieces.
  • Salt and spices to taste.


  1. If there is skin on the chicken breast, remove it with a sharp knife. Wash meat in running water, dry with a napkin and cut into strips 5 mm thick.
  2. In the bowl, beat the eggs with a whisk, add salt, spices and mix them with meat.
  3. Onions rub on a large grater, lightly squeeze out excess juice and combine with other ingredients.
  4. Then put the mayonnaise, flour and mix thoroughly.
  5. The dough can be finely chopped parsley and dill.

Put a frying pan on the fire and pour some sunflower oil on it. Take the dough with a large spoon and lay it on the heated frying pan in small portions. Fritters of chicken breast fry over medium heat until a ruddy crust appears. As soon as the bottom layer is fried, reduce the fire, turn the food and cover the frying pan to cover the meat. After 15 minutes, take the food off the stove and serve it on the table.

Delicate chicken fritters

Very juicy and delicate fritters are obtained by adding hard cheese to the dough. It gives a special piquancy and taste to the dish.

This meal will be appropriate for breakfast with sour cream and fresh herbs.


  • Chicken fillet, 500 g.
  • Hard cheese, 100 g.
  • Sour cream, quarter of a glass.
  • Flour, 5 tbsp.spoons.
  • Eggs, 2 pieces.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • Any greens to taste.


  1. Cut the breast into thin strips 5 mm wide.
  2. Grate cheese on a large grater.
  3. In a deep bowl, beat the eggs, add sour cream, salt, pepper, sliced ​​meat and cheese.
  4. Put flour in the container and knead thick dough. Allow him to stand for half an hour, so that the meat let the juice go and soaked in his fragrance the prepared mixture.

Place the dough in a frying pan when the oil warms up well. In this case, the fritters will turn out to be more magnificent. Fry pancakes with cheese on medium heat on both sides until golden brown.

Recipe for chicken pancakes with cheese - video

Lush fritters

This variant is prepared from chicken fillet with mayonnaise. Instead of flour, starch is used. Components give the dish a splendor and airiness. Since cooking takes a little time, such a treat can pamper loved ones every morning.


  • Fillet of one chicken.
  • 2 medium sized bulbs.
  • Eggs, 3 pieces.
  • Mayonnaise, 3 tbsp.spoons.
  • Potato starch, 2 tbsp.spoons.
  • Salt, pepper to taste.


  1. Wash the fillet under running water, dry with a napkin and cut into small strips.
  2. Grind the onions with a knife.
  3. Whisk eggs together with salt, spices and mayonnaise.
  4. Mix all the ingredients and put the starch in them.
  5. Knead medium dough and put it in the refrigerator for an hour.
  6. After the specified time, remove and proceed to the frying.

With a tablespoon, form small portions of dough and lay them on the hot oil. Pancakes with starch fry from two sides until it forms an appetizing crust. After 15 minutes, the dish will be ready. It is served with a spring salad or with any sauce.

Chicken pancakes with starch and mayonnaise - video

Corn muffins

In this recipe, you can use corn flour or experiment and make an original dish of canned corn.


  • Fillet, 250 g.
  • Egg, 1 piece.
  • Baking powder for dough, 1 spoon.
  • Milk, 150 g.
  • Flour, 4 tablespoons. Salt and spices to taste, dill, green onions.
  • Corn, 1 can.


  1. Cut the fillet into small cubes.
  2. Whisk the egg with a mixer.
  3. Sift the flour through a sieve together with a baking powder, this will make the dough airy.
  4. Mix the ingredients and add the warmed milk into them.
  5. Open the can of corn, drain the liquid from it, pour the grains into the dough.
  6. Stir thoroughly together with herbs, salt, pepper and begin to fry the fritters on low heat.

Such fritters made from chicken are easy and satisfying. Served with sour cream and parsley, they are ideal for a quick breakfast.

Meat pancakes for children

Soft soft fritters made from chicken fillet will be enjoyed by children. They have everything you need for a growing body. If the dish is original decorate, no baby can refuse it.


