Cough for any disease manifests first in its dry form, and to translate it into a productive form and cure, it is necessary to choose the right remedy. Now, among their great diversity, it is difficult to determine the choice, so you must rely on the advice of doctors and feedback from people who have cough through effective medications. This is especially true when a child falls ill. A well-proven cough medicine is Stoptussin. It is produced in several forms. From a child's cough, its drops are effective.

How to take Bromhexine syrup from cough for children, indicated in the article.


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The drug is considered combined because it is able to simultaneously cough and relieve the accumulated sputum. The butramate citrate entering into its composition after ingestion into the diseased organism is quickly and almost 100% absorbed, it perfectly penetrates into the blood. Provides antitussive effect of the drug, affects the nerve endings of the bronchial mucosa in place as an anesthetic.

stoptopsin drops instructions for use for children

In doing so, it does not cause retardation, like such substances, and does not lead to dependence. It is excreted by the kidneys from the body by 90%.The duration of its half-life is six hours, with a stop-loss drop instructions for use for children are always present on the package. Therefore, how to take the medicine, how many drops to give the child is very simply described.

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Butamate citrate affects cough with guaifenesin, which exerts an expectorant effect. It acts on the bronchial glands, strengthening their secretion, and makes the mucus accumulated in them less viscous. Sputum becomes more fluid and at the expense of this occurs the quickest release of the bronchi from it, there is a cough.

Thanks to such potent substances, Stopoutsin is used for dry cough, which irritates the throat walls.

This article describes the instructions for the cough syrup Erespal and in what dosages it is worth taking medicine.

Usage for children

Drops are often prescribed for babies who have already reached the age of one year. stop-loss drops for children

It is convenient to treat them, as the drug dissolves in any liquid before use and children do not suspect that they drink it if they have not seen the preparations of the mother.

This article describes the instructions for the cough syrup Dr. Mom.


Drug should be dripped after eating. The prescribed number of drops are dissolved in a suitable liquid. It can be juice, tea, compote or plain water. Take it three times a day. For small children at the beginning of the disease the drug is used four times. The dose is determined by the doctor taking into account the weight of the sick person and it is:

Weight, kg Dose, drops
up to 7 8
over 7 and up to 12 9
from 12 to 20 14
20 - 30 - // -
30 - 40 16
40 - 50


50 - 70 30
more than 70 40

Between receptions should take at least 6 hours and not more than 8. Do not forget that during treatment, you should try to give your child a lot of warm drink to quickly wash out harmful microbes.

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stop-loss drops for children

For crumbs less than seven kilograms, the dosage is prescribed by the pediatrician, it may be less than the one listed in the table. If treatment with this drug does not give positive results, then it is necessary to consult a doctor about the dosage.

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Features of the instillation of medicine

Stoptussin goes in a bottle of dark glass. Before use, unscrew the lid on the arrow. A rubber dispenser is provided in the neck of a small bottle. Therefore, with it, you can accurately count the number of drops directly into the prepared liquid.


If a dose has been accidentally exceeded and this was followed by nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, or muscle weakness. It is necessary to immediately take activated charcoal or perform a lavage of the stomach. Symptomatic treatment may also be prescribed.


The same pharmacological actions are possessed by Sepptole, ACTS, Sinekod, Ascoril, Lorkof, Erespal and Solutan. All of them without exception eliminate cough and have an expectorant effect.

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Soludan contains radobeline, ephedrine hydrochloride, fennel oil, sodium iodide, bitter-almond water, extract of Tolutan balm and alcohol. This combination drug is used to treat bronchial tubes, and is also used effectively in bronchial asthma. It acts as an expectorant, antispasmodic and anticholinergic agent. Solutan as analogous to the Stoutussin

The sinecode localizes a cough, but does not facilitate the withdrawal of phlegm.

Septotelet is an antiseptic topical preparation. Available in the form of lozenges, which must be absorbed. They provide antimicrobial and antimycotic action.

