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Fashionable and stylish women's sweaters can be worn both for parties and in everyday life. It is convenient to throw them in order not to frost, and also to use as a dressing part of a suit.

Every year the fashion changes, but it remains unchanged that stylish blouses are always in the honor of the female half of society. Fashionable sweaters in 2017 are not too different from last year's, but there are some nuances and interesting moments. Let us consider in detail what kind of sweaters should be worn in 2017.

Fashion models of blouses

1. They differ in their versatility, practicality and convenience fashionable sweaters with hood. Such a thing can be worn under any trousers or jeans, it will warm if it is very cold. At the same time, this clothing sits on the figure as well as possible and is able to hide flaws, since it is usually quite long and without unnecessary cuts.

This type of fashionable women's sweaters, for example, includes a sweatshirt. It is simply indispensable if a girl prefers active rest, likes to stay outdoors for a long time, despite the weather. Such clothes will warm, and also in no way will limit in movements. Its owner can easily run, ride a bicycle, etc.

The hood can be not only a practical detail of the jacket, but also stylish. Sometimes he is an integral part of the fashion image and decorates his clothes.

2. Open models of sweaters will help to seduce, charm any man. They are slightly provocative, yet playful and intriguing.

In recent years, a model in which one shoulder is bare is not out of fashion. Such a thing looks sexy, charming and elegant. Although the popularity of such products is not kept for the first year, it must be remembered that at the moment it is better to use monochrome options and adhere to the classical color scheme.

Also stylish and fashionable now are sweaters with an open back. True, it will not always be possible to put them on, in the cold, there is still a risk of getting cold if you go out in such clothes to the street.

3. Sweatshirts on buttons and on a lightning, perhaps, is in any wardrobe. Without them, it's difficult to get by: they can be thrown around to run out into the porch, put under the jacket, if needed in the store. And how pleasant it is to wrap yourself up in such a harsh winter night and feel the warmth and comfort. And if you still have a cup of your favorite hot drink, then you just warm yourself with your soul and body.

Knitted sweaters occupy a leading position in this year's fashion, because they combine simplicity and elegance, warmth and style.
Sweaters can be with pockets, hood, turn-down collar or without it. And most importantly - this kind of clothes will suit a woman of any age, it will fit perfectly into a full and a bad figure.

4. Sweatshirts with a spicy cutout boat - the most fashionable for more than one season. And all because, on the one hand, they have a festive look, but on the other, they are very reserved and graceful.

5. Fashionable stylish blouses with a 3D image are now becoming very popular. They surprise, make the imagination work, and sometimes just shake with their fantastic prints.

Having such a jacket in your wardrobe, you can easily stand out from the general mass of people, make bright colors not only in your life, but also in the everyday life of others.

But you should pay attention to such things, because they are not suitable for everyone.

It will be nice to watch such a jacket on a twenty-year-old girl, but a lady at the age of her best not to wear, even having a beautiful figure. It will look odd and even obscene.

Long sweaters, cardigans - a necessary thing in any wardrobe. You can not do without such clothes in the cold season, since the lower part of the body is securely covered from the wind, and if you sit down on something cold, then the jacket will serve as a reliable warm substrate.

Women's fashion sweaters with long sleeves are also very stylish things, in which you can not only wrap yourself in the cold, but also put on a party. If the image is supplemented with narrow jeans or pants, ankle boots, the legs will look unusually long and slender.

Short sweaters this season are also very popular. Such blouses and baleroos sit well on almost any figure, emphasizing the chest and giving the waist a more pronounced outline.

This choice will be successful in any situation: if you go to a party, for a walk, for university classes and even for work.

Designers have developed many different interesting models, each of which is provided for their own purposes.

Knitted fashion sweaters

Knitted fashion sweaters are now very popular, so the variety is simply huge. Advantages of such a thing are obvious:

  • is warm;
  • comfortable;
  • is soft;
  • is practical;
  • is stylish;
  • does not crinkle;
  • is often an exclusive handmade thing.