  • Chicken fillet, 250 g.
  • Kefir, 120 g.
  • Egg, 1 piece.
  • Flour, 5 tbsp.spoons.
  • Hard cheese, 50 g.
  • Salt.


  1. Cut the fillet into slices and chop it in a blender.
  2. In a deep bowl, beat in the egg, add flour, yogurt, grate the cheese on the grater.
  3. Connect the components and salt.
  4. Mix well the dough. You can again use a blender and whip it into a homogeneous mass.
  5. Spread the mixture with a small spoon in a heated frying pan and cook until cooked.

These pancakes made from tender chicken are very appetizing.

So that even the most capricious kids are interested in the dish, decorate the ruddy circles with a sour cream ornament or draw funny faces from the favorite children's sauce on them.

Pumpkin Pancakes

The recipe will appeal to the girls who are watching their weight. Chicken pancakes with starch and pumpkin are cooked in the oven and have a very delicate taste.


  • Minced meat from white chicken meat, 500 g.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, 100 g.
  • Fresh pumpkin, 300 g.
  • Egg, 1 piece.
  • Cornstarch, 1.5 tablespoons.
  • Greens, salt and spices.


  1. Chicken mince mix with egg, starch and cottage cheese.
  2. Peel the pumpkin and peel on a fine grater.
  3. Connect all components and mix thoroughly.
  4. Add finely chopped greens, salt and spices.
  5. Remove the pan and cover it with parchment.
  6. With wet hands, form small balls, give them a flat shape and lay them on the brazier.
  7. Set the temperature in the oven 180 degrees and cook pancakes for half an hour.
After turning off the plate, do not rush to get the dish. Let him soak in the cooling oven for 15 minutes.

This dish is very useful, as it is prepared without oil and therefore will not add extra pounds. With it well harmonizes sauce from low-fat sour cream or pieces of fresh tomatoes, sprinkled with olive oil.

Hearty pancakes

This dish can decorate any festive table. Pancakes, cooked according to this recipe, are made very quickly and to taste not inferior to the most refined cutlets and chops.


  • Chicken fillet, 300 g.
  • Boiled champignons, 250 g.
  • Hard cheese, 100 g.
  • Sour cream, 3 tbsp.spoons.
  • 1 egg.
  • 1 large onion bulb.
  • Flour, 3 tbsp.spoons.
  • Fresh greens.
  • Salt, pepper.


  1. Cut the chicken into small pieces.
  2. Grind the boiled mushrooms into small strips.
  3. Rub cheese on a grater.
  4. Rub on a grater and squeeze out the juice from it.
  5. Whisk the egg and cut the greens.
  6. Mix all the ingredients with each other
  7. In the last turn, pour in flour, salt and knead a thin dough.

To make these chicken fritters not only tasty, but also very beautiful, fry them until a ruddy brown on both sides.

Hepatic fritters

In addition to meat for breakfast, you can also use chicken liver. It is very useful and juicy. Pancakes from it turn out fluffy and melt in the mouth.


  • Chicken liver, 500 g.
  • Flour, 3 tbsp.spoons.
  • Baking powder for dough, 1 teaspoon.
  • Onion, 2 pieces.
  • Egg, 1 piece. Garlic and salt to taste.


  1. Rinse the chicken liver and pass it through a meat grinder along with onion and garlic.
  2. In the prepared mince, add flour, egg and baking powder for dough.
  3. Mix well, season with salt and sprinkle with spices.

On the heated frying pan pour out small portions of dough with a spoon. It turns out to be quite liquid, so turn it gently so as not to damage the fritters. Fry the dish from the liver mince on both sides until cooked, about 15 minutes.

Homemade fritters are made from natural, proven products, so they bring only good. Everyone can find a recipe for themselves and enjoy the dish several times a week.

The variety of cooking methods makes it possible to pamper yourself with fritters even during a diet. To do this, you need to prepare a dish in the oven and replace the wheat flour with rye or corn.

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