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Sinekod as an analogue of the Stoutussin

Ascoril and Lorkof have a pronounced bronchodilator effect, perfectly dilute sputum and participate in its fastest excretion.

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Ascoril and Lorkof as an analogue of the Stuttussin

ACS comes in the form of granules for the preparation of cough syrup. In addition to the mucolytic effect, it also has antimicrobial, antioxidant and expectorant effects. It is taken in place of tea, the orange taste of the drink is pleasant to children.

How to properly use syrup from barking cough in children, is indicated in the article.

ATSTS as an analogue of the Stuttussin

Erespal is suitable for babies prone to allergic reactions, as it has anti-allergic effect. 24

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The cost of Stoptusin and its analogs is almost the same, so if there is a described tool in the pharmacy, do not look for a replacement. The average price of a medicine in drops is:

Volume, ml Cost, rub. Stoptussin can be used in children with diabetes mellitus. It has proved to be an effective tool that is convenient for children. An overdose of the drug in droplet form is completely excluded, since the number of drops is accurately measured with the aid of a dispenser. This product can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription at an affordable price.


  • Diane, 34 years old: I've been treating the children from cough with Stoptussin for about three years. For the first time when you look at him you do not believe that it can act. But the drug perfectly fights this symptom and wins it always quickly and without consequences. The only negative in it is the bitter taste of the medicine. The advantages include its effectiveness and convenient tube with a special lid, with which you can count the required number of drops. To be ill with it not for long, because the effect is visible after the first application. It is very convenient because it can be used by both children and adults. Side effects during its application did not notice on itself, and children also tolerate it well, without allergies. After the termination of treatment of complications was not. The drug does not require special storage. Despite, it would seem, a small bottle of it lasts for a long time. My children do not mind treating them. For this time have already got used, that cough to be treated at us only this checked up means.
  • Elvira, 38 years old: In the offseason, especially in the fall, the son always manages to catch a cold and, as it should, with a runny nose and a cough. This time we encountered an unusual booze. And directly attacks of a changing cough: one day he is dry and hysterical, on the other he is already passing away phlegm. And then again all in a circle. We tried three funds before Stoptussin, but they did not help us much. Therefore, after three weeks of suffering, the pediatrician prescribed these drops. You understand, the new drug did not cause much confidence, we used to it the proven medicines in the form of syrups, and what drops can make. But to my relief, the fears turned out to be unjustified. The medicine works, and even how: on the second day, incomprehensible coughing attacks significantly decreased, and he was accompanied by a mild phlegm. A week later, it almost did not happen. And most importantly, the drug is made on a plant basis, and it is very important for the baby's body.
  • Lika, 26 years old: I first encountered this drug recently. In the evening, after consulting with a doctor in the telephone, he advised me to buy a drop of Stoptussin, since the child had unbearable bouts of dry irritating cough. I bought the medicine in a pharmacy without a prescription. This inexpensive drug has perfectly coped with its purpose. The only thing is that it contains alcohol, and its smell was heard, but in warm milk the child did not feel it and drank the medicine without whims. He really saves from coughing, after a couple of days, sputum began to come out and gradually coughing came to naught. I was very pleased with the drug, and now he occupies an important place in my medicine cabinet.
  • Masha, 36 years old: My daughter has a chronic cough. As soon as, some kind of cold, it immediately begins with it. We are already tortured to heal him. In the clinic, the pediatrician prescribed various medications, but they did not have a lasting effect. Folk remedies had to be taken constantly, and not all of them were to the liking of my daughter. And the neighbor opened for me a new performance of the old medicine. We took the Stopptsin syrup, but it did not help. But I did not know that there were drops under the same name. And, frankly, if I knew, I would have thought that they have the same composition, so they will not help. But my neighbor - a pharmacist, explained that it is made specifically for children and it contains the optimal combination of drugs. Thanks to her advice, my child recovered from a cough in a week. I recommend Stoptopsin in drops, it really will help your children!