How to paint eyebrows in pencil and shadows correctly

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Many women know the unbreakable rule of doing makeup: either bright lips or focus on the eyes. About eyebrows, many of us undeservedly forget. They can be insignificant and require additional painting. In this article, we will talk about how to properly stain eyebrows with a pencil or with the help of shadows. Even eyebrows of ideal shape need competent underlining. Skilfully shading them, you can achieve an impressive effect - to make the look open and expressive.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil?

Now the stores can proudly boast of a rich assortment of pencils from different companies and various shades for eyebrow makeup. Earlier, beauties were using eyebrows with usual mascara or pencils designed for the eyes. Those who do not know all the nuances of the girl's makeup and now, sometimes, use eyeliner to draw eyebrows. But these funds are not suitable for such purposes. Pencils for the eyes are too soft and on the hairs will easily spread.

Special eyebrow pencils have a harder slate base. With their help, it is easy to create a density effect, after finishing with fine lines additional hairs.

  • Pencil does not have to choose the most expensive. And among the budget versions there are worthy goods. Make sure the quality of the pencil, drawing a strip on his hand - it should be uniform, without interrupted areas and lumps. The griffin should look solid and homogeneous.
  • The composition of the pencil can also be different, wax and powder are popular. They also have a different degree of brilliance. This is either matte, or with shining sequins - a shimmer.
  • When buying this important cosmetic item, pay attention to the smell of the lead. It should not have a chemical shade, be excessively intense and sharp. Famous producers try to add pleasant aromatic compositions to the composition of the lead.
  • Another significant nuance is whether the pencil has water resistance. The advantages of this property are that in the summer heat, in rainy or snowy weather, you do not have to worry about the look of your tinted eyebrows. Without water resistance, too, a successful make-up is possible, but it is rather suitable for short wearing, for photo sessions indoors and when you are rarely on the street.
  • The pencil can be retractable or conventional, with the ability to sharpen it. Retractable is much more convenient, it can be taken on the road for the correction of makeup.
    But a simple pencil will be unequivocally sharper, and it's easier to make perfect make-up.

Rules for choosing the color of the eyebrow pencil

Among the whole palette of eyeliner pencils, three primary colors can be distinguished: coal, gray and brown. Between them are various transitional tones and mixed shades. Let's get acquainted with the rules of their successful selection:

  • When targeting the coloring of the head of hair, take note of the paramount rule: for dark-haired ladies - a pencil for a couple of tones is lighter than the color of the strands, for blondes - a couple of shades darker.
  • Consider the color of eyes and skin. If the exterior looks golden shades and warm colors, your makeup colors are brownish, warm. Cold colors, grayish scale - for blue-eyed and gray-eyed beauties with tender pale skin.
  • The pale tone of your skin, the lighter the pencil you need to buy. The exception is only one: the darkest black color is ideal for women with a winter type of appearance( pale skin, cold shade of hair, blueness in the whites of the eyes).
  • If you do not paint your hair, then your eyebrow color is perfectly harmonious by nature. Choose a pencil of the closest shade to your eyebrows.

For makeup often use a pair of pencils. Choose the same color, but one shade is darker, the other is lighter. In the future, we will give a detailed instruction on how to beautifully make up the eyebrows in pencil step by step using different shades of the same color.

We define with eyebrow makeup palette for blondes, brunettes and redheads:

  1. What colors to paint eyebrows in pencil brunettes? Do not repeat a common mistake when choosing the color of coal. Women with fair complexion and cold overflow of hair should stop on the dark-gray color of the eyeliner. The hairs of the chocolate shade harmonize with the dark brown eyebrows. Black color is suitable for women with a swarthy face and blue-black curls.
  2. If you are a natural blonde, but have changed your head to a darker color, then the color should be selected, focusing on the acquired shade of hair.
  3. Now we define the palette for the lucky ones with light hair. Blondes are forbidden to approach the black eyeliner. Blond hair, plus black eyebrows - is, according to generally accepted canons, bad taste and vulgarity. Beware of ignorance of this fact from the fashion world. Colorless eyebrows should be carefully selected with a light pencil.
    • If the curls have ashy notes, then for you the pure gray color of the liner is ideal. Beige tone and chocolate colors with gray tones will go to blondes with blue and emerald eyes.
    • Wheat hair needs a beige gray shade.
    • For blond hair with golden overflows a warm tint of make-up is required.
  4. Red-haired girls should take a closer look at chestnut and brown shades with golden sparkles.

    The right choice will be a terracotta pencil. The main rule: its color should be more muffled than the hair itself. If the curls are closer to the fiery red color, then scarlet dyeing eyebrows is strictly forbidden. It is better to stop on the universal brown version. Red-haired women should give up gray and black in make-up.