Strictly speaking, modern fashion divides such jackets into two lines: practical and democratic, intended for everyday use, and romantic feminine for meetings, meetings and parties.

Designers believe that it is very important to choose natural materials for knitted sweaters. For example, the use of alpaca woolen yarn will give everyday clothes some high cost, emphasize its quality. Mohair is perfect for creating a feminine image. In addition, you can also link a very unusual, even an extravagant model, for this you often use lurex.

Fashionable sweaters, knitting needles, often allow the addition of austerity, restraint. Using simple types of knitting, everyday versions of jackets are created. But you can include fantasy, and then you will get a masterpiece of applied art.

The jacket is fashionable, crochet tied, on the contrary, it differs by its unusualness, variety of pattern and ornament. Although, of course, you can make a simple everyday option that does not stand out. But more often still crocheted fashionable openwork blouses that differ in their lightness and grace. Such sweats do not need to give brightness by using different colors and shades, because thanks to the picture it will be very festive, attracting attention. And you can add stylish prints.

In spring, a knitted blouse can easily replace a light coat or jacket. And entering into fashion lace items with the use of lace will give the image a romantic and mysterious.
But you should be careful if the choice falls on a voluminous knitted blouse. The figure because of it can become incredibly heavy and awkward.

Fashion blouses for spring and summer

Spring will enter the world of fashion with sweatshirts. And they can be completely different:

  1. Wide or stitched.
  2. Classic or fantastic.
  3. Symmetrical and asymmetric.
  4. Striped or plain.
  5. With zippers, buttons or without both.

Summer sweaters will be presented mainly by swiss shots from a large grid. They can be worn without any top. In the summer of 2017, T-shirts made of fabric with lurex will come in handy. You can also buy silk items with a deep neckline.

But not only the styles and shapes of jackets are important. It is necessary to take into account also the color scale. In the warm seasons of 2017 the following colors will be popular: coral, burgundy and indigo. All three colors are very bright, and the coral takes a leading position is not the first season.

Also very fashionable will be black and white colors. Actually, they do not even have to be talked about. Black is a universal color, and a blouse of this shade is simply obliged to be in the wardrobe of a modern young lady. The white fashionable jacket perfectly dilutes with its pure color any kit, will refresh its owner and give it innocence and purity.

Of course, this does not mean that sweaters of any other color will be unfashionable and not stylish. After the main flowers go such: sunny, cornflower, lemon, mustard, peach, lilac, pink, bronze, copper, metal.

Prints of the future warm seasons have surprised: the flowers, fantastic motifs, inscriptions and figures have disappeared. But very popular this year will be single-color sweaters, as well as a strip or cage. A new popular drawing is small birds and arrows.

Not only color and design are important, there are also certain types of fabrics that will be popular in the spring and summer of this year. For example, chiffon, lace, mesh, cotton, cambric, jersey, silk, viscose.

Fashionable sweaters for teenage girls

Fashionable styles of blouses for teenagers are developed by designers especially carefully, since it is important to find a line between children's and adult clothes. Fashion 2017goda pleases both girls and their parents with new stylish models.

On the one hand, predominantly strict styles are used. But, on the other hand, they are diluted with bright prints, inserts. Especially popular now are things in a thin strip or a large enough cage.

It is also very popular to use different types of fabrics in one model: wool and chiffon, silk and lace, etc. You can combine different fabrics, while the effect is unexpected: instead of a misunderstanding-order, we will see stylish and cute things sitting gorgeously onlittle women of fashion.

Very popular this year unimaginable mixes of clothes: multi-layered T-shirts, shirts on top of the shirts, a combination of dresses with bulky shoes.

In the cold season, knitted things are popular, as in adult fashion, so in the wardrobe of a small fashionista must necessarily be several versions of such jackets of different styles and textures.

Buying a blouse, it is necessary to rely not only on fashion and recommendations of stylists, but also on personal preferences. You can not wear a superfashionable thing and be happy and contented if it is uncomfortable, uncomfortable, or just not like it. It is necessary to adhere to fashion trends, but also not to forget about personal desires, features of a figure and the purposes for which this or that jacket is bought.


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