  5. If there are gray hairs on the eyebrows or unpainted hairs in the hair, then get a gray-brown or dark gray pencil.
  6. Cold colors of appearance are combined with the same bluish, gray, calm colors in cosmetic paints. A similar palette of yellowish, golden, chocolate colors is ideal for "warm" appearance.

When you have already colored your eyebrows with the color chosen according to the recommendations, it is important to evaluate the correctness of the choice made. For this you need to look at yourself in the mirror in daylight.

If all the shades of the applied make-up harmoniously match each other, then you have not lost it and can safely go to the streets to conquer passers-by.

How to make up a pencil with a pencil?

Learn how to perform eyebrow make-up step by step, you can easily and quickly make them more dense, adjust the ideal width and trim a clear line of growth. Let's get acquainted with the main secrets of make-up artists.

Here is an instruction on how to make up a pencil step by step:

  1. The preliminary stage before applying pencil strokes is an adjustment. We pluck out and cut our eyebrows, after that we comb them with a special brush. It is necessary to get rid of ugly hairs protruding in different directions and from excess vegetation on the bridge of the nose.
  2. Apply a tonal remover and powder to the cleansed face before focusing on the make-up of the eyebrows.
  3. Mark the main lines for future hatching. The first point is on the bridge of the nose, at the inner edge of the growth of the hairs, along a straight line upward from the wing of the nose. The second extreme point is in a straight line from the nostril to the temple, crossing the outer corner of the eye.
  4. Make several trial strokes to find the ideal pressure level. Now proceed to hatching with a sharpened pencil. Direction - from the nose to the temples and from the bottom up.
  5. Where hairs are very rarely located, do not be afraid to draw additional density. Carefully shade the empty areas.
  6. Paint the drawn lines with the same brush. More intensive feathering can be achieved by running several times over the painted area with a simple cotton swab. This is useful if you overdo it with the intensity of the painting.

Important rule!

Hairs on the eyebrow line should be drawn in different ways:

  • The easiest strokes are left closer to the bridge of the nose.
  • The most vivid and strong lines are held in the middle part.
  • For the tail of the eyebrow, there will be a couple of strokes.
If the eyebrows appear too thin, you can draw a smooth line on the skin above the eyebrow to increase hair with a few strokes.
But in no case do not draw a line from below: so the view will seem more closed and tired.

Avoid the most frequent misfires when applying makeup over the eyes:

  • the eyebrow should not stand out strongly on the face, be unnaturally broad or unnecessarily long;
  • do not draw solid lines, the key to success is short strokes;
  • Avoid too dark a pigment for painting gray hairs.

How to paint eyebrows in pencil - video

We paint eyebrows with shadows

Getting acquainted with the intricacies of make-up, every woman wants to know, the better to paint eyebrows - pencil or shadows? Each option perfectly copes with the task, the question for the most part relates to the price. Shadows are much more expensive, but they often have several shades at once, which is very convenient.

If you prefer shadows, here's a step-by-step instruction for tinting them with eyebrows:

  1. By analogy with pencil technique, first get the hairs on the eyebrows in order: pluck out the extra ones and trim the remaining ones.
  2. You will need a brush and a brush. The first one is needed for drawing the outline, the second one is to paint the other areas with shadows.
  3. Circle the line of hair growth from below with a brush.
  4. Fill the paint center of the eyebrow.
  5. Now circle the top line.
  6. Focus on the fracture. It can be made according to your own preferences and depending on the shape of the face. Make it round or pointed.
  7. Take a brush to shade the shadows, then do the combing.
  8. A special transparent gel or wax will help to fix the obtained result of make-up.
For a more professional effect, you can apply a tonal remedy to the lower line of the hairs. Such a technique will emphasize the pronounced contrast and expressiveness of the eyes.

For sure, every girl is interested in knowing how to correctly stain eyebrows with pencil or shadows using different techniques:

  • A technique known to many - hatching the only selected color.
  • Drawing the bottom contour with a dark shade and painting the upper part with a lighter shade.
  • Strokes of a light shade along the entire length and additional shading with a pencil on a tone darker from the bridge of the nose to the middle of the eyebrow.
  • Partial hatching in the spaces between the hairs.

With these methods for all tastes, it is interesting to take time with experiments with make-up and find your perfect make-up.

How to make eyebrows shadows - video with master class

Do not forget to take into account the shape of the face when applying makeup. For the oval face smooth eyebrows will approach, for the round - with arches, the pointed chin will soften the rounded shape. More often than not, we are given the most harmonious form by nature, we must try to repeat it.

Remember that at the end of the day, the paint from the eyebrows must be washed off. Suitable for any make-up remover and cotton pad. Simply spend several times with a moistened disc in the direction of hair growth.

Do not be discouraged if you can not find the perfect color, shape and symmetrical strokes from the first attempts. If you are keen to train make-up, then you will definitely succeed and your reflection in the mirror will be worthy of admiring looks.

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